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๐Ÿ˜Large Family VACATION House Tour ๐Ÿš

– [Jamerrill] If you watch
all of my vlogs you know I’ve been talking about us
getting ready to go way over the river, over many rivers
and through many woods and over many mountains, we are heading
on a Stewart family big trip, big vacation this week, here we go. So many of our meals are
included on this trip. Those are my kids running off the last of their energy if any
of that’s picking up. We’re gonna be staying at
a house, and then going to another location, and
all of those fun things, but I know there’s gonna be times where we just wanna eat at the house. We may end up doing
breakfast at the house, so I’ll show you tonight
when we get to the house everything I packed because
that’s in the van now. All I’m doing in this
garage at the moment, is we had about, I don’t
know, 15 of 16 peanut butter and jellies from the freezer left. Travis said go ahead and
grab those, so I’m gonna put them in a bag, and we
probably won’t eat them today, but we’ll just throw
them in that refrigerator and someone will eat them
at some point I’m sure. So it’s about 1:35-ish now,
where we’re going is a good 6 hours away, and we gotta
go to the post office and the bank and you know,
we’re just not gonna be rolling in there ’til
like 10:30 or 11 I bet. We are going through Sheetz
right now to get a little snacky treat as we’re on our way. Happiness is sitting
at a gas station eating a chocolate donut, eating
a little dough dough. That’s what daddy picked for you. You see Benjamin? – Whoa.
– Whoa. – So we are at a Little
Caesar’s here in, I have to look up the address, in Tennessee somewhere. We are less than an hour
away from our destination. I have to say they are like on
fire in this Little Caesar’s it is the best Little
Caesar’s with a whole bunch of spunky fellows running it
so, and my order was eight pepperoni pizzas and four two
liters, and some hot wings and a partridge in a pear
tree, and they were like, it’s a pleasure serving
you today, the end. We’ve been in the car for
hours, but we are here. Just read a sign that said
we are 5,506 feet high. That’s the elevation right now. So we are here, we are
at the rental house. I’m gonna give you guys a tour. We were of course so
hungry when we got here that Travis and the kids,
all of us went inside, they’re still eating pizza so that’s why I’m sneaking to do this tour now. So we’re doing the pizza
first, and then we’re gonna bring everything in and
get settled in bedrooms. Look at this beautiful, beautiful door. I also love the green and
it has a wrap around porch. Okay, so we come on in. There’s a nice living room and it’s got nice vaulted ceilings. This is a little hall bath that we have already visited several times. This is a nice, nice big
spacious hallways, yes. And let’s see here, this is washer dryer. This is what I like about rental houses is you know, it’s just like being at home. What you need. Okay, Closet, closet,
various cleaning supplies. And then I think this is to the garage. Yeah, that’s the garage in there. Do they have a vacuum in there? Yes they do, okay. That’ll be helpful for me. Okay and then this is
like the master bedroom. This is where Amelia’s
already put her kitty on here, but this is where Travis and I will be. We got a, oh we got a retro TV. Nice big walk in closet. I guess we can just put a bunch of bags, they got extra pillows and stuff there. Then it had a nice big bathroom back here. A jetted tub, shower, pretty sink. You hear the kids are getting louder. Nice kitchen, of course
I love the green color. We were already oohing and awing over, look at this fun pantry.
– Hug. – [Jamerrill] Look at that. Hug, yes sweetie. You having fun already?
– Uh-huh. – [Jamerrill] So look
at this pantry Amelia. – [Amelia] I wanna see in the fridge – [Jamerrill] Oh, well the fridge doesn’t have anything in it.
– Oh. Isn’t this fun though?
– But I wanna see the drawers – [Jamerrill] Okay you can inspect it – Okay. – [Jamerrill] Woo, another refrigerator. – Look at the ice maker. – [Jamerrill] Oh, an
ice maker it’s amazing. These lights are pretty up here, and then dun dun dun, the family pizza room. Look it’s the little family table. Okay so now we are going to go upstairs. So what this house has, it has two queens, one full bed, and then two twin beds. So Travis and I have one bed and then Naomi and Amelia are
taking the other queen. And then I we are gonna
have Gabriel, Liam, and Daniel Take the full sized bed. Then Jayden and Zayin get the twin beds, And we brought the Pack-N-Play
for Benjamin so it works out. This is a nice, nice big room. So this is, this will
be Naomi and Amelia’s. Nice, nice and big. Got some rustic deer heads, got a closet. And then, yeah the girls will like this. And then another closet,
oh I just love closets. This is, This will be
Jayden and Zayin’s room. Lets see, is this like a jack and jill? That’s locked, okay, Another closet. Sorry, I love house tours
you know this about me right? I love house tours so I thought you all would like for me to give you one. And this is the hall bathroom. Looks like kids, my kids always open up shower curtains as soon
as they go in a bathroom so they were probably making sure there wasn’t a Boogieman in the shower. But this is their hall bathroom. And then this will be Gabe
and Liam and Daniels room. Very nice, and looks like they
have a nice big closet too. So, loud noises going on,
but I packed this cooler. And like I said might end up
taking a bunch of this home but you just don’t know sometimes how meals will go on trips. I mean I’m glad I brought,
those are my ice packs. But Benjamin is excited
to be out of the car. These are bags of broccoli. Then I brought these corn dog muffins. I’m gonna actually put
those in the refrigerator. You can see I can fill
a refrigerator, huh? So we will put those up
there, there’s our grapes we got some bread, I brought
eggs across a couple states. Those sweet potatoes, heres the peanut butter and jellies, they made it. Woo Benjamin, woo Benjamin. These are three instant pot
freezer meals I brought. And you can see I’m just messing up the counter all kinds of ways. But I brought my coffee maker,
they have a coffee maker, but I wanted to just use my little pods and not have to bring separate coffee. Also brought the instant
pot, glory hallelujah. Brought some of my trim happy
mama sugar stuff, vitamins. I brought kitchen stuff,
they do have some here, but again I brought it just in case. Brought us some paper plates, peanut butter and spicy pork rinds. We made it on our Stewart
week vacation adventure. Check back tomorrow to see exactly where we are and all the fun
things that we are doing. And I’ll talk to you in
those comments below. Bye bye.

Randall Smitham



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