December 12, 2019
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[언끝다] 케토제닉 (저탄고지) 다이어트 식단 /2019.8.7/ What I eat in a day for keto diet ENG SUB

[AUG 7th (Wed)] : I am late af. BREAKFAST!
I am late for my work! I will make bulletproof coffee in my tumblr so I can drink it in my car.
*Magnifying for no reason*
Finally received my electronic scale! the exact food weight was one of the 7 wonders of the world for me.
I am going to cook my pork belly in airfryer! But it weighs little more than expected.
So, I was being smart by weighing cooked meat. The weight decreased but the amount of meat had increased!
Measuring veggie as well…
Your kitchen will get messy so fast if you have a quick temper like me haha
I need to pick these up fast to prevent any flies rushing to me
I’m having the fried pork belly with cauliflower rice and some chillis.
I’ve put some chopped konyaku for that starchy texture in the cauliflower rice but it’s still not that good :’)
Of course, I will make a wrap out of meat! As I said last time, Sriracha and Heinz mustard sauce are the ones with little sugar so, it’s safe to eat during keto!
A weird girl who dips her pepper in mustard sauce (Koreans don’t do that normally)
I made pancakes with 2 eggs, enoki, half can of tuna and tomatoes
I am satisfied the most with this recipe because it’s so filling and yummy!
Finished my dinner very fast because it was delicious!
For the red sauce I made, I added some stevia (which is sugar substitute) and it tasted great! It has no carbs but still sweet.
I am losing my mind over sweetness… which I hadn’t tasted for a long time…
Well, I am on 16:8 intermittent fasting with keto but I gained weight compared to the first day lol I will still keep going!
This is the end of what I ate for today!
My recommended calories and nutrients for everday!
As usual, I overconsumed little bit of protein but others look fine! Good job
I changed my scale to Xiaomi produce (shows fat percentage on your phone) so my weight has changed! I don’t know whether my previous scale or this is correct
Obviously, my weight is increasing… maybe my new scale is wrong…
My body fat percentage is increasing too! oh my
It is said that when you start keto, water mass will be lost at first then the fat percentage will increase. I will see how it goes
Thank you for watching! Till next time when I can have teokbokki again 🙂

Randall Smitham



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