December 12, 2019
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  • 1:58 am Snowy Coconut Macaroons – Chocolate Dipped | Keto Cookies
  • 10:58 pm Meal Prep – Easy Chicken Couscous Recipe
  • 9:58 pm Keto Nachos – Pork Rind Nachos
🍳 Breakfast For Dinner 🥦🍄

Hey there friends of YouTube, it’s me Jenni and tonight we’re making some breakfast for
dinner and I remembered how much fun we
had doing that livestream last time we
did little cooking extravaganza so I
thought that I might as well invite you
to join me. It’s Saturday evening right
now and nothing crazy really to
report but definitely some delicious food
shall be in order just set up some music
I actually have a playlist on my
soundcloud it’s
anyway it’s the playlist that I always
play for my live streams cuz it’s got
songs by musicians who I’ve asked and
received permission to actually use
their music on my stream anyway got the
little desk over here but we’re
actually gonna take a detour to the
kitchen we’ve got kitty here being adorable.. oh yeah last night we discovered
a deal it was two bottles of wine for $8
at the 7-eleven so that was our night
last night but tonight we’re gonna start
off with some healthy goodness actually
made a French press coffee earlier and I’m
still pumped up from that coffee but I
haven’t had any like real food yet today
so that’s where we that’s where we’re
picking up where we left off. Coffee
but no food just yet.. Live chat Ithink that’s how to see
the chat in real time anyway welcome to
anyone who may happen across this stream
I’m Jenni and I have several different
YouTube channels and I recently I did a
cooking livestream and it was really fun
so I thought tonight would be another
your opportunity to do that type of
stream I’m not like Chef Ramsay 2.0 or
anything but I do
like to be healthy and fitness-
oriented I don’t know what the best
angle for this is but I’m gonna get some
veggies and then we’re gonna make
delicious egg with stuff
yeah so yeah um my main channel here the
JenniNexus YouTube channel is always kind
of like in a constant state of evolution
and lately I’ve been experimenting
watching some videos on how to make my
channel better oops and quite a few
people out on YouTube say that one way
to grow your your audience and expand
your your style on YouTube is to try the
live-streaming things so it’s still kind
of new to me but not for long
you need a slightly better angle for
this but this way you guys can see what I’m
what I’m chopping up and stuff I got
this awesome kale the other day and you
got eggs and then have still some kind
of veggies that are: asparagus, red
bell pepper and then some kale here.
that’s the plan basically is like a
veggie omelet and I have some meatless
veggie patties for mine but my partner he is kind of not totally allergic but like doesn’t
really react well to soy and gluten so
we’re gonna do that separately
In fact I’m gonna put that first
so these are my favorites I do eat a
little bit of poultry and I do eat some
cheese still but I would prefer to eat
meatless food I mean these are two my
favorite types
this one’s maple flavored but I actually
really prefer this original kind in case
I’m eating something that like I don’t
really want to have that sweet kind of
taste but so yeah it’s Morningstar 100%
vegetarian what it’s like mostly me I
was like yeah we meet gluten and soy
protein are the first two ingredients on
here and it’s not being any it’s made
with egg whites so I mean they’re
awesome but if you are trying to be
gluten free then these a little bit of
yeah it’s not gonna work out for you so
we’re gonna wash these yummy leafs real
quick I want to put to these morning
star patties in here and that’s gonna
be for me and then one we’re gonna make
the omelet and then I’ll put some turkey
in it for my partner who doesn’t like soy or gluten
too much.
I’m generally a pretty healthy
person I would like to do more videos
about health and wellness and how I like
to stay in shape and whatnot so I
thought maybe this cooking type of
streams would be fine too like social
ideas and talk about those things how
these leaves look so clean but I just
like to rinse them anyway of course
hopefully the live chats working last
time I did this which was maybe like the
first or second time I’ve ever tried the
YouTube live they just popped up on the
screen so feel free to to lurk if you
like or pop in chat if you like I
believe that the chat pops up just
on the right side there okay I think that it’ll just pop up
anyway so yeah we got kale oh hey
there’s Davis Toons hey man hey thanks
for chatting now I can see that the chat
does work didn’t it just stays up on the
screen but for a couple seconds so I’m
gonna make sure to keep my eye on the
chat just so I don’t miss anything
how are you doing buddy how nice to see
you I’m experimenting with the YouTube
livestream feature I was pretty shy
about it at first but I’m like fuck it
what do I have to lose a lot of videos
that I’ve been watching like how to get
back to like YouTube partnership and
stuff they recommend doing the the
livestream features so Mike might as
well try it and see it and stuff oh um
I’m making breakfast for dinner just
like the title advertised but we’re
gonna do basically kale and asparagus
and red bell pepper I started cutting
this logic bird I had delicious it was
like brown rice noodles spaghetti with
like veggie so I was like just talking
about how I’m not totally a vegetarian I
have been in the past like at different
points in my life like fully vegetarian
for a few years and vegan for I don’t
know six months or a year one time but I
do eat some poultry and I do eat some
cheese but other than that I’m also
trying to follow like a subway you know
genic diet not not super strict because
I do eat like the brown rice noodles and
they help us and I was really yummy and
sorry out here also I’m still kind of a
slave to bananas and I’m not getting a
lot of bananas but in the morning I
really like to have a smoothie and I
really like to have a frozen banana
and I was looking at substitutes for
bananas and one of the options was
avocado and I was like I’m sorry I’d
like avocado but I’m not interested in
avocado and my smoothie necessarily but
I’m probably just being closed-minded
but I have some friends and family
members who just swear by the ketogenic
diet so I’m curious about it and I’m
trying to cut back on carbs and as you
can see here definitely doing like a
protein and veggie rich meal yeah I like
to think that I’m I try to stay pretty
healthy in general but it’s not like I’m
not super strict on myself on diet
because I just you know want to feel
good so if I feel good
yeah I’m not actually trying to lose any
weight but I am changed like firm up a
little bit for the for the summary we’re
gonna go to the J and like every other
day and pumped up pumping iron and stuff
what about you friend what have you been
up to lately and what are some of your
favorite types of food to eat okay we
got the kale already I love food so I
can never like not eat but I can you
know imagine different types of foods
trying to like cater to like help us
butter like the keto thing I think is
pretty cool because I do like vegetables
like Fitness when I was a kid I did not
like vegetables and also I could eat so
much sugar when I was a kid like I would
go trick-or-treating for Halloween and I
could eat like an practically an entire
pillowcase full of candy in just like a
few days look I love sugar so I’ve been
as an adult trying to steer clear from
too much sugar because in my family
diabetes too is a thing that turns out
my mom got that so I think the lower you
get the more important it is like kind
of be mindful of what you eat and like
try not to eat too much sugar
also in my family that high blood
pressure and cholesterol runs in the
family so I’m doing my best to like just
be mindful of health and stuff because
well I’m already human in my thirties
now so whether or not you can believe
I mean I feel like youthful at heart of
course but I’m in my 30s and I
definitely want to live as long as
possible and I feel kind of like trying
to be healthy so yeah the ketogenic diet
thing even though I’m not eating just
like that the thing about ketogenic is
that they say more healthy more fats and
more meats and proteins and way less
sugar and carbs you’ve been taking the
summer off from Community College
working and trained the enemy way and
you like subs pizza and burgers gasps
Brian makes my mouth water just thinking
about it
especially pizzas my favorite yay I
agree with those things and that’s cool
friend you taking the summer off it’s
good to take a break every once No one
of my friends he’s a teacher out of
Community College and he was gonna teach
hey there Billy
hey he was considering whether or not to
teach during the summer but he’s like
but then I’ll just be busy all year
round and he’ll never have a break so I
think for both students and teachers
it’s good to take a break every once in
a while
hey Billy did you see my most recent
video and hi it’s the the video about
disease I finally did the the video blog
about jeans finally got to it all right
I’m getting pretty proud already about
what we’re doing today we’re doing kale
red bell pepper and asparagus and we’re
gonna make it into an egg like scrambled
we got um cage free eggs I know a lot of
my friends that are vegan they say they
it doesn’t matter if it says cage freed
still not healthy you just saw okay yeah
it’s really long so no Raj for anything
I was going to tell you about it but I
was kind of just curious like what other
people would have to say about it I was
kind of shy about any stuff but you’re
seriously longest like rambling video
blog that I’ve ever done besides the
last time I did this cool live stream
but I think it’s good to do new things
and it’s it’s been fun experimenting on
my channel and stuff yeah um it’s like
7:00 at night or maybe it’s 8:00
I think it’s tougher than 45 or
something it doesn’t show me the time on
my camera because I’ve used my implant
first thing you want to do is be sure to
burn the food plus my first tip just
kidding I’ll cool eleven for you in Ohio
sweet that means at least eleven for my
little sister too there’s no higher okay
cool friends I’m not burning that too
bad I mean I do like it a little crispy
but those are the veggie patties that
I’m gonna do a veggie patty for myself
and then for my partner I’m going to add
a little turkey because he doesn’t
really like to eat too much gluten but I
like I would rather eat more soy than
than meat but I do eat some poultry
still which I really like it oh cool in
North Carolina and sweet Davis cool so
this is gonna be for two people I’m
basically you’re gonna put a bunch of
veggies in here and then we’ll put some
eggs and cheese the thing about
ketogenic diet is they say that you
should use a lot of like pork and beef
which are like the main types of meat
that I don’t really like to eat and it
was funny because my sister sent me this
video about the ketogenic diet why I
bananas are just full of empty sugars
and it was like the guy at this video
that she sent me he’s like a great
alternative to get potassium is like
pork and beef and I’m like I didn’t
appreciate red meat and stuff because
that’s where I grew up eating a lot of
red meat and stuff like that before I
really understood a little bit better
I just rhinos eat too much red meat and
stuff I’ve never been to North Carolina
friends really awesome although there’s
some beautiful landscapes
I’m your friend
so we’re doing a little scrambling
action or young all right these are just
too bitchy patties these are the ones
that I’m gonna eat pretty nice cool I’ve
had some friends that lived there before
but I have never been I would love to do
more traveling one day but as always the
key word more dude what one day you know
I’m turning down that heat friends
we’re gonna try to just like steam the
veggies but the heat down
I really prefer using olive oil instead
of butter thank you for stopping by my
live stream this is still kind of new to
me hey there’s a cage a Chicago what’s
up friend hey you caught one of my live
streams thanks for stopping by it
I wanted to experiment with my channel
and see if you know you see what might
come up doing some live stream action
here every once in a while maybe like a
live stream once a week or something but
the last one I did cooking and it’s kind
of fun because cooking is kind of like
meditative and it’s like flow what’s it
called like a flow of consciousness like
when it comes to like chatting with
whoever may be out there watching
cooking definitely makes me feel like
I’m comfortable in the kitchen let’s
just put it that way comfortable in the
kitchen and it’s just something fun that
we could do together here they you know
eating is like a social thing for humans
I think even like back in the day during
the in all the ancient times I think
people have been socialized I don’t
think eating oh I remember it and you’re
so sweet friend dude Chicago here has
been one of my friends on YouTube for
years like you might have actually been
one of the first people that caught on
to my youtube channel
and thanks for sticking around this long
because I know it’s changed content like
several times like one minute all being
so like you know gaming in the next
minute I’m doing fashion now we’re doing
cooking what doesn’t seem to have much
consistency at all but even after all
these here is like having my channel I
think five years now that I still am not
really sure like which direction or how
to do multiple topics and stuff oh boy
can people people who hate to cook what
can they do to spice it up well I mean I
like to eat out and
I know that like honestly eating out for
us is not hard to do because two of us
and we’ll usually share that way like
sometimes there’s leftover because the
the portions are so big but just
thinking about how expensive it is to go
out to eat for like if we each had our
own separate meals it would be a lot
more expensive so I say for us like
going out to eat is still really fun to
do and we probably do half in half good
to be diverse thanks Davis yeah a lot of
the people that I’ll give tips on how to
improve your channel they say have more
focus and stuff but I’m still kind of
like a DD about my channel but I would
say is it like your did your wife always
do the cooking and you would like to
cook for her a friend I would say just
um for me I found like yeah I like to be
in control so maybe the thought of being
in control over something in your life
like I found out that I really like to
eat healthy like I really prefer
particular foods and I like to cook my
food a particular way like if I want my
eggs kind of crispy most people want
them all light and fluffy and sometimes
people like their eggs literally runny
and I’m like hell no I would rather have
like crispy around the edges and so the
thought of like having full control over
that or salads or the amounts of salad
dressing or even sandwiches like all
that stuff is I kind of like having you
know having the last day and how the
food is cooked and I kind of think of it
as a creative thing too because within
particular limitations like trying to do
my best said be creative with the type
of food that I like you use the
microwave a lot which is cheating well
I’m not sure how bad it really nukes
your food I don’t think that microwave
is actually bad for you we just don’t
have a microwave otherwise I don’t
probably use that too more often I know
I did
kid we would do like a convection oven
and stuff but OTS your questions Chicago
we’re making delicious egg with veggies
and these are two veggie patties that
are going to be for mine and then for my
partner we’re going to do some with
Turkey and cheese but we’re gonna we got
some veggies in here that’s kale red
bell pepper and asparagus aid and so if
anybody and then tricky and then we’ll
have cheese on it I’m trying to do a
little bit more ketogenic influence
where it’s more protein and I don’t
honestly eat too much meat but I do like
poultry and I feel like eggs and they
like cheese a lot of so hey yay yeah I
think I mean there’s not much wrong with
the microwave but usually I’ll try to
like have the bulk of the food be like
veggies so like if you can find a
particular type of vegetable that you
like then I would just emphasize the
veggies and the health and the whatever
the mean like protein base is gonna be
that would be the next focus for me like
right now we’re doing like we’re
steaming these veggies with some olive
oil so we got the bell peppers and yeah
asparagus and kale like this would be a
great side dish or hey there Reuben I
mean this could be the main dish right
here – honestly this could go along with
anything like fish or chicken I like to
bake chicken so I mean I might do
something like this just kind of do you
like a little stovetop
steaming of the veggies with some
chicken like make the chicken and the
flavors I don’t know if you like chicken
but that’s one of my favorite types of
meat if if and when I do actually eat
meat that’s for my favorite my mom is
crazy dude she’s like I don’t like
chicken I just don’t even like you I
don’t care for it but you know what she
does like she likes a bloody steak I’m
like dude that’s quite a bit omelet
close Reuben we’re gonna do like a
veggie scramble every made in egg omelet
or veggie omelet all the time
since I don’t like to eat too many red
meats then instead I’ll do you either
poultry or I’ll do egg and cheese and I
eat eggs I mean there’s this giant thing
of eggs it’s pretty damned affordable
and it’s cage free and I guess I don’t
know says it’s non-gmo of course but so
cage free and non-gmo this this came
from Whole Foods and it’s pretty
affordable so pretty good option if
you’re gonna do eggs is like a good good
for protein but yeah I definitely like
veggie omelets and veggie veggies with
chicken I’m not exactly trying to lose
any weight but I know that some people I
mean this type of diet also benefit
those who are trying to lose weight as
well at the protein and veggie rich diet
what about you Chicago what kinds of
foods do you like to eat and Reuben what
kind of food do you cook or do you like
cooking tired friends but today even
though those bitch is like awesome just
the way they are we’re gonna pour this
egg on top of it I just added a little
bit of I’m the streets and original
flavor not not vanilla but the regular
type of almond milk just like fluff it
up as if it was milk
yeah thanks for hanging out my friends
hopefully we can make this a little bit
more regular thing oh my oh my youtube
channels the live streaming chicken rice
pasta potatoes and zucchini those are
all amazing I definitely recommend all
those to some of those things they’re
like those people who are like gung ho
about the ketogenic diet they would say
oh no rice pasta or potatoes but those
are definitely some of my favorite foods
and in all honesty usually once a year
all like gain like a few pounds usually
like I’ve got a 10 pound in the window
and right around the holidays is when I
started just like eat so much food and
it usually starts with well if I can
control myself we can skip over the
candy at Halloween but by the time
Thanksgiving comes around I’m just all
about the stuffing and mashed potatoes
and when I was eating just totally
I would eat just like a giant plate full
of like potatoes and stuffing with no
protein seasonally I love that stuff so
much like I feel like my mouth is just
watering and just thinking about it but
yeah between Thanksgiving and Christmas
I usually gain a few pounds and I just
let myself because you know it’s the
time for celebrating and being thankful
and stuff how long have I been cooking
are you you like different kinds of food
from Walmart really what are your
favorite types of food from Walmart or
anything that I should know about that’s
worth it and I love your right Rubin
pumpkin pie I could eat an entire
pumpkin pie without the crust I would
probably like I mean I wouldn’t actually
eat a pie but I could probably easily
eat a half of a pumpkin pie without the
crust you like the inside I like to
scrape out the inside and I don’t really
like the crust very much but yeah
Thanksgiving foods are my fave some of
my favorites because I do need poultry
I’m not eating totally here’s some
tricky right here we’re gonna put in
this almond but I definitely recommend
protein and veggie use us what we’re
doing today with the eggs and stuff I’m
glad that there’s a few of friends here
hanging out and thank you for the thumbs
up and the coming thing and stuff and
maybe one day my channel will have a
little bit more consistency but for now
I’m just kind of chiming in whenever
there’s something interesting to say
okay now we got some pepper jack cheese
and this is gonna go in after that egg
cooks a little bit more I love to used
so much friends especially a pepper jack
it’s one of my favorites but I’ll be
honest I like all different types of
I love cheddar I love mozzarella oh and
guess what guys I found out this this
cool service I don’t know if it’s
integrated with that youtube live yet or
not but the treat stream thing this
service for when you’re streaming on
Twitch and I just noticed how it’s
integrated in stream labs now and I
noticed that they offer okay and it’ll
be right back they offer gluten-free
pizza now on treat stream so for anyone
that ones pizza that doesn’t have like a
shit ton of gluten yes Frank cheese is
the best
Oh shoo it looks like from here it’s
just barely browned right now so good
it’s hard to see anything
one of these days I’ll get more lights
for trying to stream like this I’m gonna
put a little bit of this turkey in here
but that’s mainly gonna be for my
partner it’s already got these veggie
patties and I’m going to put this pepper
jack cheese on in there
that’s a pretty low heat so we’ll whine
that stuff up so yeah yesterday um well
we had kind of like get a stress e
stressful week or whatever but I would
say the week is not nearly as stressful
anymore but we were like let’s just go
and get some wine and we found this
really cheap Bastille it was like two
bottles for four dollars each down the
thanks ACOG oh how glad you liked it
with a ramen noodle yes yeah we got some
ramen noodles I guess we did but they’re
telling me out of gluten so my friends
trying not to eat them yeah I’m not sure
what we’re doing today but I think in a
little bit we’re gonna go to the coffee
shop and I’ll be working on this
particular project which is it’s
exciting because in the past I was
trying to do these like indie games all
from scratch that would make the 3d
model of characters and how to make the
3d environments I’m like not the best
artist i’m not honestly the best
programmer either so just trying to get
better at all these little like aspects
like bit by bit but in this case instead
of making everything from scratch I
found a couple different asset packages
and I’m putting together this perfect
like character she’s like pre-made that
someone made her she’s got all these
sound effects and animations and stuff
that are already functional they weren’t
great Oh Hulk Sal salad I’ve never heard
of a pulp salad
thanks to Weird Al I know what polka is
type of music yeah so we’re gonna go to
the coffee shop and I’m gonna work on
this cool project that some got like
this female character and I took her out
of the package that she came with her
different environment it’s like a sci-fi
environment so I might way later tonight
be streaming that my on twitch but in
the meantime I’ll be working on a
getting some progress done and then
hopefully in the next couple days I’m
gonna do another t-shirt cutting video
for my fashion channel and and all these
great plans I got it I got it got just a
to-do list on a Google Talk but I also
have Trello which is a great way it’s
like organize your thoughts with little
panels and stuff Oh country food like oh
like a turnip interesting that sounds
cool almost done friends
I bring you guys I’ll put you on the
stove go yes friends you can just sit
right there
why don’t I think about that before all
right so we’re just melting the cheese
I’m gonna finally flip is on show you
how good it looks
on that side should I cook the eggs a
little bit more so awesome all right try
to keep that heating and just I like to
keep it cracked a little bit so it
doesn’t gather in too much steam so yeah
we got no wine last night hey David big
cool things you’re hanging out friend
I’m pretty curious if anyone has any
other suggestions for my channel and if
you like a particular type of a video
that I passed that I posted in the past
or any suggestions on like topics for
video blogs or anything in particular
that you think would be cool to see on
my channel if you think about it later
feel free to just let me know because I
am actually curious like I’m happy to
see that now I find my analytics say
that it’s like 50/50 between whether
it’s girls or guys watching me I think
because I have equal amounts of like
nerdy stuff and like fashion related
things so that’s kind of cool but yeah I
think I want to do more like tech
reviews I know a lot of people do tech
reviews here there Roy how’s it going
friend I see you but yeah I do actually
have quite a few tech technology items
that I would like to review just you
know if for nothing else then just for
fun because well I mean I would just
like to let you guys know what I think
of the tech that I use
and for an example one thing is that I
started starting this videos it’s like a
earbud it’s just a bluetooth earbud or
you can use it for calls but also for
listening to music and that’s been great
when I’m at the gym or if I want to walk
it was so funny because I ordered it off
of Amazon and I am a dumbass
so I didn’t read the whole description
but it was just a singular a single ear
but it wasn’t like two earbuds lovely so
silly why didn’t I read the fine print
oh you’re about to go out for the night
I’m a cool friend I hope you have a
wonderful evening it’s Saturday and uhm
enjoy yourself and if you’re going to
the bar or anything have an extra drink
for me I’m still recovering for my
hangover from last night because we got
this like deal that the two bottles of
wine for eight bucks
I had like two glasses of wine that was
enough – that was plenty for me so don’t
drink too much anymore I used to work at
a bar I worked at a couple bars in the
past so I know my limits and I know that
I can’t you know I don’t really want to
drink too much is like my conclusion
about all that it’s very sweet so this
is pretty much done now thanks Roy oh
you aren’t going to a bar called the
workhorse sweet friend
speaking of beer you’re gonna get you so
okay cool alright this is gonna be
freaking awesome and I’m feeling pretty
proud it’s delicious aid with kale
asparagus red bell peppers and pepper
jack cheese this is this one right here
is gonna be for my friend because we’re
gonna put the tricky in it and then I
have these yummy veggie patties online
so much yummy vegetables personally I
get really hungry so I like to just try
to eat as much of the healthy stuff as
possible like lots of veggies to fill
myself up so yummy can you guys see that
I’ll have a good one bro thanks for
stopping by friend I’ll catch you again
Stan I hope he’ll yeah friends so I
didn’t put any seasoning on that yet
normally I might put some seasoning in
the H but it’s not too late we can put
some seasoning right now honestly so I
don’t forget I usually put mine on the
right side so here’s the last couple
touches we got some black pepper yeah I
would say tips for learning to enjoy
cooking with beads like keep it simple
and try to integrate your favorite foods
and for me that’s usually veggies and
eggs or chicken and eggs
I really like this pink Himalayan salt
so this is how much I like so not only
something like at the halfway point and
I stopped my friend doesn’t really like
too much but it’s a little bit and this
stuff is called spike 4 if you’re trying
to do you less salt in your diet he’ll
know if that lines up focusing or not on
this phone when it’s in selfie mode or
not this right here garlic pepper
seasoning I think mines are you gonna be
too salty just salty enough at least
yeah there it is friends we do
yeah well thank you so much for stopping
by cool well maybe next time we’ll do a
video blog about the outside world or
something yeah thank you so much for
hanging out friends and I hope to see
you again soon
whether it’s live here on YouTube or
elsewhere Instagram or Twitter or
anything like that I’m JenniNexus
everywhere of course so have a wonderful
a nice Saturday and I’ll see you soon
friends thanks again for hanging out Muah!
see you’re friends 🌈🍳

Randall Smitham



  1. Curtis Confuz Posted on June 24, 2018 at 4:09 am

    Now I just gotta figure out when you're gonna be live 🙂 I can't wait to see your Zine technology 🙂

  2. maxpatch67 Posted on November 17, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    Looks delicious.