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[低糖質]超主食系!絶品具だくさん中華生姜豚汁!Low carb ginger pork soup

・ 150g Pork belly ・ 150g Pork belly
・ 2small Eggplant ・ Pork belly cut in half ・ Pork belly cut in half
・ Hull the Eggplants ・ Pork belly cut in half
・ Cut to 3mm width and Half month size ・ Dlicious Konjac 200g Cut in half and slice at 2mm width Eggplant and konjac get along well with pool time Konjac is taken to the microwave
(4minuties・600W) It was nice spring! Stir fry pork belly for 30 seconds on high heat without oil ・ Eggplant cut into half moon ・ Eggplant cut into half moon
・ Sliced konjac Stir on high heat for 4 minutes 450ml of delicious water ・ 1tbsp Cooking liquor ・ 1tbsp Cooking liquor
・ 1.5tsp Grated ginger Cover from here and simmer for 10 minutes Stop the fire once ・ 2tbsp Miso ・ 2tbsp Miso
・ 0.7tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi) ・ 2tbsp Miso
・ 0.7tsp Japanese stock(hon・dashi)
・ 0.5tsp Chicken Bouillon powder Boil lightly over low heat again Hometown taste that want to drink all year round!
【Calorie 363kcal Sugar 9.9g Protein 13.7g Fat 26.7g ※its One serving, two servings in total】 Japanese + Chinese=◎!

Randall Smitham



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