April 4, 2020
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🔴  $5 Meal Deal Taco Bell Car Mukbang | Taco Tuesday

hi everybody
welcome welcome welcome to tasty McBain taste my fan tasty McBain yes yeah
tasty here today I’m a Taco Bell thank you you also get a cup of water please I got
okay thank you thank you Hey okay place to eat I don’t even know what I
got young I was trying to get one of the pot on the boxes but they don’t have one
right now so they got some of the boxes this a
little cheaper I don’t even know what I got I’m just
trying to flog somewhere eat little piece of sh a piece of shame let
me take my seat better good morning am I on and my live on tasting my thing eat
yeah what am i live it where am i live it can somebody tell me am I live on
tasting my brain eats what channel in my lab all cuz I don’t even know I don’t even around like anyway let’s
see if any of them you y’all know what we got some kind of box let’s say grace
father God thank you for this food we’re about to receive your listens your
kindness your mercy and your grace in Jesus name Amen okay I’m on tasting the baby the morning
Gillian miss Joyce is that New York I can’t see these names you don’t look
like I’m gonna tasting with me hi I’m doing yeah I didn’t eat before I left the
house and okay this I don’t know what do you I know what this is that I’m eating
I don’t even know what this is yeah yeah I know what this is I’m out in the bout and I’m getting
ready to take out some more business and out of time let me give me something
to eat so I could take you have this other business that I’m taking a while
about feel two birds with one stone today just drink so think you can give
me a matter I think that’s Nikolas yeah I can barely
see our names cuz of like thumbs up the live please if you haven’t already what y’all doing today y’all see is
sunny out here today but it’s a little little bit of chilly little chilly no cheating Nicholas a food looks good
thank you you on your lunch break hey miss Fox getting ready for my
doctor’s appointment in a few genius said I am going to watch videos today thank you out for seven thumbs up I don’t even know what they call me yeah you see food on the receipt the doubled cheesy core box gordita to beef crunchy
tacos and a double cheesy gordita regular
blue-raspberry frozen drink hater wisdom Trisha yeah I got another taco but I’m feeling
kind of home with you okay yeah I got another chuckle if I’m not gonna eat it
right now hey Brittany I need to stop by the store and get some rice yeah I was gonna make a shrimp Thai rice last
night but I know somebody alarm going on I’m just gonna make a shrimp fried rice
last night but I have enough rice anybody know the time what kind of tacos
you have – crunchy tacos and a gordito I have to go Doodlebops gordito box or
something but I ate the gordito and I don’t have to eat all your food at one
time gathered 30 minutes 40 minutes later you could eat the rest or hour
later 12:37 Central Time which one of y’all on
central time zone anybody know the time central time I guess I’m gonna be the
1137 did you buy white or brown rice Stacy do you bad I usually buy white
rice it is 11:26 in Dallas okay cool if y’all get a chance go back and watch
some of my older videos if you haven’t already leave lots of comments on them come on account right with me the way
I’m going out Thank You Nicholas I appreciate you starting to come into the
lives I’m used to seeing your comments Thank You Brittany
I’m always having a blessed day cuz ya’ll guys are with me I always have a
blessed day seeing y’all every day having out talk to me and support me and
watch my videos and encourage me and motivate me y’all make me have a good
day every time I see y’all comments on videos I try to respond to them and let
you know that I read you come in yeah guess what I’m so dinky it’s hot I
said I got heat on the heat what gas station and y’all tile have the
cheapest gas shale it’s uh know what kind of gas that you got no we got shell
it son Valero it’s like the top and you know if you shopping and sales if you use your toilets at the ceiling
space give me chef you can get up to
chin down shit on station get up to the pisses off
in the shelters which I and if you go to a Kroger and
they have a gas station depending on how many points you got you can get up to $1
off per gallon yeah I got up to $1 off one time I used to have something to
Clovis points when I was couponing I used to have something to cloak apart hold on yeah somebody play music I see you know yeah missing
I think Seekers a brainy sassy tonight I have to go okay hello everybody hi Beverly Brittany Joyce truth-seeker say must be
nice it’s not hot here lol child it is hot sunny it’s sunny so sunny and bright
and a little bit of cheating not nothing much
so yeah I got somewhere I got to be in a minute let me go in here run my errands
why my business and I will talk to you guys later I will probably go live
tonight and do a I’m a part of the live tonight and do a mukbang what banging on
the nest of my life my journey I’ll cook I’m probably gonna cook my shrimp fry
rice and eat on like my journey so I will talk to y’all
later thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



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