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Welcome to Gin Pai Thai Rang. Hello everybody! Hola! Namaste! Konichiwa! Xin chào! Sabaidee-ja! Those are friendly greetings from a Thai folk. Even though I can’t speak in full sentences, I can still greet you guys. That’s my way of welcoming visitors who watch this Thai channel. Today I am… What is it? Super glad. I’m so glad that many of you have left comments about canned foods. Many of you wanted to see weird stuff. So today I’ve got a bunch of canned fish. There is a great variety of canned fish here in Denmark. Just like in Thailand, I think. But there are a lot of sauces here that you can’t find in Thailand. First, I’m going to review the tuna which is mackerel. There are different kinds of sauces for the canned mackerel. Today I’ve got… mackerels in tomato sauce. I’m going to open it up now. Here it is. Fish in tomato sauce. In curry. In olive oil. And canola oil. I’m going to try them all with rice and crackers. Let’s take a look! There’s one more. I just found these. Here they are. This is for kids, for those who just started eating fish. How do I open it? Here. It opens at the tail. Separate it. What? This is what it’s like. Let me read. Why did I forget to read? Mashed salmon. I thought it’s mackerel. They’re all the same. This is mashed salmon. It’s really yummy. But I think… Let’s spread it on the cracker. And squeeze some mayonnaise on top. And you eat all that with the cracker. I’ll leave the cap open. Yummy. I think every child would love this. There’s no fishy smell. It’s soft, savory, not salty nor greasy. Not salty nor sweet, I mean. It’s savory, kind of salty. And you can smell the salmon. Let’s look at this. This is mostly for kids. When they get up for school and say, “Mom, I’m lazy, tired and bored.” The parents would force the kids to eat breakfast. Since they don’t have time to boil or fry eggs, right? “Okay, hon. Here you go.” This is not toothpaste. “Squeeze it onto your crackers.” And people here like to eat tuna or mackerel with mayonnaise. So it looks like this. Ta-da. And the kids would bite on it, half-asleep. “I don’t wanna go to school.” It tastes both sweet and sour. Finely mashed fish. What’s strange is that… How did they come up with putting canned fish in a tube? I hadn’t seen it before. Delicious. Confirmed. I can remember typical canned fish tastes. They are sour and salty, but this is kids’ flavor. It tastes sweet first, just for a bit. Adults eat this too, but it’s mostly teenagers. They squeeze it on crackers like this, in the morning. It can be for any meal though. It depends on you. It can be a snack, too. Now let’s take a look… at this one. I’ve tried this already. I love putting it in my Thai fish curry since it is already mashed. So well mashed. Here. Look. Look at the meat. There are no chunks. All well mashed. This is like Thai canned fish salsa. Fish salsa in a can. This looks like sambal, right? It looks kinda like that. And now we’re going to eat it. Here. I’ll go grab some chilies. This tastes a bit like this one. Sweet, savory and yummy. Delicious. Let me try it on the cracker. I like it with mayonnaise. I think it’s a good match. Back when I was in school, I’d take this for lunch. My friends would make faces and say, “What are you eating? Why does it smell all fishy?” The canned fish smell. This is another texture and flavor. If you ask me what I prefer, on rice or crackers, I’d say they’re both good— Let’s take a look at our original flavor of canned mackerel. This tastes similar to Thai brands. Savory. And really yummy– Look at these pieces of mackerel. So big. See? Let me show you. Salty, but not too salty. It tastes… not too sour. I like it like this. When I put it in my fish curry it’s not too sour. I like that. This brand, I mean. Some brands just reek of tomato sauce. This one tastes just right. This is how the Danes would eat. Scoop it up. Put it on a cracker. This is really how they eat it. Squeeze some mayo on top. They won’t eat without mayo. They can’t take a bite. I don’t usually do this. I eat with rice. I only use this spread. I only eat this one with crackers. I’d eat this with chilies. Let’s try the curry one. The curry smell though… So strong. I’ve never tried this one before. Wait, let me… Hey… that’s just like a curry fish stir fry. Sweet. Smells of curry powder. That’s weird. Yummy. They’ve seasoned this really nicely. I never bought this one before because… I couldn’t imagine. I’m so used to this original flavor. This is what I’m used to. It’s yummy on rice. With curry aroma. There’s no fishy smell in both. It’s not fishy at all. They’re good canned products. If it smells fishy, I won’t eat it. Excuse me. Mayonnaise. Let me try. Everything the Danes eat, they put mayo on top so I’m doing that with canned fish curry. It tastes good on both rice and crackers. But if you have fish sauce with chilies and lemon juice, that’d help cut the grease. It’s so strange. Let’s try this. I think this will taste like fish on oil. I don’t know what it is for. As for me, I’d make fish salsa out of it. I’d drain the oil and put it in my spicy salsa. But I’ve never tried this. I only had the classic one before. Let me put some… Danish yellow curry mayo on this one. It’s a match. Let me try it plain. Tastes kinda bland. The smell… It’s good for those on a keto diet. You can really feel that olive oil smell. The olive oil stands out. The fish smell is not quite as strong as that of the olive oil. This one is… mackerel with ground pepper. I think this can costs about 150 baht. Let me try it as is first. You can tastes the smokiness in this one. This one is smoked. Delicious– I love this smoky flavor. It’s like grilled fish. Mix with rice and sprinkle ground chilies on top. Let me get the fish sauce– This is classic Thai style. Lemon! Lemon! Chili powder. And mix with rice. Like grilled fish… I think the savoriness comes from the oil brine. See? Oopsy-daisy. This goes well with the Thai style of eating. It’s because it’s smoked. There are two pieces of mackerel in here. The Western style. You could squeeze plain mayo on top, but I really like this one. Danish curry mayo AKA ‘Remoulade’. You have to poke your tongue out. Watch my lips. Re-mou-lade. It’s too hard to pronounce. Here. It’s this shade of yellow. There’s curry powder, mayonnaise, capers and pickles in here. This bottle. This is special, only in Denmark. It’s not available elsewhere, unless it’s ordered from Denmark. You can eat these with rice, too. I like this one. With mayonnaise. These cans cost about… 7 kroner. It starts at 5 kroner. 5 to 20 kroner. The canned fish, I mean. It goes from 25 to 100 baht. If it’s more expensive, it would be other types of fish, like salmon, etc. That’s it. See you next time and be blessed with wealth. Bye!

Randall Smitham