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[노밀가루]피그닉 추천 메뉴!! 키토식 브리또(Ketogenic Brito) #케토제닉레시피 #저탄고지레시피 #언위치 #또띠아없는타코

onsmom’s Ketogenix Recipe Ketogenix Britto
Bake some bacon in boiling water.
It’s a job to remove the chemical seasoning from bacon.
onsmom is using this product for all processed meat.
The pork content is high and the following ingredients are not included.
The battered bacon is wiped with a kitchen towel.
Bake the bacon in the oil – free pan.
I’m going to fry it with a grass egg.
Refined coconut oil has a high ignition point and is suitable for cooking.
Put some salt in it.
Cut the egg fry in half.
Wipe off the pickles in the pickle to get into the sauce.
Cut the pickle finely.
A spoonful of chosen foods avocado oil with mayonnaise
half a spoonful of Heinz ylellow Mustard
A spoonful of pickles
The natural grazing cheese is cut in half.
Vegetable dehydrator to remove the water lettuce
Please press once again with a kitchen towel (to prevent tearing of paper foil).
Remove the peeled cucumber in half and remove the gala (lectin-free work).
Slice it as thin as possible.
The leaves are rolled and thinly sliced.
Cut the paper foil into rolls about the size of a large chopping board.
Let me put the lettuce, leaving about 10cm on both ends of the paper.
We prepare the preferred leaf vegetables such as romaine and chicory.
After placing the bacon
Give me some mixed sauce.
With egg fries
Put the cucumber on it.
Sprinkle sesame leaves
Push the contents inside with cheese.
Cover the lettuce with layers.
Do not let go of the lettuce as much as possible.
Please keep pulling the paper below while speaking.
Give me the end of the candy.
Cut the half with scissors.
If you prepare the ingredients in advance, you can make a simple breakfast table.
The children do not put a little lettuce and the ingredients inside.
I can not eat pretty and elegant.
Make your own blitto with no kettogenic vegetables.
onsmom’s support all the mothers who raise children.

Randall Smitham



  1. 뀨뀨 Posted on May 26, 2019 at 10:12 pm

    브리또 만들면 꼭 안이 텅비었었는데..
    종이를 당기면서 말아주는거군요!!
    좋은 정보 감사해요~~