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💥 Hydra Shred by Sparta Nutrition Review from Fat Burners Only 💥

– Hi burners, Paul coming
to you from Fat Burners Only today to give you a review on an awesome and a very strong fat burning pre-workout, Sparta Nutrition’s Hydra Shred, so I just wanted to explain
to you the ingredient profile in here in a quick two minute video and explain how it will help
with your energy levels, how it will help you train harder and how it will burn body fat. So just to start with we’ve
got two great flavours, so it comes in a mango
nectar and a strawberry kiwi and the first ingredient off the ranks is my favourite ingredient
in any fat loss supplement, Carnitine. So this ingredient will shuttle
fat from your blood stream into the mitochondria of your cells where you can then burn it as fuel, so in essence, you are
targeting fat for fuel with this ingredient. Next they put in the very
popular Garcinia Cambogia at a 60 percent ratio, which is very high to the core ingredient
that you’re looking for, HCA, or Hydroxycitric Acid. So this ingredient will
do two fantastic things for your fat loss. The first is it will reduce your appetite, the next is that it will
actually block the enzyme that converts carbs that you eat from becoming fat on the body. Next we have the great
ingredient TeaCrine, so this ingredient is a form of caffeine that the body can’t get used to. So every time you take this product, you’ll get that same
fantastic stimulant effect that won’t wear off. Next we have caffeine at
100 milligrams per serve. So enough to give you a
really good energy boost, but not enough to bug you
out or give you the jitters. Next we pop in there
your Grains of Paradise at a whopping 50 milligrams per serve. So this is a very popular ingredient to hit the market at the
moment and what is does is it boosts your core body
temperature significantly so you’re burning hotter,
you’re getting a sweat on, and therefore you’re
burning a lot more calories. Next we have Theobromine
at 50 milligrams, so this ingredient will
increase your dopamine levels, which will increase your focus and your drive to train
harder as well as your mood. Then we have a different form of caffeine, we’ve got another 50 milligrammes of Caffeine Anhydrous this time. So this is a faster hitting caffeine, so when you take the product, you’ll get hit with that
caffeine energy faster which is really effective for training. Next we have a slower absorbing
caffeine, Dicaffeine Malate, at 50 milligrams as well, and that will give you
a longer life energy so you don’t get a
crash from this product. Then we put in Yerba Mate which is another form of natural
caffeine at 50 milligrams, Guarana Seed, another
natural form of caffeine at 50 milligrams, and then finally we’ve
got your Cocoa Extract and that’s at 20 milligrams. Again, will boost your metabolic
rate and improve your mood. You’ll be training
happier, training harder, and burning more calories. So a very well put together fat burner. If you do have any
questions on Hydra Shred or any of the ingredients in Hydra Shred, just come to our Facebook
page and send us a message or on our website, talk
to us via our live chat, or the contact page, you
can use to send us an email. Otherwise, thanks for watching burners, we’ll catch you next time, cheers.

Randall Smitham