January 18, 2020
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Greetings. Welcome to
Ruchkar Mejwani. Our today’s recipe
is Veg Kolhapuri. Let’s begin. We’ll take some oil. Here we’ve taken
3 tbsp of oil. You can also use butter. Allow the oil to heat. And once the oil is heated, we’ll
add red chillies for tempering. And crushed ginger garlic. The oil is hot, 1st we’ll
add the dry chillies. And we’ll add 1tbsp
crushed ginger garlic And now we’ll
fry this well. Now we’ll add onion-tomato paste. Now we’ll add in the spices. We’ll add 1 tsp kitchen king spice. After that 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. We’ll add 1 tsp Red chilli powder. And 1 tsp pav bhaji masala (indian spice). Add salt accordingly. And again we’ll mix all this together. Now here we’ve taken
some sliced vegetables. We’ll add 1 capsicum. 1/2 sliced carrot. 4 Chopped french beans. And 1/2 cup green peas. Some coriander leaves. And we’ll now
add some water. I haven’t used food colouring,
if you want you can. I am showing you’ll
home-made Veg kolhapuri. Now we’ll cover it and
wait for it to cook. We’ll check whether
it’s done. It’s smells delicious. The oil has also seperated
from the side.. ..now we’ll turn
down the flame. And we will take this
out in a serving bowl. Hot Veg Kolhapuri is ready. Everyone has a different style of cooking.. ..I have showed
you my way. So you’ll sure make this,
and right to me in comments. And Like, Share and Subscribe
to Ruchkar Mejwani.

Randall Smitham