April 7, 2020
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비프 스트로가노프 ( How to make Beef Stroganoff ) – Keto Diet, LCHF

Hello. It’s Luna. Today, I will make Beef stroganoff. It’s slightly different from regular beef stroganoff. (Keto diet-LCHF) Here are the ingredients. Cut beef strips (I cut thinner pieces than you see in the video) Cut onions to your preference (you don’t have to dice onions) Cut Mushrooms Cut green onions Cut zucchini ends. Using a slicer, you can make zucchini noodles Add gelatin on 1/3 cup of beef broth Stir beef. When meat is cooked a little bit, add salt and pepper. When juice (from meat) is dissolved, take out meat then use same pan to stir vegetables with coconut oil. When vegetables are ready, add half beef broth with gelatin and wine. Add Beef, leftover gelatin beef broth and mustard. Add 1/4 cup of beef broth, close lid then turn on low heat After 15 mins add green onions. Add zucchinie noodles and meat. Enjoy~!

Randall Smitham



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