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٢- كيف فقدت ٢٥ كيلو بدون عمليات وبطريقة صحيحة فى وقت قياسى

Hi everyone. This is a new epiosde of Fikr Tani.
Today, in 10 minutes, I will tell you
how I went from 110 kg to 85 kg.
Yet, my health wasn’t affected;
there was no visible effect on my skin;
I didn’t feel hungry during diet
and I didn’t even feel exhausted.
Also, medical tests have shown
that my immunity has improved.
Let’s begin!
Hi everyone. This is Dr Kareem Ali
and this is Fikr Tani.
Before I tell you the secret of how
I lost weight quickly and in a healthy way,
I want to clarify two points.
The first point is that, in our country,
there are two types of pleasure:
the pleasure of eating and the sentimental
pleasure (or the sexual pleasure).
In our country, there are a lot of restrictions.
Our religion and our values forbid from
having premarital relationships.
That’s why a lot of people only
have the pleasure of eating.
So, as long as you’re associating your pleasure with eating,
you will never be able to keep yourself from eating,
you will never feel good if you abstained from eating, you will never reward yourself…
If your kid behaves himself, you give him some chocolate.
In birthdays, you make cakes.
If your kid is in the hospital, you bring him some sweets.
You associate the pleasure with eating.
As long as this link exists, it will be hard
for me to change your habits.
That’s the first point. What’s the solution for that?
The solution is that you don’t associate
your happiness with food.
Try associating your happiness with being healthy.
Try associating your hapiness with the fact that,
when you take your clothes off
in front of the mirror or on your way
to the pool or the beach,
you won’t have saggy stomach, chest or thighs,
you will have beautiful and well-shaped body.
And that’s besides being healthy.
That’s very important. It’s okay to
be associated with a pleasure,
but not the eating pleasure that fades away
after 1 or 2 minutes – in 20 seconds, to be exact.
That’s point number 1.
The second point that I want to discuss
is addiction. Eating is an addiction.
When you eat, the dopamine goes to the brain the same
way it does for people who smoke heroin or cocaine,
or any other pleasure-inducing substance.
So, your body has linked the action of eating with pleasure.
When you eat chocolate, your mood improves.
When you eat sweets, you feel happy.
You should break this rule.
Should people keep smoking cocaine
just because it gives them pleasure?
Or in the case of smoking, people
who smoke know that it’s harmful,
but the pleasure they get from it makes
them turn a blind eye on the harms.
So, today, my only goal is for you to focus
on the harms of consuming sugar.
Let’s begin the episode.
First, we will start with the mouth.
The bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar.
So, as long as you eat sugar, there will
be harmful bacteria in your mouth.
They will cause cavities to your teeth
and they will make breath stinky.
After one week, you will find that your breath
and your mouth environment have changed
because all the harmful bacteria have died.
That’s number 1.
Number 2, the cancer cells in the body only feed
on sugar. They don’t have any other food.
There are people who have reversed the evolution
of cancer only by removing sugar from their diet,
by following what we call a ketogenic diet,
which consists of only eating fat.
I’ll make an entire episode about this diet.
They have reversed the course of cancer,
because the cancer didn’t find anythig to feed on.
So, once you remove sugar from your diet,
your cancer risk decreases by more than 60%.
That’s number 2.
Number 3, it’s true that all the bacteria
in your mouth feed on sugar,
but once you eat a high-sugar meal,
your immunity decreases by half.
Are you aware what it means to have
all your body defenses decrease by 50%?
That means you will get the flu very often,
as well as intestinal distresses;
the influenza will stay for 10 days,
instead of 3 days;
you’ll get urinary tract infections very often.
And all that because you
provide food to the bacteria.
The bacteria only feed on sugar,
just like cancer cells.
Number 3, you brain doesn’t like sugar.
We all agree that the body consumes glucose.
In the next episode, when you remove
glucose (sugar) entirely from your diet,
I will get your body accustomed to change
its system so that it won’t rely on sugar
and rely on fat instead.This way, you’ll get energy
which is double what sugar provides.
That’s not to mention that the brain and
the heart are more friendly with the fat energy
and that it stays longer in the body.
I will make an entire episode about this subject.
What matters is that, when sugar weakens
your immunity and gives you more and more diseases,
there are 2 things that happen to your body.
High sugar intake causes more frequent
heart attacks and weakens the cardiac muscle.
In your brain, high sugar intake means
higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease
and causes more severe memory impairment,
as well as more severe apathy,
because, as I said, sugar is a poison.
By the way, God didn’t create sugar per se.
We extract it from sugarcane and then eat it.
So, your body wasn’t created to
tolerate all that amount of sugar.
For those people who say:
“No, sugar is necessary. It’s energy”,
do you know that, if you don’t switch
your food system from sugar to fat,
you’re eating two full spoons of sugar a day?
A yogurt, for example, contains
4 spoons of sugar per 100 grams.
That means even yogurts, which we don’t
consider a sugary food, contain sugar.
The sauce jar, you’ll find 3-4 spoons in it.
A Pepsi can, 10 spoons of sugar. Are you aware
how much is that, 10 spoons of sugar?
A bottle of juice contains about 12 spoons of sugar.
Chocolate, 24 spoons of sugar. Are you aware
how you’re destroying your body?
You’re eating sugar, insulin levels rise.It consumes
all the sugar, and then you’re hungry again.
Again, you eat, the ansulin rises. It ruins
the blood vessels, it burns the sugar and goes down.
Again, you eat. And that causes obesity.
After I stopped eating sugar,I was fighting the urge
to eat for 10 days but I managed to restrain myself.
After that, the sugar taste buds in your tongue die.
Now, if I put even a spoon of
honey in my cup of coffee,
I can’t drink. I feel that the taste
buds are really closed.
Why? Because my tongue is no
longer used to eating sugar.
The sugar tasting cells have shrunk.
When you stop eating sugar, after some time,
you will enjoy the real taste of tea,
you will make the difference between
the tea, the ginger, the cinnamon.
When you add sugar to everything,
you will only taste sugar.
You will really taste the difference in your mouth.
Your immunity will improve.
In my case, with God’s help, I fall ill
once or twice per year,
an influenza or an infection or something like that,
even though I’m a doctor
and I examine myself all day.
Next thing is the skin. Sugar poisons the skin.
As long as you get zits, it means your sugar intake is high,
even though insulin brings it down,
but you’re eating hugh amounts of it.
If your skin peels off, that’s because
of sugar, because of sugar poisoning.
If your skin is pale, if your skin looks sick,
if your nails break, all that is because of sugar.
One last damage you get from eating
sugar is something called free radicals.
These are substances that appear in your body.
They’re like active molecules that
destroy all the cells of the body.
The main cause of free radicals
is sugar consumption.
That’s why we take vitamins that contain selenium.
Selenium destroys the free radicals.
We eat a lot of strawberries because
they destroy free radicals.
Fresh fruits destroy free radicals;
strawberries destroy free radicals,
thus improving your immunity and getting rid
of the harmful stuff that come with eating sugar.
Over time, when your pancreas is finally to
keep producing the insulin every now and then,
you get diabetes. If you don’t eat sugar,
you won’t get diabetes because that way,
insulin wouldn’t exhaust the
pancreas every now and then.
If you don’t eat sugar,
you won’t get arteriosclerosis.
People mistakenly associate cholesterol…
They say: “Doctor, I have high cholesterol.
They tell me not to eat fat.” What does
cholesterol have to do with fat?
Eating fat, which are the external cholesterol,
has nothing to do with the internal cholesterol.
For example, I eat 6 and sometimes
even 10 eggs a day when I have a hard exercice.
10 eggs, with their yolks.
My cholesterol has never gone up. Why?
First of all, you body needs cholesterol
in just about everything.
Your brain needs cholesterol. Every one
of the billions of cells in your body
has cholesterol in its membrane.
The entire immune system relies on
fat to function. The same goes for vitamins.
The brain is made of fat, all of it.
The nerves, all of them, are made of fat.
Hormones, like testosterone and
the growth hormone, are all made of fat.
So, as long as you don’t use sugar,
you can have as much fat as you want
– Of course, I’m talking about good fat.
I’m not telling you to eat French fries.
I will talk about that in the episode about fat.
By fat, I mean nuts, natural butter,
cottage cheese, avocado.
What else? Butter is the most important… and yolk.
All these are the good fat that you can eat
if you’re not diabetic or have high cholesterol.
You can eat them and nothing will happen to you.
I don’t want to get off the subject of the episode.
So, now we now that 10 days
after getting rid of sugar,
you won’t have the craving for sugar,
the craving of wanting to eat something sugary.
It’s not that you need something sugary,
it’s exactly like a heroin dose.
It’s as if you took a heroin dose and,
after some time, you run out of heroin,
so you want another dose.
A study was conducted in Japan on some guinea pigs.
They were given both heroin and sugar,
each for a certain period of time.
After, when they were given both sugar and heroin,
they went to sugar not heroin.
Are you aware of how your body
gets accustomed to sugar?
So, to summarize what I said, if you want to
change you life to rely less on sugar,
to have less cancer risk, less infections,
better immunity, better skin,
better memory, more power,
completely get rid of sugar.
People who die from sugar consumption are many
times more than those who die from smoking.
People who eat sugar die from
diabetes and heart diseases
more often that those who follow a ketogenic diet
or whose diets are more based on fat and vegetables.
To conclude, I want to clarify a point.
There are a lot of food types:
proteins, fat and carbohydrates.
These carbohydrates include sugar
and other good carbohydrates.
Why they are good carbohydrates?
Because the include rice,
which is a good carbohydrate
that doesn’t contain sugar;
vegetables, all kinds of
vegetables without exception.
As we said in the episode about fruits,
even fruits have large amounts of sugar,
so you shouldn’t eat a load of fruits.
But vegetables, you can eat as much as you want,
because they’re all healthy and
they don’t contain any sugar,
which means they don’t exhaust the insulin.
When it comes to fat, it depends on calories,
because fat too have high levels of calories,
so you can’t eat a lot of fat.
Small amounts of good fat
will completely fix your body.
All I’m asking you is to
get rid of sugar, only sugar.
When you buy something, like yogurts,
juice, sauce, anything,
turn the bottle like this, and don’t look
at the amount of fat, clever boy.
Look at the amount of glucose.
Go in the kitchen and look for any bottle.
In the nutrition facts label, you’ll find
the amount of carbohydrates
and the amount of glucose in carbohydrates.
Why is that?
All the ministries of health around the world
have forced the manufacturing companies
to reveal the amount of sugar in the product.That’s
because they’re aware of how poisonous sugar is.
So when you see that, in 100 grams, the amount
of sugar is more than 4 grams, throw it away.
Don’t let your mom or dad or brothers or
any child eat it if it’s more than 4 grams.
If you search, you’ll find that the chocolate
drink contains 25 g per 100 ml;
the Pepsi can contains 10 g per 100 ml,
that means 30 g since a can is 300 ml.
So, the only way you can to lose
weight and make you healthier,
even if you don’t lose weight
( and believe me, you will),
it’s more than enough that you will be
safe from cancer, heart diseases,
diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, frequent infections,
your skin will look better
and your teeth will look cleaner.
What more do you need?
This episode is over.
I would love to hear from you one week
after you stopped eating of sugar,
how much weight did you lose, how much better
is your breath, how much better is you health.
And with that, the episode has come to an end.
I know that it was a bit long,
but the subject is very important.
It’s about getting rid of a poison that
will affect your health sooner or later.
I’m waiting for your feedback on this episode.
I’m waiting for people who will try to begin
the diet to tell me what happens after a while.
There will be an episode about
the diet every Friday at 9:30 pm.
Next time, I will talk about the wrong
myths that we all believe about diet
and I will try to answer the questions
from the comments on this episode.
Thank you again for the time you spent watching me.
Thank you for subscribing and I hope
you’ll wait for the next episode.
This is Kareem Ali from Fikr Tani.

Randall Smitham



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