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[低糖質]ズッキーニ豚しゃぶならヨーグルト柚子胡椒!Low carb Zucchini pork

1 zucchini
Make it thin with one whole slicer
The remaining part is …
Stack zucchini and cut it together
・ 4tbsp Non-fat yogurt
・ black pepper(lightly 4shake)
・ 0.5tsp Grated garlic
・ 1tsp yuzu pepper
・ 1tsp soy sauce
I am sauce!
・ Boiling water 1000ml
・ 100ml cooking sake
・ Salt (lightly 4shake)
Boil for 50 seconds while loosening the zucchini (high heat)
Save and cool with water
200g Pork piece meat, In a fairly low heat, slowly boil one by one (until redness disappears)
When the redness disappears, rescue the pork
【Calorie 269kcal Sugar 3.5g Protein 20.9g Fat 17.5g ※its One serving, two servings in total】
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Randall Smitham



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