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[低糖質]旨さ極悪!一味マヨジュレぽん酢厚揚げステーキ!Deep-fried Tofu Steak

・ 1.5tbsp Ponzu ・ 1.5tbsp Ponzu
・ 0.2tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi) ・ 1.5tbsp Ponzu
・ 0.4tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi)
・ Chili pepper lightly 3 shake ・ 1.5tbsp Ponzu
・ 0.4tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi)
・ Chili pepper lightly 3 shake
・ 2g Gelatin and 1 tablespoon of water Refrigerate in the refrigerator and finally topping Container with water
+ 1/4 onion leave the onion slices in water for 5 minutes ・ 200g Deep fried tofu First of all, cut vertically Further cut into 12 parts like xylophone ・ 10g Salted butter ・ 10g Salted butter
・ 0.5tsp Grated garlic
Heat with high heat First bake for 2 minutes 30 seconds on high heat with the white side down Turn it over and bake for 90 seconds ・ 1.5tbsp Cooking liquor ・ 1.5tbsp Cooking liquor
・ 1.5tsp Soy sauce ・ 1.5tbsp Cooking liquor
・ 1.5tsp Soy sauce
・ 0.4tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi) Completely entangled ~Finaly~
・ Dried sliced onion
・ Ponzu jelly
・ Over 1tablespoon mayonnaise Meat is jealous of its deliciousness!
【Calorie 268kcal Sugar 5.6g Protein 13.2g Fat 20.0g ※its One serving, two servings in total】 Exceed the deliciousness of meat!

Randall Smitham



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