April 4, 2020
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🔴 Healthy Morning Breakfast Mukbang Challenge | Low Carbs Diet “SMACKALICIOUS GOOD”

good morning everybody how y’all doing
today I got on the same shirt that’s right I ain’t been the bee but before I
go to B I wanted to bring y’all morning mukbang yeah okay y’all so what we got
today is some of the usual we got some kale some oranges some sweet mini bell
peppers we got some green onions we got some avocado we got a banana back here
and we got some black beans with a little green onions in it because we’re
adding protein to our meal and this is our healthy morning breakfast mukbang
challenge and this is also low carb so if you want to learn how to eat low carb
raw and you know just get on it good healthiness into your system early in
the morning this is the way to go so y’all thumbs up the video leave lots
of comments down below press the subscribe button turn on a notification
bill and you know always if you are not subscribed to this channel Oh ready
let’s say our grace thank God for this morning this day and all the blessings
that he had bestowed up on us okay father God we thank you for everything
you’ve done for us everything you’re doing for us and everything you’re doing
in us and through us Lord Jesus we thank you personally father for your
restoration we thank your precious Heavenly Father for your kindness your
mercy and your grace all the positions you’ve made upon our lives Lord Jesus we
thank you Father God for protecting us against all hurt harm and danger
and we ask you to continue to have your angels and camp round about us in ji-ae
those Holy Name we okay yeah
so y’all thumbs up the video hey why is my friend know what’s going on what’s
going on with my mind over here my my my mind ain’t lit up what happened to you
honey baby boo boo child good morning oh yeah that people leaving me okay yato don’t do you mean um oh please
it’s very distracting way to live is away don’t see me to my mind no more uh
DMS right now okay okay yeah let’s eat I’m ready to eat ain’t got no makeup but
I did put some Arizona some lip gloss thanked off of it so like I said we got
some black beans with some green onions in there they’re warmed up steam coming
from them I don’t know who want some black beans but that’s our protein for
this morning mmm why should I start let me start with
avocado y’all don’t do you mean alone wait to after the line please that noise
I need to turn it off where don’t make no noise we got three pieces of kale one orange I think five sweet peppers 1 tomato 1
avocado and 1 banana so we got several servings of fresh vegetables we’re going
to make us a kale sammich mmm let’s do our meal good morning family look at that that’s a good little switch there is a good little sweet a good
little sweet let’s put us some avocado inside let’s make us avocado Sammy wait
some mmm sweet pepper that’s good look at y’all look at that Sam and or
it’s a sandwich or a taco which one mm-hmm boat a sandwich chuckle I forgot to tell you I will be drinking
this morning we drinking orange juice this morning we’re drinking orange juice
okay y’all how are y’all doing this morning
anybody got a good report good news anything they want to share with us this
morning what are y’all what are y’all even with me for breakfast this morning hey Miss Kitty hey gamer three
hey Jillian hey miss Lisa hey bamm-bamm is up Wow to shine on Toby so Lord all
the minds is it what’s up miss Mario miss Gloria oh oh is this hey Sabrina
sixteen people in the house thumbs up to live mmm yeah this black thing yeah i’ma tell
y’all right now yeah I need to try a big old juicy fresh orange wrapped in a kale
and make you a kill sandwich cuz it it’s so good
we don’t make us as kale sandwich this morning yeah hmm y’all have to try to happen for real
I’m not lying y’all know I would not lie to you I
promise you I’m not gonna lie to you if I like it and you like fruits and
vegetables like me you’re probably gonna love it
that is so refreshing there go our fresh tomato am I gonna be ready to go to bed
after this meal I don’t think so I got my orange juice my green onion my tomato my nano where’s the little girl it
y’all know in the scale oh okay y’all be won’t her Nana she’d be wantin a note I see give me
some mammal mm-hmm there you go let’s go I think I’ll sleep in but I still got
the fever y’all miss kitty saying that Chris is ready SAMCRO clash with chance
a nice girl Alyssa I got my Nana I got mine in Oh
Tony let’s go in the house everybody in the house where it’s positive McGregor positive McMahon Yahoo missing out
positive mukbang or miss Miller I don’t think miss Miller up yet mm-hmm yeah I like this right here don’t
be scared don’t be scared of this game of three this right here gonna change
your life you gonna get your vitamin C and you don’t get your vitamin K your
calcium and all of that with this little bitty sandwich do not pay no mind to
taste yeah miss me so say good morning family love affair good morning family
Sam just wanna say thanks for the prayers last night I slept like a baby that’s what we here for
miss Lisa say summer coquettes are delicious yes they are miss Lisa say
never try I’m a kind of miss Lisa what are you waiting for a game of three said
I hope it is as good as you say is if you got an orange game of three and you
got some kale in the house right now go try it with me homie let me know let’s
do it let’s do this together this is a family affair anybody got some kale and
an orange in the house right now let’s do this together let’s do it together
come on now we are family I got all my brothers
sisters with me we are family that is a wonderful combination yeah I promised
him another wonderful combination last time I went to destroy yharnam strawberries and kale that is a
wonderful combination the kale from Fiesta was 97 cents and that was a big
bunch of big bunch for 97 cents that was a good deal I meet another piece of my
banana Nana Nana who wants some Nano we already know who
want some nano whiskey banana excuse me I’m for Miss Lisa say I’m
going to try it it’s very good for you miss Lisa you get your protein don’t you
get protein too from your avocado and see the facts and the sugars that you
may give from fruits and vegetables it’s okay your body processes those fats and
sugars better because they’re natural now you don’t want to overdo it because
you can overdo anything even a healthy thing you could overdo it then just do something to my mouth mmm I love this combination y’all so
much reading everything ow yeah I hadn’t been to bed yet so I was just like I forced myself to come like I hadn’t been
be here I’m going to be I got a couple of things I want to do on
the computer so I’m not gonna buy it right away so I might be Oh for most of
the day I don’t know what time I’m gonna be yeah mm-hmm we got some more beans
for my bean see what I mean yeah we got a little bit more caramel and if you
want vegetables this is how you do it each of vegetables what you kill and
make that heart eats Carol baby yeah we could have made a salad but chai it’s so
much better to learn to eat your fruits and vegetables without no additives
without no salad dressing it’s just so much better for you hmm yeah my daughter kale came through
again let’s give a round of applause to kill my daughter kale came through again no y’all seen here first I ate all my
fruits and vegetables today Nami mm-hmm I made a happy plate now that’s what I
want to see y’all do when you’re watching this video back I want you to
let me know what is your healthy morning mukbang this morning it could be any
time of the day or your healthy meal today let me know what it is what you’re
eating and the comments below it don’t have to be big it could be small don’t forget your treat Oh hand not a
handful just uh I would say like a tablespoon pour about a tablespoon pool
a pumpkin seeds every morning or every day so let me know because all of us have different bodies different health
needs our goals and our focuses are gonna be different
our my loan clock just went off it’s 6:00
a.m. you guys Wow I got it I came on here before 6:00 this morning what
so yeah everybody everybody’s um taste buds or different dietary limitations
are different things that they’re allergic to or not allergic to are
different so let me know the things that you’re doing to try to achieve your
healthy go your healthy diet like what fruits and vegetables are you trying to
incorporate are you trying new things like I’m suggesting are you replacing
kale with your lettuce instead of kale several people told me that I have them
eating kale they never ate kale before a couple of people say they went to the
grocery store and got some kale yesterday somebody told me this morning
that they bought some kale and some oranges and they’re trying different
things that they haven’t tried before some people told me they’re drinking it
to steal water some people told me they try to drink more water every day Oh
miss lisa says she’s gonna try some avocados she never tried our condos
before some people have never tried some people never ate bananas we kale so
tasty got y’all doing all kind of things yeah that would be it before next thing
you know I may have yeah shaving yeah you know how many are saving y’all here
over me 24-hour people in my house thumbs up the live gamer said I’m all
try that’s Sean Sean oh I’m still nervous
I miss kitty say thanks everyone for joining us this morning your continued
support is appreciated to Shana say yes indeed Shana say yes y’all love it
look what sanam shyness a I’m gonna try this i I’ll go to the store today
Thank You Shauna miss Lisa say Shauna I remember that Thanks
hey Nikki love love girl where you been hey merciful good morning myself we’ll
say apples strawberries and celery this morning um I need to get some apples I
need to get some strawberries yes cuz apples are very good with kale yeah we
need to make us our apple kale sandwich so shunt any shyness a tofu doesn’t
really have a taste which is kind of good because you can make it takes
however you want I never had tofu before I don’t think I have to shyness a tasty
make the kill and other combinations look so good girl
it is good I’m serious trying to say no you have to press it out with two plates in cool towel or paper
towels and then fry it everything is good friend game of three say I’m scared
us and tofu I miss Lisa say we appreciate you tasting miss Lisa now
girl you know I appreciate y’all moe I
appreciate your ammo and I love yo Lisa in the house Lisa say Shauna I think I
tried take food tofu one time I don’t know if I ever triangle tofu yeah I
don’t know about that family affair sale of tasty energy this
morning yeah I’m sleepy I don’t even know how I
got no energy Jay is in the house oh hey Carla how you doing hey Carla I miss
kitty say always you always welcome Nikki gamer say what’s up Colin miss
kitty what you doing this kid Shannon says my mom made the worst wet
tofu and it scared me Asian food would make you like healthy food way more only
do the extra firm okay she said only do the extra firm tofu y’all if y’all gonna
try it tonight it is again I’m about to join you in a minute game III say oMG
tasty oMG would I miss kitty saying I’m right here tasting and uh game of three
say we are okay so four lol uh Nikki say thank you everybody saying goodnight Elizabeth
this is Alyssa kills night time she’s getting me to go to be she normally be
in being by night with I guess I kept her up to shyness a round of applause to
your daughter ko yes my daughter kill she’s everything today my daughter ko
we don’t have to have my other daughter okra some breakfast one morning and we
gonna have to have one of our stepdaughters I forgot to try them the
aloe vera plant this morning but it’s finally gonna break me out y’all I think
it’s the aloe vera plant that made me break out the last time but maybe if I
eat less this time it won’t break me out but I don’t know we don’t see I think I
might try one one piece of elevator plant
tomorrow um Miss Kitty’s they sleep well buttons game I said oh no you can’t you
can keep you can keep the okra ooh you better sometime by my daughter I will
not let you talk about my daughter like that
okay dad is an absolute no-no fishermen say good night you still put two I mean
I don’t know why I want to say Patricia Tricia say I’m still here to shine and
say I love okra yes you cannot talk about my daughter’s okra kale
strawberries what was the name of my other daughters y’all we came up with
some pretty names that night about my daughter’s miss Lisa say yes miss okra I
love aloe vera plant do you eat it miss uh Lisa you eat the aloe vera plant you
know the I remember the three students is where he was saying y’all remember Oh
remembers the Three Stooges yeah please don’t let me know how oh yeah yeah all
right a common thing y’all have a great day and hit it to work be careful column
you have a blessed day as well um gamer says what do you know
Oh what do you have planned for today oh I ain’t been asleep all night don’t even
ask me what what I got planned for today you already
know game three say have a great day caller Trisha say I love The Three
Stooges remember he’s think if yep yep which one of the three students is y’all
like the best I’m gonna have to put a Three Stooges mean in my videos like I
need to start adding the Three Stooges mean in my video I need to also add oh
oh what’s the other one I mentioned it earlier uh who ffo what’s the name in a
movie again I don’t know why I can’t remember it I need to put the Three
Stooges mean in my video I found for me in my video and y’all I didn’t know when
y’all see these memes yeah I already know when y’all see somebody else using
these means they were in you’re listening they want me to know that they
be listening so I’m pretty sure they’re gonna use these means um Larry no it was
Larry Curly and Moe miss kitty you got it wrong you put they gotta be in the
right order Larry Curly and Moe okay okay putting them you can’t say Larry
Moe and Curly is Larry Curly and Moe Larry Curly moe to China say at Lisa I
don’t know I didn’t know that you can eat elevator yeah girl I hate it and it
broke me out all around my mouth I’m come I had black well I had bumps
all around my mouth and then I picked at them and turned them back
oh yeah game of three save a little rest cuz oh yeah I got to get me some little
rascal means and I got to get me Kearney Larry and Moe means the Three
Stooges and I got to give me a Shirley Temple means see I like the old school
means I got to find me some old school means our Miss Kitty tasted her tasty
dear it was hilarious y’all got the way let me put this video
up in here y’all I got to do a reaction video to this video y’all cuz I reacted
to it the other day yeah it was so funny I was like you know I’m kind of crazy now it was funny and B but I’m gonna do
it over again cuz it’s gonna be even front of you because when I did it it
was a ASMR video and I’m pretty sure if I do it with my regular face and my
regal voice it’s gonna be funnier I’m pretty sure of it let me find it for ya it’s gonna take a
minute hold on for this public service announcement I
I’m trying to find it okay I must pass – yeah I’m holding my phone closer to my
face cuz I’m blind as a bat yall already know that if you didn’t
know how do I know about to give it away okay if y’all want to lay up this
morning watch this video watch that video if y’all want to last this morning
there’s somebody else’s expense miss ELISA say I still watch Columbo oh yeah
y’all remember uh Hawaii five-o we used to call that rosewater it’s children
that’s what we used to call it Hawaii five-o you Lisa Collier bro the water in
Charlie’s Angels y’all I used to love Charlie’s Angels Hawaii five-o rifleman the Cartwright’s Twilight Zone Benny
Hinn and nobody might not know about being here but I used to watch being
here when I was a little girl and I wasn’t supposed to be watching needs to say what a silent go what was
silent go about y’all remember cylla go I remember their name is cutie Sally go
wouldn’t it a dance show or something I remember Sally go when I was sounding
all about Sonic oh I think it was a dance show something I can’t remember
Oh miss Lisa said I liked those shows yeah it’s Lisa say okay i squeezing cut
it on burns Oh Miss Kitty’s they been here with a nasty me I used to watch
Mimi Miss Kitty I used to watch me here when
I was a little girl I wasn’t supposed to be watching him but everybody else was
snoring when he came oh my grandmother was laying on sofa snoring miss kitty
say singing shot miss Lisa I miss Lisa said I remember Teresa say all those
shows will come on all the shows still come home
Benny used to come on y’all somebody need to send me a clear
I need a mean from being hand can somebody see me I mean for being here
bail is laughing miss Lisa say kitty I used to love Joe um Teresa say not being
a hand baby he’ll now it was Benny Hinn wouldn’t he been here miss kitty wasn’t it Benny Hinn I don’t
remember no Benny Hill I thought it was been here I missed kid to say yes
dancing miss Lisa say kitty we couldn’t watch Benny Hinn you know I think it was
being here miss Teresa Teresa I miss kitty say yes Teresa to Shama say –
Benny he’ll show I thought it was Benny Hinn we watched – sneaking Yeow
like when you come up minion was an evangelist but it’s all it could have
been a bit of here from the old days before of being hey Jason RC or JC miss
Lisa say I used to wonder would was Benny was talking about it was he’ll
tasty okay Benny Hill miscue to say morning League JC sent my other
personality you got a dollar what you talking about yeah we just got to eating now we’re
having a chitchat oh hey miss Khadija good morning me yeah
okay y’all say it’s Benny he’ll let me see if I can find any uh I need to find
me some means on the beanie he’ll show oh yeah yeah I think this I think that’s
him I need to watch the baby Benny he was a pervert yeah Benny here
was a little bit I wonder how many American children turned into perverts
because of the mini Hugh turned out to be a pervert because of the beauty you
show to shyness a cutie my mama used to let me watch you when I was a little
girl to being a hero show miss Khadija say Benny here was into comedy uh-huh
Miss Kitty say morning reverse we would say yes he was
I used to watch him he are always chasing women
he used to trip me out my favorite part of the video show was when he was I
don’t know why the help was so funny I’m sorry miss Lisa is laughing could he say
key to key to good morning miss Lisa say y’all are too
honey and his kids say with his pants down
oh yeah well he be running around with his pants why am I thinking about this pervert
early this morning yeah Miska Miska do you say oh well me thee
well me too me oh you was a pervert ooh you you got your hands up who oh who I
raised a hands up we cannot be ashamed to raise our hands up in memory a
billion he lives on through us today and we are
perverts all because of him and we all know miss kitty kitty
miss kitty is a part of the naked and afraid Club all because of Benny oh I
got the gold listen to ya miss Lisa say uh I think miss Lisa was raising her
hands up devil – Shauna she raised her here’s a Miss cutie time
i fax fax I’m just you know what miss Gloria
miss Gloria his glory the fell asleep miss Gloria I know you used to watch
been here but why I keep seeing Bing here Benny Hill I know miss Gloria
watching she can’t not tell me she didn’t know I know Benny I know mr. Glory is probably one of the
biggest weeks in here now I’m throwing see and then also when you’re doing all
your fruits and vegetables if you have your own property and you start
composting start composting then you’re gonna have a better and healthier going by composting you got the store
composting yeah Benny here what’s the bomb.com
Benny healed at least to say no I never watched it before I know my older sister
D go yeah I need to go back and watch some beanie he’ll let me see I think I
just stood up MC yeah this video got six million views
Wow this video got six million views yeah miss Gloria did you hear me talking
about you I miss cutest a TV evangelist Oh miss Q say oh my miss Gloria say who
is Benny Hill miss Gloria miss Gloria I don’t know Ben Healy
Wow I know who Daniel is and his glory I know miss kid when miss Gloria been all
her life she trying to act like she innocent I’m not buying it miss Gloria
no she know Ben hear me well click on the link above miss Kate miss Gloria
you’re gonna see who Benny Hill is I know you know who Ben here is you got to
know all perverts know who Benny he Billy he’ll click on the lake miss
Gloria baby he’ll let me put the link for your game is worried it sounds like
a country 3 baby I thought it was gonna learn something like that how come ain’t
doing it right but I remember to beat in my head he just me running around time
up flashing people yo yeah how many things that may India flashing people
yeah who’d it was so funny
well he was one you know no I shouldn’t be watching him
hey Trisha yes Teresa said Benny Hill was a
comedian well I think you’re using that comedian were a little loosely Benny
Hill was a pervert and then he is an evangelist okay Benny Hill was a pervert that’s why everybody that watch him is a
pervert cuz he was not a comedian he was a pervert miss Gloria watched the link I
was listening to you later so after the lab you could go watch the pervert he
was a pervert miss Gloria he was a pervert miss glory time I am
sorry I never need him so in other words he didn’t contribute
to her being a pervert Yeah right miss Gloria you just don’t
remember go click on the link below and tell us tomorrow oh okay yeah I remember
I remember mmm-hmm miss Gloria no she knew you is
not gonna make us think that you are the only one up here that’s not no pervert
miss kitty miss kitty miss Gloria trying to make us think she’s not home forever we will not allow you you have to be a
part of this club now anyway okay yeah I will Missy well y’all I ate my food around my food why why you calling my pervert everybody
else Afyon or me not just my program he miss kitty pervert to shine a pervert
day I think Miss Lisa said she knew the program – Theresa new department he
ain’t just my pervert he was all of our perverts miss Gloria and because of him
we all a pervert and miss Gloria whether you want to admit it or not we all know
you’re a pervert what is all that for oh no – sermon say yes tasty your adorning
the beat right oh yeah talk to ya later gang I’m at the front
door by bell we love you be safe I miss Lisa laughing miss you to say
have a wonderful day bill oh no miss Lisa she tryin to make us think we don’t
only one we she trying somebody I don’t know your pervert like I am the
only pervert no everybody else agreed sit nor neighbor and this glory the only
one walking me here some like excuse me I don’t know the
pervert okay we go get your pants on that means
glory we don’t get your past but when you watch the link that I gave you I
think it’s gonna jog your memory and I think you won’t remember that pervert
and he’s not just my pervert oh yeah anyway I’m tired and I’m gonna call it a
night I’m gonna go to bed with my let’s kill
me let’s kill but good be me miss kid about to go to bed me miss glory about
to go to bed miss Lisa are you going to bed what you back to doing is messing
you up are you are you going down cuz the rest of us we brought the good babe Miss Kitty I thought you’re supposed to
be in the beat already are we going to bed miss Lisa what you back to do how
many I made yarn who I made yarn just now yeah miss kitty bout to go to be it’s cute about to go to bed I’m about
to go to bed miss Gore that’s gonna be in this video went to be it already and
let me see who else about the kirby oh Lord I hate comments I miss Lisa say I’m
up oh good morning possible about the banger
shall we get me to go miss Lisa say you crazy tasting miss
miss uh listen me you y’all I really know that yeah I really know I’m crazy
I’m crave miss kitty say it’s good night for me y’all
the name is kitty I’m about to join you girl miss Lisa say I’m going to do my
exercises around 8 a.m. Oh miss Lisa what kind of exercise are
you doing you exercise in the house but outside until shot me say I’m going to
sleep for a few hours then I’m going out oh so you’re gonna take like a little
nap miss Gloria say I’m hungry miss Gloria the healthy meal did do it that’s
the that’s the whole point you eat the healthy meal I mean you’re
gonna even another small let me not miss Gloria you think about this think about
it it’s really working think about it you was going all day
long before without eating yous going all day long before without eating and
now you’re eating smaller meals throughout the day which is better than
going all day long without eating mm-hmm it’s working
cuz you wasn’t even hungry at first because you was going all day long
without eating mm-hmm it’s working miss Gloria it really is don’t give up don’t
listen to the devil telling you it’s not working it’s working I’m winners of the coming to come
through I miss glory you say yeah I know it’s
all you say good night miss kitty it’s working miss uh
glory and that’s what’s letting you know that it’s working cuz the same thing for
me like I was just eating one meal a day then when I start eating two meals a day
the breakfast mukbang then I’ll get hungry because it’s letting your it’s
letting your body know it wants some more your body when you get hungry again
miss Gloria your body is letting you know it enjoyed that healthy mukbang and
it won’t some old later so you could eat small smaller meals throughout the day
satisfy you for their time then your body is saying I want more energy I want
more energy I want more of it and you’re not gonna be gaining weight and you’re
not it’s not dragging you down it’s giving you more energy
your body burns that energy and it wants some more energy so that is actually a
good thing when you’re getting hungrier more often throughout the day it’s
actually a good thing so eat you another healthy meal and like I say add you some
protein in today add you some beans internet or add your piece of meat with
it so that way you’ll last a little longer and you can add to some carbs but
healthy carbs I’m gonna give you a link so I need to go back and find again
today video about healthy carbs what are healthy carbs carbs that you could eat
still need to eat to limitation but they’re healthy carbs at least I say
just leg stretches and some squats nothing difficult I do my arms to touch
Charlotte is laughing to shyness a tasty you got me
laughing oh what did I do to sana what are you laughing at girl what did I do
I’m always doing something I don’t know what I did
don’t blame it on me don’t blame it on tasty don’t blame me for it don’t blame
me yeah let me go get my own spawn so I can
clean this little table off okay I’m switch I’m saying it’s going to
say yeah I know I just trying to say miss Gloria say her name is with ain’t
in there miss well it was grizzly that she did not say that
miss Gloria did not say that I know she didn’t well yeah I appreciate y’all for
tuning in to the tasty morning mukbang tasty healthy morning breakfast mukbangs
show this was a low carb breakfast low carb breakfast thank you guys so much
for joining me for our comedy show today and thank you for making it fun and
having a light sense of humor I hope that I brighten up your day this morning
help motivate you as far as eating healthy eating eating something healthy
today go out and make healthy food choices today and keep in mind that if
you do not make any healthy food choices today I’m gonna beat your behind I’m
watching you I am your guardian food angel and if you do not make a healthy
food choice today and leave it in the comments of this video after the light
is over with go leave it in another if you don’t make healthy food choices
today I’m gonna block you from my channel make healthy food choices today
you guys get out get some fresh air fresh air I
need to take my own advice get out exercise won’t go through the
trash away go on to the mailbox go under your plants go walk your dog just go do
something small baby steps it’s gonna get you to where you need to go once you
venture out and start doing a little bit just a little bit start taking those
sugars out of your diet start taking those sodas out of your diet start
taking the bread out of your diet I know I ate shrimp fried rice last night you
could do that every 19 but start taking the rice the bread and all of the flour
and sugars out of your diet you guys and you’re gonna start seeing and start
giving your bodies healthy sugar from your fruits and your vegetables and
feeding your body whew that’s gonna fuel your body and start watching you heal
yourself start watching you feel healthier better your mind is gonna be
getting sharper start eating some kale you guys it is the superfood
kale is my super daughter you know is my favorite daughter so start putting my
daughter in your diet you guys and start watching your bones because kale
strengthens the bones it’s makes your mind a little sharper it’s just gonna
have long-term effects on you once you start adding kill to your diet you guys
don’t do it for me do it for you but if you can’t do it for you then do it for
me either way just do it ain’t none to it but to do it okay okay let me see
what y’all saying miss Lisa say have a good day everyone uh Teresa is laughing
Teresa say bye Lisa and game of three say have a great day all the
I love you guys talk to you later thanks for watching thumbs up the video
if you haven’t already don’t forget to leave lots of comments down below don’t
forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification bill and hit
always when you turn on the notification bill and be sure to come back for
another video I love each and every one of you guys don’t forget that and go out
until someone today that you love them as someone has anyone told you today
that you they love you and when they say no just say I love you or if they say
yes just say well I want you to know I love you as well
okay you guys thanks for watching bye now bye
my machi buddies and my tingles are

Randall Smitham



  1. Lisa Wiliams Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    Great Healthy Live Tasty !!! 👍🏼💕

  2. Lisa Wiliams Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Me and my family always say "love you " everyday over the phone… can't help it 😀

  3. Lisa Wiliams Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    That kale with that orange in the middle looked really tasty … gotta try that …Thanks again 😀💕

  4. Jazzy4 Sure Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Good Morning💛

  5. Jazzy4 Sure Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    I say you cutting up Ms Tasty.. popping your straps😜

  6. Jazzy4 Sure Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Tell'em Tasty Tell'em

  7. nicholas white Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    good morning beautiful sunshine

  8. De'Laina Miller Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    I missed the live by 9 minutes, it was good for see the live flooded in Blue this morning….I love and miss my family!!!!

  9. De'Laina Miller Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    Love ya Ms.Tasty ❤

  10. Tricia Tennell Posted on February 26, 2020 at 7:34 pm

    I was late this morning. No you was early. it was before six and I was still asleep.

  11. Tricia Tennell Posted on February 26, 2020 at 7:35 pm

    I had apple cinnamon oatmeal this morning but I just got done eating a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.

  12. Tricia Tennell Posted on February 26, 2020 at 8:24 pm

    I don't like westerns but I watched some of the newer ones with women in them.

  13. Tricia Tennell Posted on February 26, 2020 at 8:27 pm

    Well Benny Hinn was probably a pervert to even though he was a televangelist but the one you are talking about is Benny Hill.

  14. Gloria DeBato Posted on February 27, 2020 at 12:46 am

    Good Morning Tasty
    Enjoyed the healthy breakfast this morning.