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一撃40個!最強ダイエット鶏団子を大量作り置きしよう🧆!High protein  chicken balls

・ Chicken breast 300g×4(without skin) ・ Chicken breast 300g×4(without skin)
・ Enoki mushroom 100g×4 Call 300g each… First, cut it into small pieces In half mince (can be chopped with knife) Thank you Next, chop the enoki mushroom finely Completed chicken ball base, super effective for body makeup 4 kinds of exquisite seasonings from here ・ 1tbsp Miso
・ 1tsp Chicken Bouillon powder
・ 2tsp Mayonnaise
・ 2tsp Grated ginger Recommended degree ★★★
Simple miso ginger Mayonnaise balls ・ 2tsp Curry powder
・ 1tsp Consomme
・ Salt lightly 8shake ・ 2tsp Curry powder
・ 1tsp Consomme
・ Salt lightly 8shake
・ Camembert 30g Shred the cheese finely Cheese of snack is good Recommended degree ★★★★
Spicy cheese popular with children ・ 1tsp Chicken Bouillon powder
・ Salt/black pepper each lightly 8shakes
・ 0.7tsp Garlic powder ・ 1/2 carrot
・ 1tsp Chicken Bouillon powder
・ Salt/black pepper each lightly 8shakes
・ 0.7tsp Garlic powder If you don’t mind, mix it by hand Recommended degree ★★★
The strongest vegetable hidden unit that does not expose vegetables ・ 1tbsp salt with ricemalt
・ 1tbsp Mayonnaise
・ 1tbsp starch
・ 1tsp chicken stock powder Recommended degree ★★★★
Microwave oven selling cats running All Ready! Finally boil over high heat for 7 minutes In addition, the salt with ricemalt version can be cooked even with a silicon steamer Ping-pong ball size to invite picking Add a little water After that, heat in a microwave for 4 minutes 30 seconds I boiled it. (Simple miso ginger Mayonnaise balls) (Simple miso ginger Mayonnaise balls)
Simple but stable taste you want to eat every day (Curry Camembert balls) (Curry Camembert balls)
Chicken balls popular with children that do not melt even if boiled (Nutrient rich ginseng garlic) (Nutrient rich ginseng garlic)
The taste of ginseng completely disappears. Stealth vegetable dumplings that children do not notice the taste of carrots Microwave chicken dumpling also participated late (Extremely moist mayo salt rice melt balls) (Extremely moist mayo salt rice melt balls)
Poor chicken dumplings that can be eaten that day, but are not always available Finally, keep it in a clean storage bag The best time …(Kaiji time) Estimated storage is 1 week refrigerated 1 month frozen ※Please see the summary column for each component amount Strongest Diet balls stock!

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