April 4, 2020
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Welcome to Gin Pai Thai Rang! Hi guys! Hello everybody! Hola! Namaste! Konnichiwa! Annyeonghaseyo! Uhh… Sambadeeja! Today I’m making a special menu. It’s something new that I’ve just discovered. Just kidding. I got it from YouTube. I have a feeling that many people are cooking this. Let’s have a look! First, let’s start making a seafood sauce with pla ra [fermented fish sauce]. I’ll be using chilies, garlic and coriander stalk. I’m using stalks because I don’t have the roots. Look. Let’s just add everything into the blender. Throw it all in. And then add fish sauce. Around 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. There. And lemon. Add the juice. I have so many cooking gadgets. They’re so convenient for today’s housewives. There’s not enough time to use a mortar. That’s it for the juice. Don’t forget the MSG. Use it always or it won’t be delicious. I’ll add the pla ra later. Add some sugar. I’m using keto sugar. Then add water. About 3 or 4 tablespoons. Let’s chop! Here. My marinated shrimp. I’ll pin the video for the shrimp marinade. I’m checking out the salmon. Look! This is how I do it. I wrap the salmon around a shrimp. And there– My sauce is done. And enhance the flavor with some pla ra. That’s sour! It needs more pla ra. Awesome! Pour it on top. I love doing this. This is shoyu sauce. And here I got wasabi! Oh! I’ll squeeze some wasabi here. I love it. And some here as well. I just love it! Guys, let’s eat! I’ll try this shrimp first– I forgot to the kohlrabi! This here is kohlrabi. You can use it to make som tam. These here are turnips. I cut the kohlrabi in half and then sliced it. Let’s eat! I recommended it. This menu is… awesome! The shrimp are so bouncy. I can smell the pla ra. I want shrimp and salmon. I should move it closer to the camera. These turnips don’t have a strong smell or bitter taste. I’ll move the sauce closer so you can see. I have bitter beans. I can’t eat without them. I’ll put them here. I forgot to add garlic. I’m almost done eating and I just realized that I forgot to the garlic. I’ll try it with bitter beans. Ahh! There’s a worm. Tonight I’m sleeping on the couch. Dip it in sauce. The sauce is great with bitter beans. It’s perfect with bitter beans. These shrimp… I marinated them in egg whites and flour for half an hour. Yummy! I got a kilo of salmon for 100 baht, so that’s 19 kroner. The wasabi’s strong. It hit the back of my nose. Oishii! This sauce is perfect. I can smell the pla ra. Bitter bean. Now I’ll try the whole thing. It might be hard to eat, but I’m fine. I want to know what it tastes like. Salmon and shrimp at the same time. I can feel the crispy texture of the shrimp with the tender salmon. It’s delicious. The shrimp on its own is also yummy. Can you see it? Amazing! Amazing is the only word to describe it. Kohlrabi is really good. It’s also yummy like this. The Japanese can try it this way if you don’t believe me. I can’t wrap it. Eating it this way is so good. I kept the salmon in the freezer for two weeks. I need to keep it there at least 8 days. To kill the parasites, the salmon needs to be in the freezer at -23º C. Parasites die at -18º C, but for the eggs, salmon has to be frozen at -23º C for at least 8 days. There’s no need to keep it there for a long time. 8 days should be enough. Wow! Guys, see you later! Be blessed with wealth.

Randall Smitham