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യൂറിക് ആസിഡ് എങ്ങനെ കുറക്കാം | High Uric Acid symptoms, treatment & diet (Malayalam)

your foot joint is aching like hell you tested your blood and found that uric acid level is high so, what is the normal uric acid level? what food should you be eating? which food should be avoided? should you take uric acid medicines for life? Hi friends, I’m Dr. Prasoon, Welcome back to Dofody!! First, I will talk about Gout or high uric acid level in your blood Uric acid in our body is a by-product of some type of food that we eat For a healthy normal person, the uric acid gets removed in urine through secretion as a waste, but in some person who develops Gout, either the production of uric acid increases or the secretion through kidneys the amount of uric acid that leaves our body decreases In this way, when the level of uric acid in our body rises, it becomes like a crystal when we talk about sugar, it’s a type of crystal in the same way, uric acid crystals form in our blood and these formed crystals get deposited in multiple parts of our body particularly the joints that’s how Gout or the problems associated with high uric acid starts in our body Next, I’m going to talk about the symptoms of Gout or high uric acid Normally, males are the most commonly affected by Gout what they experience is severe pain mostly at the night time Just beneath the big toe, that joint is the commonest site where Gout occurs a swelling, redness, and inflammation at that site along with severe pain More than half of persons with Gout have their big toe affected Apart from this joint, our ankle, elbow and knees can also be affected by gout. If you are not taking the right treatment or adopting healthy diet modifications, gout will progress and even affect that joint’s mobility and movement, it’s a possible complication of gout What is the normal level of uric acid in our body? In females, the normal range is 2.4 to 6 milligrams per decilitre In case of males, it’s 3.4 to 7 milligrams per decilitre. so that’s the normal range Now, how will you test for the raised level of uric acid? It’s simple, a blood test can show the serum uric acid level Now, if you already have been diagnosed with Gout, the joint that has been affected by gout, an X-ray, scan, CT scan or ultrasound scan can be done to find out whether, it’s due to gout or any other causes Next, I will tell you how the food that we eat affect the level of uric acid in our body I’ve already told you, uric acid is a waste product, a by-product of the food we eat Food rich in “purines”, You might have heard about purines, they are the building blocks of DNA If you have studied about DNA, purines are one the most important component of it There is a certain food that is rich in purines, I will tell you some examples soon enough When you eat such food, it’s breakdown or metabolism, creates uric acid as a waste product! Now, when a person suffering from Gout or high uric acid, when they eat such food, their uric acid level rises immediately leading to an attack of Gout That is, as I’ve already explained, severe pain in multiple joints, clinically called as an attack of Gout can happen. Now coming to the main pint! What food should you be avoiding? If your uric acid level is already high or if you have gout, First, let me tell you about “organ meat”. Organ meat is the organ parts of meat like liver, kidneys, brain, guts, etc. Some persons buy such organ meat and eat them after cooking this type of meat contains a high level of uric acid. There are some types of fish that you should not eat Common examples are Mackerel, Sardines, the little fish Anchovy, Tuna and Crab should not be eaten Sugary beverages are the drinks that you should be better avoiding, carbonated drinks, sodas, fruit juices that have a high level of fructose, which has also been implicated in raising the uric acid levels You should not drink alcohol and beer. Food items rich in added sugar like bakery, refined sugars are better not to be included in your daily diet. Now, what all food can you eat without worrying? The main part is vegetables and fruits of course! particularly fruit like Cherry has been shown to lower the uric acid level in your body. All types of vegetables can be eaten. Legumes, pulses, are all safe Fiber-rich food such as oats, brown rice can and should be eaten There is nothing to worry about eating eggs! Drinking coffee has been shown to lower uric acid in several studies. But, how it works has not been demonstrated! Many persons ask me whether they should completely avoid fish? Will they be able to eat chicken? The answer is that you should not eat it regularly and daily. If you eat 100 to 150 grams per week, once or twice, you need not worry! the next point is regarding the treatment options for high uric acid level What are the treatment options? I’m not going to talk about medicines first of all! There are certain things that you can do. Like changing your lifestyle, by adopting a healthy diet, Avoid the trigger foods that I mentioned previously. They can be eaten in moderation, as I told, once or maximum twice per week. Include more fruits and vegetables, switch over to high fiber diet, try to exercise every day, if you are overweight, bring it down! make dietary changes and modifications to reduce weight, If you are someone who drinks alcohol regularly, stop it! Beer and other alcoholic drinks should be avoided completely Medicines are the last option. Medicines are of multiple types. One type is to lower the frequency of gout attack, the second type of medicines are to prevent gout attacks in the future, medicines to prevent its complications, so many types of medicines are available. Please consult a doctor before taking any such medicines! Always take medicines with a doctor’s prescription. Drink more and extra water, particularly for those persons with high uric acid needs more water to flush it out, so drink more water accordingly. Vitamin C supplements are beneficial in some studies, to lower uric acid level So, these are the available treatment options. Last thing to say, many patients ask me whether they should be taking medicines for life? And the answer – it depends on your uric acid level, your present body weight, your health conditions, safety of medicines is all decided by your doctor. Most probably, you will not be required to take medicines for life long! If you do the diet modifications, reduce your weight, exercise, stop alcoholism, if you do all that correctly, your gout condition will be under your control Then you will not be required to depend on continuous medicines. If gout attacks happen more than once or twice per year, at that time, you will have to take medicines. So hope you liked today’s video!! Please “Like it”, “Share it”, Follow Dofody on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Like, subscribe, comment. If you have any doubts, please leave a comment below this video. I will also respond to your direct messages. If you have to ask questions privately, Install the Dofody app. Many specialty doctors are also available on Dofody! So, until I see you in the next video, it’s me Dr. Prasoon, Thank you so much for watching

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