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[低カロリー]調味料1個!3分激楽のザーサイ卵サラダ!Low calorie egg salad

・ Enoki mushroom 100g
・ 3 pieces mioga(Japanese ginger)
Finely chop 3 myoga
All enokis are finely cut
3 eggs also appear
Preparation is OK!
2 tsp sesame oil
Heat with high heat
Rotate slowly to harden the eggs enough to drawin the turtle
* Approximately 1 minute
・ 2tsp oyster sauce
・ 2tsp oyster sauce
・ drained mioga(Japanese ginger)
・ 2tsp oyster sauce
・ drained mioga(Japanese ginger)
・ Chopped 30g zasai(Szechuan pickles)
Salad packed with deliciousness and texture!
【Calorie 163kcal Sugar 3.7g Protein 13.3g Fat 9.7g ※its One serving, two servings in total】
Immediately another dish!

Randall Smitham



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