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저탄수 사골 육수로 만드는 “사골 만둣국 Sagol Mandu guk (Korean low carb beef bone broth dumpling soup)” (Eng Sub)

Soak the beef bones in water overnight, drain then put the bones into the boiling water and bring to a boil over the high heat for 5 minutes. Do this process twice. If you skip this process, the bone broth will be messy and have some unpleasant taste. Rinse the bones in water and wash off any dirty blood clots on the bones. Why the bones cut so long like this…? It was good to have a big pot. Ladle out the messy things on the water, boil them for about 6 to 10 hours over the low heat, and cool them to remove the fat. Remove the bones and messy things on the broth then bring to a boil again.
Cool the broth in the fridge or cold place. Once it’s get cold, It hardens like jelly. Freezing in the silicone containers makes it easier to take out when needed and shortens thawing time. I bought ‘Mandu’ from my favorite diner. It’s very thick broth, so add some water. Beef bone broth is less savory (umami), so it’s good to add some meat broth or chicken stock. If you make dumpling soup with steamed dumplings, the dumplings will not spread or burst, so you can eat the dumpling skin neatly. Gomyeong (고명高明)means to put a garnish on food in Korea. It’s not only decorative, it’s also meant that prepared with devotion. Gomyeong is made from foods of five colors: black, white, yellow, red and green. Garnish is sometimes much work to cook, so I only used 4 colors food. The bone broth is white anyway.

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