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๐ŸŠ Pastel de Naranja Vegano con Frosting | Low-Carb & Keto | Yo +Green

Hello guys! how are you?,
welcome to my channel, a new healthy recipe today! especially for all my vegan friends, let’s make a vegan orange cake, as
you heard, besides this vegan cake comes with an orange frosting, it’s very tasty try it with tea or coffee,
let’s see how this delicious vegan orange cake is made,
Let’s start! first, cut the orange in small pieces then add them to the food processor
or a powerful blender, with the almonds, the sweetener, the baking powder and salt processes at maximum speed during
2-3 mins. stop the processor to dig the
walls with a spatula and add vegetable milk continue processing until you get
a uniform orange blend put the dough in a mold with wax paper and bake for 50 mins with the pre-heated oven to 150°C – 300°F or when inserting a toothpick in the
center it’s clean to make the frosting, mix the
powdered sweetener (you can do it in your blender or food processor), with water, until all the sweetener
has dissolved, then add the orange extract and the
half orange zest, the coconut cream and integrates these
ingredients until well combined you will get a smooth texture pour the frosting on the cake and
Spread all over the top garnish with some more orange zest on the top of the cake this orange cake doesn’t contain flour,
Also, if you aren’t vegan you can substitute coconut cream by cream cheese. so, make it and let me know what you think, you’ll love it! comment below with an orange emoji Believe it or not, this recipe is also
low carb, now, let’s try it let’s see how it is…delicious! completely different from any other
orange bread that you have tried before, delicious, you have to make it, you have to try it! this bread can be store in your refrigerator for up to 8 days or you can also freeze it,
I recommend you cutting it into slices before to freeze it the orange frosting also spectacular! Make it! let me know what other recipe would you like
see in the channel and I will bring it for you, thumps up before you go! share this video and subscribe to my channel If you haven’t done it yet
I recommend you! By the way, this frosting is also much better
than any other frosting that I’ve tasted before with traditional sugar, is so delicious! I am Pily, I see you in the next video, with another healthy recipe!

Randall Smitham



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