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[低糖質]粒々蜂蜜バジルの極上チキンマリネ!Low carb Honey chicken

Raw basil 10 pieces ※ Up to 20 pieces OK Finely chop the stems together Fresh 1/3 onion Mince and expose to water ・ Chicken breast meat 350g (without skin) Cut to a small bite size Magic mittens
※Not for sale ~ Boil ~
・1500ml of water
・100ml cooking sake Separate breasts and boil for 10 seconds Close the lid, turn off the fire and leave for 13 minutes
※ Adjust the time according to the thickness of the breast Drain the breast and finish the last process! Sustained onion and fresh basil ・ 1tsp Grated garlic
・ 0.5tsp Soy sauce
・ Solt (lightly 4shake) ・ 2tbsp olive oil
・ 1tsp honey
・ 1tbsp miso Match the taste for 20 minutes 【Calorie 336kcal Sugar 7.1g Protein 40.2g Fat 14.9g ※its One serving, two servings in total】 Thank you for watching until the end :)!

Randall Smitham



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