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🔴How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters – 3 Eye Floaters Treatments

How do you get rid of eye floaters?
Well in this video, we are going to be
going over more in depth into eye
floaters and how do you treat eye
floaters. we’re gonna go over three eye
floaters treatments so hey guys my name
is dr. Joe Allen here I am the host of
dr. eye health the channel helps you
with the eyes vision and finding the
best vision products so thank you for
joining me if you are new here to the
channel please go ahead and subscribe
make sure that you don’t miss any of my
other future videos and again thank you
so much for joining us here again I’m
dr. Joseph Allen I actually want to give
you a little bit of history of Who I am
and so and where I went to school and
all that
I actually got finished my pre-med
bachelor’s degree at Saint John’s
University here in Minnesota after that
I went and got my doctorate of optometry
that the Rosenberg school of optometry
in San Antonio Texas
I graduated magna cum laude and
salutatorian then I finished my
residency in ocular disease and vision
rehabilitation and low vision through
the Minneapolis VA Medical Center here
again in Minneapolis now
so again floaters is a big topic I
actually practice and I’m probably in a
basica spry vut I have I would also say
I’m in private practice here in
Minnesota basically full-time and
floaters or something we see pretty much
every day so I worked this morning and
had at least two or three people
complaining of floaters I even had a you
even had a pediatric patient today who
had floaters and so we’ll go over a
little bit more into that thank you guys
so much for joining us in the chat if
you are either watching us here live on
through the chat thank you guys for
joining me or catching us on the replay
this is gonna be really fun so let’s go
over floaters now if you’re watching
this and you already have some floaters
guess what floaters eye floaters is the
actual term we actually have the actual
term for floaters which is just floaters
that’s that’s as creative as they got
when they came up with this term so
these are the little spots that you see
in your vision and they’re kind of like
these little black spots right there’s
these little spots that float around and
if you look from side to side you
sometimes will see it either as a gnat
almost like a bug floating around some
actually think that there’s a bug in
their vision and they’ll try to grasp at
it or it’ll look like a piece of hair
fiber floating around or me sometimes
even as big and big enough it looked
like a cobweb or something like that so
yeah they can become really annoying for
some people but here’s a good question
for you guys anyone in the chat right
now or if you’re catching this on the
replay comment in the section below how
long have you had floaters have they
been going on for two days six months at
five years ten years me personally I’ve
had floaters for almost eight to ten
years so I first started and floater
getting floaters in my early 20s and
honestly I feel like they’re getting
worse and shout out you know shout out
to be if anybody’s having problems they
feel like they’re floaters getting worse
so first let’s go over exactly what
floaters are a little bit more in depth
so a floater is first to understand it
there’s a gel inside the eye that we
call the vitreous humor now that means
if you did a cross section of the eye
here the most of the eyes shape is made
by the basically the volume of this gel
inside the eye now we say it’s a gel
however it is kind of the consistency of
uncooked egg whites if you could imagine
that if you’re cooking an egg sometime
if you were to kind of feel that egg
white that’s what it feels like when
it’s uncooked now this gel is actually
mostly consistent of water but 98 to 99
percent of water
it means maids up that makes up this gel
the other percentages comes up from
collagen specifically type 2 collagen
and type 9 college and along with a
couple other substances called vit Rosen
and hyaluronic acid now these different
substances again they make up most of
this gel inside the eye and I’ve had a
lot of people ask me okay I get kind of
I see these spots they’re little clumps
of collagen and water floating around in
my eye but what really causes it so I
kind of want to go more in depth on that
that’s a good question a lot of people
have asked me so this gel inside the eye
again it’s supposed to take up the shape
of the eye it’s mostly their present
from birth and what happens is I do kind
of this diagram for you guys I’m going
to share it with you here so the gel
actually forms
and then it actually starts to break
down with age and I know that’s kind of
a easy to easy to explain by saying oh
it’s just due to age well there’s
actually a lot more factors to it
so with age it is true that they get
worse as you get older the earliest
report or earliest case of floaters that
I was able to find in the literature was
in an autopsy study of a four year old
so it’s sad that a four year old passed
away but in autopsy they found that they
had floaters so even at that young of
age you can have floaters these eye
floaters as we get older around the age
of sixteen to eighteen almost the early
20s the eye continues to grow so around
about 20s yeah actually the gel already
starts to transform into a liquid so by
the time you’re almost twenty years old
almost twenty percent of the gel inside
your eye has turned into and separate it
into more of a liquid then it just
continues to get worse as you get older
so that’s why a lot of people who are
coming into our to the clinic who are
noticing floaters more often are usually
in their 50s 60s or above but again why
is this happening as we get older so
there’s a couple of different reasons
but a lot of it has to do with cellular
turnover so the gel inside the eye does
not turn over very quickly and so it’s
basically metabolism your metabolism in
the gel inside the eye is very very slow
as compared to the rest of the body and
so it doesn’t regenerate basically
there’s a couple other factors the
build-up of cellular waste from the
retina from the lens and the muscles
inside the eye kind of contribute to it
alongside inflammation so if you have
any sort of a inflammatory event inside
the eye if you’ve had an eye rightous if
you’ve had any sort of trauma to the eye
maybe you’ve had a uveitis some sort of
surgery on the eye that all causes
inflammation and that can contribute to
it then you have actually light exposure
to light like UV light from the Sun if
you’re not a big sunglasses where or
even now there’s kind of more theories
that perhaps
that blue light cuz a lot of the blue
light that you see and it’s a big thing
in the media right now but a lot of blue
light you sees from the Sun and so again
that high-energy light passes through
your eye and hits this gel and it could
be contributing to the development of
these floaters now again like gonna go
back to that a little slide I had for
you guys so basically this gel the
collagen is in a uniform fashion and
then the hyaluronic acid separates along
with the water and collagen type 9
that’s more of the watery type of
collagen and then all that’s kind of
left is collagen type 2 and collagen
type to actually bundles together you
get these bundles of collagen they’re
tart for the formation of floaters so
type to college and basically bunches up
together and that’s what you’re seeing
it kind of floats in that gel the liquid
that’s left and it cast a shadow onto
the retina and you’re seeing the
out-of-focus shadow of those little
floaters drifting back and forth so
that’s basically what what floaters are
now it’s get a little bit different for
everybody but I’ll kind of show you what
I see when it comes down to actually
what I see when I’m looking at stuff so
I notice floaters more on a white
background on the computer screen and on
a blue sky that’s what I noticed them
the most and if you’re again if you’re
in the chat or if you catch on the
replate let us know what when do you see
floaters the most okay now this is kind
of a diagram of what I see so when I
look at my computer I see these little
spots but not just the little spots and
this is actually I don’t see the circle
object I drew here but a lot of people
do and if you see a little big round
circle in your vision let me know so
that lawns that a big circle that I do
there is significant because a lot of
people especially again as we get older
will notice a large circle in your
vision and that actually is called a
Weiss ring and I’ll explain what that is
so the other part of the natural
evolution of floaters is the gel inside
the eye has an outer layer called the
vitreous cortex and this vitreous cortex
is actually in touch with the rest of
the eye it actually touches the aura
sirata it touches the retina the macula
which you get your central vision from
and then you touches the optic nerve it
actually attaches very tightly to the
to VIN the back of the eye and that’s
what we have circled in the in the dark
circle here now that dark circle around
the optic nerve that gel touch –is the
optic nerve and then that gel naturally
starts to separate from the back of the
eye it peels away and it’s it’s very
tightly adhered to around the optic
nerve finally when it fully releases
from the back of the eye it plugs away
from the optic nerve and because the
nerve is a circle you get that little
ring and again we actually see that in
the eye sometimes and we call that a
Weiss ring so that’s kind of what people
will see in their vision and it can be
really annoying so you can sometimes see
a circle sometimes it’ll fold on itself
and look like a see I’ve had people say
I see like this comma crescent shape in
my vision and yeah that that’s often
times that Weiss ring and in the clinic
we call that a P V D for posterior
vitreous detachment and it’s very common
again but that’s that’s that’s when that
gel completely separates from the back
of the eye now I just wanted to kind of
say hey to everybody in the chat thank
you so much for joining us I see a lot
of people talking about floaters and
kind of cluster headaches Thank You Todd
you know computer usage contributing to
floaters that’s kind of a tough question
again not nothing I would say that’s
proven because it’s still very new and I
don’t think they’ve had any big studies
nothing that I’ve read theoretically
they’re having more kind of that idea
that you know light penetrating into the
eye causes more metabolism to kind of
have to turn over especially from
sunlight the blue light you get from Sun
very high-energy potentially
contributing to that but again
theoretically you know there’s a lot of
issues with blue light come from
computer screens yes but it’s very low
energy compared to how much energy you
get from the Sun so maybe maybe not and
then Joshua here Joshua Barclay I hope I
said that last name right but Joshua was
just asking if I trekked imme safe so
that’s a very good question we’re gonna
get in that very soon but first if you
guys are catching us here either in the
chat if you catch on just on the replay
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guys also again someone else mention
that they notice like kaleidoscopes or
maybe like headaches things like that so
there’s actually a lot of different
causes or different symptoms of floaters
more than just spots floating in your
vision a lot of things can kind of give
that a sense of spots in your vision and
one of those things can be what’s called
a migraine with aura but that’s more of
like these strobe lights these lights
flashing in your eyes and I have another
video on that and I’ll actually come
back and put a link to that here in the
YouTube Karp above and well is in the
description below for you guys if you
guys haven’t saved that or heard
anything about that before I have
another video on that so just to kind of
before we kind of transition I want to
answer one other quick question
Matthew Hall had a question about isn’t
the Sun yellow light actually the Sun is
actually gives off a white light I know
a lot of times we always draw the Sun as
being yellow but the actual light coming
off of the Sun is white but within that
white is all different spectrums of
light from the electromagnetic spectrum
including high frequency blue light or a
very powerful blue light so let’s
actually go over the treatments for
floaters let’s go over that so you know
what honest the thing and that gets
people get frustrated with seeing their
eye doctor because when you go in to see
her eye doctor
often times we just we just watch we
just watch we say we observe we wait for
them to get better on their own and the
reason for that is because the rate of
improvement for floaters on their own is
very very good 95% of all floaters will
naturally improve on their own within
six months and that happens through a
process called neuro adaptation so once
you’ve recognized the floaters and you
give them some time you’ve recognized
that hey these are kind of a normal
thing for me the brain will start
getting used to it and within the first
six months again 95% of all people will
say I don’t even notice the floaters
anymore so that’s why doctors in general
they they don’t really recommend
procedures or you know they wait they
only recommend it for people who have a
really more severe issues with them so
that’s why we kind of wait but what if
you do what if you have them what if you
have the floaters and you can’t stand it
what if you just like
you’re so frustrated by the floaters you
can’t drive you can’t get to work you
can’t enjoy your daily living activities
if you’re a big reader and you just
can’t read because that floaters getting
right in the way every time you can’t
tell is that the B R and s I can’t tell
you know like that if you’re having that
issue you got to think there’s got to be
some solution what can we do and doctors
have asked that question to themselves
what can we do so the first thing that’s
been out for a long time is called a vet
rectum e specifically a pars plana
vitrectomy and that’s literally where we
remove the gel inside the eye and so
when it’s done for floaters we there’s
actually what’s called a floater only
vite rectum e an fov that’s what you’ll
see in a lot of literature and that’s
where we again suck out the gel from
inside the eye in the operating room and
it’s it actually is a little bit more of
an involved surgery it does take a
little bit of time and in school they
basically kind of taught us that you
know this is an option
however it’s at high risk there’s high
risk of all these other complications
and problems and so you know despite
hearing that in school over time and
actually just a recent publication in
2017 they reported that 92% of vite
rectum ease are considered successful
that might rectum mean 92 percent of the
people who had a floaters only vite
rectum e were successful and they were
happy with their outcome and there was
very little to no complications or
really risk of it at all and so they
also reported so they also reported a
couple of things because with any
surgery there’s always the risk for
things like infection and what’s called
an end ophthal – well maybe I’ll do
another video in the future of what end
up the – is but it’s like the worst
infection you can imagine for the eye
and about only 2% of all floaters only
Vectrex Amis have been reported to have
have had and end up the – so 2% it’s a
really low percentage of chance of
having an infection but then what we
learned in school is that you’re at a
higher risk of having a retinal
detachment during that surgery that’s
what we taught in school but again this
most recent publication in 2017 and I’ll
hook it up in the description below once
I’m done posting this video is that too
point only 2.1% caused a retinal
detachment so that’s again really
low-risk so a lot I think a lot more
times people are being more open a lot
of surgeons may be more open to doing a
floaters only vite rectum II if you are
really bothered by the floaters but
there’s a lot more of the things that
they kind of want to consider about that
so another kind of good question I just
saw here hon can you get floaters if you
get shampoo in your eyes you know No
and you may see visual floaters from
spots from your vision getting blurry
you could maybe cause yourself a corneal
burn you know depending on what’s kind
of in what kind of whatever is in your
shampoo but no they should not be a
direct link to causing floaters not that
I’m aware of anyways now the other real
treatment this is kind of the kind of
it’s kind of a hot topic now in in eye
care is something called YAG vitreolysis
so that uses a YAG laser to
basically break up or lyse the gel the
vitreous inside the eye so this is
oftentimes kind of compared to having
like the asteroids video game so your
surgeon actually will have you sit
behind a laser and it’ll have you
they’ll dilate your eyes really big
so they have a good view of the floaters
inside the eye and they can use a little
laser and zap perfectly that floater and
vaporize it and over time they do multi
a can do anyone for money they can do a
couple hundreds of shots of this laser
and just vaporize this floater
completely and oftentimes this procedure
takes more than one procedure takes more
than just one visit but it’s becoming
more popular it’s actually been out for
a long time actually found out from a
couple other resources that this has
been going on for like thirty years
they’ve been doing this for a while but
a lot of doctors didn’t do it
it was kind of like a cowboy thing to do
if you’re kind of gutsy as a surgeon you
want to give this a try without having a
lot of big studies well now a lot more
studies have come out and one of the
major studies actually came out 2017
again this was from dr. Singh and he
reported the same 92 percent success
rate that depends a little bit on the
surgeon but 92 percent success with this
vitriol Isis and he reported over a
270 some procedures and they with that
proved mounted procedures they only had
a couple of complications they hit the
lens inside the eye twice because they
have to shoot through the lens and if
the too far forward or too far back you
can hit the lens it’s kind of
interesting because the power of the
laser it actually it actually hit the
gel inside the eye and then there’s an
energy blast forward toward the surgeon
so out of your eye the energy blast from
where the laser hits blasts forward it’s
kind of like a plasma jump that comes
forward and that little plasma jump can
actually hit the lens and cause some
problems so that’s happened twice in
that study and then seven people had
pressure spikes and only one person had
a retinal team so they actually bleeding
in the back of the eye and I’ve talked
to another surgeon that was presenting
on this not too long ago and he said
that he’s caused like one or two heme
but they all heal up on their own so
it’s really not that big of a concern so
this is becoming more popular because of
how safe it is and how quickly it can be
done and how easily it can be done you
don’t have to go through a major surgery
for 3-4 hours and you just sit behind a
little slit lamp a little microscope and
they shoot a laser that you for a couple
of times and so it’s it’s excellent so
you may be thinking hey this is great
dr. Helen where do I sign up where do I
get this done and you know it’s kind of
tough because not every surgeons doing
it so you may have to kind of research
wherever you’re at if there’s a doctor
in the area doing
YAG vitriolysis you can certainly talk
to your primary care I doctor whether
it’s an ophthalmologist or optometrist
in your area do you know who’s doing
this here in Minnesota I know other
ladies to different surgeons who are
doing it I know another surgeon who’s
just buying the equipment and he’s gonna
be start doing it real soon
so if you’re thinking about this let’s
go through the candidacy are you a good
candidate for this procedure so big
things for you to think about is one how
stable are your floaters again how long
have you had them have you had them more
than six months are they stable are they
improving or are they getting worse you
know so they have to be stable floaters
you have to have no flashes so flashes
of light or sometimes it can occur when
that gel again separates in the back of
the eye and you get that posterior
vitreous detachment that PVD that gel
can sometimes tug on the retina just a
little bit and if that happens it
potentially may cause a whole
terr or in a worst case scenario it can
actually pull the retina off completely
and we call that a retinal detachment
and that’s an ocular emergency and so if
you’re having those big flashes of light
blink spots in your vision if you’re
watching this minute you’ll stop the
video and call your eye doctor right now
we want you to get seen okay but flashes
again if you’re considering the YAG
Vitreolysis you can’t have any flashes
so no flashes stable floaters and in
during the during the examination your
doctor will make sure that there’s no
holes or tears or defects in the far
edges of your retina because they don’t
want to put you at an increased risk
because there’s gonna be putting those
energy inside the eye with the laser and
the shockwave from that maybe put you at
higher risk of having a retinal tear
detachment so they don’t want that to
happen so again no untreated peripheral
holes or tears and if they notice a hole
or tear they they’ll go ahead and seal
it and perhaps in the future they’ll
consider having the vitriolysis later
the other things to consider is a
cataract if you have a very thick
cataract or lens opacity then it’s not
gonna be the best for you to have that
done just because the cataract is in the
way and the surgeons not can be able to
see through it and then if they can’t
see through it they can’t see the
floater correctly and so they could miss
and they don’t want to do that so you
can’t have too much of cataracts and you
can’t have much for a lens opacity so if
you’ve already had cataract surgery and
you just have an implant the the PC IOL
the inter ocular implant that they put
inside the eye if you’ve already had
that and it’s clear then you’re still a
good candidate for the procedure so keep
that in mind too otherwise think about
your activities of daily living or what
we call ADL’s are they really affected
that much where you need this procedure
so again there’s risk of complication
with everything so if these floaters are
really bad you just can’t stand it any
more than yeah maybe this is a great
option for you but otherwise you know if
it’s something you’re like yeah you know
I notice them once in awhile but doesn’t
really bother me and maybe it’s not not
the best choice otherwise you know just
to kind of give you a few if you’re
really thinking about this is anybody is
there anybody watching right now in the
chat or catching on the replay that’s
seriously thinking about having like
material Isis go ahead and comment and
let me know
because it’s it’s pretty interesting so
one of the surgeons that I’ve worked
with what he likes to do is he likes to
not only evaluate with the patient he
looks inside the dilates the eye looks
inside make sure he knows exactly where
the floaters are he draws what he sees
inside the eye he draws exactly where
the floaters are and then he asks the
patient to do the same thing and then
they compare they make sure that the
floaters at the doctor sin is the same
floaters at the patients seeing and I
think that’s great because then they
know for sure hey we’re looking at the
same thing they’re looking at the main
cause and then they go ahead and talk
about doing the procedure so that’s
great so that that laws are really the
three medical treatments for floaters
now there’s a lot of what scares me is
that there are a lot of things online
I’ve read and skum to cross other
YouTube videos which claimed a lot of
kind of crazy stuff on how to get rid of
your floaters and yeah nothing in
textbooks of ophthalmology or anything
like that no I’ve tried to research and
find like oh is there any sort of any
sort of logic behind some of these
treatments and you know they kind of for
me they scare me and they scare other
eye doctors that people are kind of
sharing this and I know people they kind
of have these hopes but a lot of people
just don’t understand really what
floaters are what’s causing them so
again thank you guys so much for
watching I’ve got some time for
questions here let’s see if so I see
Sylvia it asks is it expensive so you
know any sort of surgery on the eye can
be a little expensive depends where you
live and what the surgeon is kind of
asking for if you have insurance
floaters is kind of tough to get
insurance to pay for unless it’s proven
that is significantly affecting your
activities a day of living
obviously it’s affecting your ability to
work then yeah the insurance may be able
to cover that I can’t guarantee you’ll
have that but a lot a lot of surgical
centers will fight for you to get that
coverage because they want you to get
back to work
right you need to make a living so
big thing with floaters and the price
again you know the price can be all over
the place
but I would expect at least maybe if
you’re paying cash expect anywhere from
one at least $1000 at least in the US
but I I I honestly don’t know who’s
paying what cash price would be you’ll
have to call around in your in your area
let’s see
looking for other questions can floaters
look like streaks yes
so as the floaters developed if they’re
just small little floaters they could
actually have kind of a hair like
appearance some people even say they
look like parasites they can I guess if
you’re really looking at them but you
know usually parasites can occur in the
eye but extremely rare and it’s usually
in like jungle tropical areas but that
is usually no you’re not going to see it
like that can i sup laments help
minimize floaters so nothing that is
public like wide-scale accepted as
supplements for getting rid of floaters
there are some different companies that
kind of claim that but as far as what
I’ve been able to research because I was
kind of curious myself and I was other
side other people talking about
supplements for it there is some logic
about basically again the whole
metabolism issue developing within the
gel itself that if you have higher
amounts of antioxidants whether you’re
ingesting those using them as an eye
drop that it would prevent potentially
helped reduce the amount of floaters but
again once these collagen fibers develop
you basically need to find a way to
dissolve the collagen the type 2
collagen from clumping up and I think
once you’ve developed the floaters the
any sort of antioxidants or vitamins are
probably not going to untangle that so
perhaps they’ll help prevent the
floaters from developing in the first
but again nothing that’s proven or
widely accepted in ophthalmology can you
be born with floaters sure I could
imagine that yeah most of the time again
age 4 is the earliest report so some
degree of the primary vitreous perhaps
can actually develop them even when
you’re born but the thing is that when
you’re born and your vision is
developing as an infant again you’re not
just born with vision your vision
develops so you’d actually get used to
where the floaters are at and your brain
probably with neuro-adaptive
faster so you bobble you not even be
consciously aware of it – maybe you’re
much older are you Quan great question
are you most likely to get flows if you
are nearsighted yeah if you’re near side
to do gonna have a higher risk of
developing floaters and part of that is
because the eye continues to grow
especially through adolescence and into
kind of like your late teens early 20s
so the eye actually grows longer not a
huge amount it’s actually kind of a
it’s a funny fact that it’s not true
I’ve actually been to like Body Worlds
and things like that when I was a
medical student and they would say like
it would say like did you know that the
eye does not grow after birth and that’s
completely wrong I don’t know who wrote
that but the eye does grow not very much
but in the eye care world just one
millimeter change in the length of the
eye equals about 3 diopters of a
prescription change and so if you are
let’s say 9 diopters myopic your
nearsighted by 9 diopters that’s 3
millimeters longer so that means the gel
doesn’t grow and change with the eye
shape but the eye does and so that’s 3
millimeters different so that gel is
more likely to separate from the back of
the eye and that does accelerate the
deformation of those floaters the
vitreous detachment another kind of
random factoid when you start developing
floaters you actually have a higher risk
of developing a cataract sooner – can
they make you go blind well floaters in
general shouldn’t make you go blind but
the posterior vitreous detachment if
that leads to a retinal detachment that
can potentially cause blindness and
that’s one of the biggest concerns that
we have is when people start seeing
floaters and there’s a sudden change
that they don’t get into the clinic
right away to get it evaluated and they
let it go to flog and then they have a
tear that eventually becomes a full
detachment and sometimes you know a lot
of times we can repair it that’s the
great news about modern technology we
can repair a lot of detachments but it’s
it’s never really perfect so again if
you’re having those flashes if you’re
having big spots in your vision like a
curtain coming down from the ceiling or
rising up from the
lor you definitely want to call the
doctor get seen just make sure
everything’s okay that peace of minds
couldn’t go a long way
impatience about age so this is great I
see doll in another OD and now this is
great they have another doctors here
he’s saying he found what’s called an
erm so an epi retinal membrane that’s
what the ER M stands for and he said
with associated Weiss ring on a 23 year
old male and yes if I found them in
young patients about that age well you
know if they have a posterior vitreous
detachment then of course they can have
the Weiss ring and you really can have
them yeah you can have them pretty young
it’s not very common I mean usually it’s
like what we see people in their 50s and
Beyond usually having it but yeah if the
person is really nearsighted maybe
they’ve had trauma they’ve been jostled
around just the fluid dynamics of the
gel inside the eye sloshing around can
kind of predispose for more of these
Vitter’s detachments yes Matt all I do
have floaters but again back to that
kind of thing that Don was talking about
the ERM then epiretinal membrane can
actually form due to some changes with
the gel inside the eye again these
vitreous floaters so as that gel
separates in the back of the eye during
that posterior vitreous detachment it’s
believed that it causes these little
micro tears like really small tears in
the retina that we can’t really even
visually perceive and when these old
tears form basically think of it like a
scar tissue that’s quartz that fart kind
of forms between the little scratch the
little tear and then that scar tissue
tissue actually bunches up it kind of
bunches up like a a bunch of stuff like
a scar yeah and then we call that an epi
retinal membrane and then eventually can
lead to what’s called a macular pucker
which can cause some other problems but
that can distort vision so that’s
something that Dahlan was talking about
there so thank you guys so much for
checking out the video I hope you found
some good information I know we got a
lot of good questions coming in I’m
hoping that we’ll be able to eventually
have more videos and more live streams
just like this including the full Q&A
video in the future otherwise I wanted
to give a big you know again thank you
guys so much for kind of help you know
helping build my channel be
part of this community I love answering
questions I love being a good resource
for you guys and I’m so happy that
people are finding good value in this
information that they want to learn
about the eyes and vision and I want to
kind of give you guys a question of the
day did you find this video helpful did
you find this topic helpful did you
learn something more about the
treatments is there something more about
the treatments for the eye floaters that
we didn’t cover go ahead and comment in
this video love to hear from you guys
otherwise again this is dr. Joe Alan
hear from dr. eye health channel helps
with the eyes vision and finding the
best vision products if you’d like to
catch other cool videos I will have some
other videos coming out here you can
click up here to the top to check out
new videos and we’ll have some more
videos coming up in the future so go
ahead check those out too otherwise
please be sure to subscribe and we’ll
talk to you soon

Randall Smitham



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