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[低脂質]ほぐし鶏の甘くないしっとり黒棒棒鶏!Low carb Bang Bang chicken

・ Chicken breast 250g (without skin) Cut in half ・ 1tsp salt with ricemalt ・ 1tsp salt with ricemalt
・ 1tbsp Cooking liquor Stroke like stroking pet dog Leave for 5 minutes Put it in a silicon steamer
and Microwave for 3 minutes 30 seconds
and Cool well Do other cooking in the meantime Do other cooking in the meantime
・ 1 Cucumber Thin slice with slicer Pretty rough cut Soak in water and wait for turn Break down the cold chicken breast firmly Edit at 10x speed to destroy the evidence of pinching ・squeezed water Shredded cucumber ・squeezed water Shredded cucumber
・Chicken breast with tangled extract ・ 1tsp Honey
・ 1tsp Miso
・ 1tbsp black ground sesame
・ 0.7tsp Chinese Chili Bean Sauce ・ 1tbsp Pure rice black vinegar
・ 0.5tsp Grated garlic
・ 1tbsp soy sauce Cool and eat as you like A Bang Bang chicken tower where you can’t see the top!
【Calorie 200kcal Sugar 6.9g Protein 30.1g Fat 4.3g ※its One serving, two servings in total】 A delicious skyscraper 🙂 !

Randall Smitham



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