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๐Ÿ˜คTHIS IS CRAZY! 50 Freezer Meals in ONE Evening FAIL!!

– So I’m officially, ringing the gong,
and I’m starting freezer cooking at 3:30
in five minutes, okay?
You’re gonna keep me accountable.
We’re gonna get started here.
What is going down is I’m doing 50,
that’s right, 50 freezer meals.
I am cooking up my large
family freezer meals pack five,
which you can get anywhere
from 45 to 50 freezer meals,
just depending on how you swing it,
how you stretch stuff out, package it,
all of that, but 50 meals going down.
Let me just tell you,
here’s all we’re making.
We are making sesame orange chicken.
We’re doing the burrito pie freezer meal.
We’re doing quinoa
tortellini sausage soup.
We’re doing big pans of baked
beef macaroni and cheese.
We’re doing large family
style barbecue meat loaves.
We’re doing easy bake spaghetti.
We’re doing chicken pot
pie for the freezer.
We’re doing white chicken chili,
sausage and spinach fried rice,
and a whole bunch of meatballs.
It’s going down now.
I put in a grocery order from Walmart
Grocery pick-up order last night.
Travis picked it up for me this morning,
and I used this shopping list.
I had a few things that were on here.
I had the spices and some
of the tomato products,
but the rest of it, I ordered.
The total came in at about $370.
That breaks down to about $7.40 per meal.
You can’t beat that to have tons of stuff
in the freezer for months to come.
If you’d like to see the grocery haul
that shows you everything I
bought to cook all this up,
just look in the description below
and there will be a link for that.
But what I’m gonna do now,
the next part of the freezer meal pack
is the big batch freezer
cooking prep guide.
So step one, okay,
I’m just gonna read it all to you.
You gotta cook 14 pounds of ground beef.
We gotta cook and shred 15
pounds of chicken breast.
I gotta cook the quinoa, dice the onions,
cook rice, cook pinto
beans, scramble eggs,
dice and chop some onions,
dice and chop some green
peppers, shred some carrots.
And then I’m gonna cook 10
more pounds of ground beef
that have green peppers and onion in it.
So, ready, set, go!
You can, obviously, put these recipes
in smaller pans, get
more bang for your buck,
get even more smaller portion
meals in your freezer,
if that’s what works best for you.
Step one in the batch
cooking guide is to cook
14 pounds of ground beef.
I’m just gonna use my Ikea pot here.
I may have to get out another pan,
but I’m gonna just do it on the stove top.
If you’ve watched my other
freezing cooking videos,
sometimes I’m on the ball
and I’ll have meat cook
in slow cookers overnight,
or I’ll use pressure cookers,
or I’ll use my roaster oven.
But it’s almost four o’clock now,
we don’t even have the meat going.
Let’s get this rolling.
(upbeat music)
Okay, so we got that rolling.
Next step, cook and shred
15 pounds of chicken breast.
best way to do that, I
think I will use my big,
electric pressure cooker
to get that going.
(upbeat music)
Okay, so I just looked at my list,
and I need to do four
pounds of pinto beans,
I’m gonna do those in the instant pot.
So in the pantry, I had an
eight pound bag of pinto beans.
This was also one of the things
I think I forgot to mention
in the grocery haul.
I said I had most of the tomato products,
but I also had this bag of pinto beans,
so that was something
else I didn’t have to buy.
Most expensive part of it was the meat.
(upbeat music)
It’s our power flickering with this rain.
Stuff you can’t make up.
This is my less-than-amused mama face.
Thought of something I can
do, freezer cooking wise,
I got some veggies I can chop,
so I’m gonna get that done.
We do have a generator.
The power does go out, every now and then.
It’s been captured in several vlogs
during my YouTube time.
What usually happens,
is by the time it’s been
out just long enough
where we think okay, let’s go ahead
and get the generator powered up,
I tell you, there was one time,
where the generator was on,
and it was running, for like an hour,
and the power came back on.
And it’s a lot of work to
get the generator pulled up.
Usually, at the most, our
powers out for four hours.
If it goes longer than four hours,
that’s the one time we got,
since living in this house,
that we got the generator going.
So I do have a generator,
all of my refrigerators
and freezers fit on it.
Last time I even hooked up one
of my pressure cookers and was cooking,
and in the middle of
cooking power came back on.
I’m like, well, that takes
part of the fun out of it.
If things go longer than four hours,
we’ll throw everything on the generator
and we’ll try all this again tomorrow.
But for now, happy thoughts,
getting these veggies chopped.
You know I was on this time thing,
and I was trying to get it
done this evening, come on.
Life’s looking a little
brighter now, power’s back on.
It’s 6:30.
there’s that.
But, we’re just gonna power through.
(relaxing music)
10 pounds of chicken cooked!
So, we got more meat
going, that meat’s done,
meat going there, meat done there.
Meat there, meat there.
Getting ready to get
the, getting the water
going now to do the quinoa.
Travis, married 21 years this month,
has enough wisdom to know,
bringing the woman home an iced coffee.
So there you go, that’s
three pounds of beans.
I was going to do four pounds
of dried pinto beans in
my eight cord instant pot.
But then I got doing the math in my head,
usually one cup of dried beans,
equals three cups of cooked beans.
And I thought, you know what, Jamerrill,
this is not your 14 quart pressure cooker,
this is your eight quart pressure cooker.
I had all the chicken going over there
in the 14 quart, so, I took a pound out,
and it looks like that’s just about right.
Usually I do beans in this larger one.
See, you just can’t have too many
14 quart pressure cookers
is the moral of the story.
And I’m just using, this is
one of my lovely containers
from that one trip we got to take
to the restaurant supply store.
These beans are done.
So I already measured
out, this is eight cups
of rice, we’re gonna do 16 cups.
Now, for these beans, I
did three pounds of beans,
and I did 20 cups of water.
I put it on manual high for 45 minutes,
some people use the bean button,
some people do 30 minutes,
I always go for a little
longer when in doubt.
The nice thing with doing
rice in the instant pot,
is for that, I do just
hit the rice button,
and it weighs it a bit,
or whatever you want to say.
It measures it in a way,
and then it decides if
it needs 10 minutes,
12 minutes, or whatever,
so this is on 12 minutes.
Okay, so, now we got some big,
greasy meat draining, that has to go down.
This is my big, nice colander.
My next to largest bowl.
(relaxing music)
Okay, so the last thing for my big batch
freezer meal prep guide
is being done right now.
I just cracked 18 eggs into that pan,
and I’m gonna scramble
them the old fashioned way.
So the next thing, I’ve
got some cream of chicken,
homemade cream of chicken I can do.
You can also use canned cream
of chicken if you want to.
Okay, so if I’m gonna do
homemade cream of chicken,
I can make that, and I can also go ahead
and get the noodles done,
but you see my stove
is kinda like, this is
where I need two stoves.
So, the first recipe that
we’re coming to in the pack,
is the sesame orange chicken.
I’m going to actually, once I get my rice
out of this instant
pot, I’m gonna go ahead
and make this, so I can
feed one of these meals
to my family tonight, and then
the other one, once it cools,
we’ll freeze it, and then
it’ll just be a quick
microwave-type heat up dinner
on another day we need it.
But this recipe, makes two of
the one gallon freezer bags.
Then after that, we’re
gonna roll into burrito pie.
Then we’ve got the soup
that we can get going.
Okay, so, I’ve got another pan
of ground beef ready to go.
(upbeat music)
Okay, don’t be scared,
there’s a table now in the kitchen.
Many of you have suggested one of these
folding tables in the kitchen
for when I’m doing my freezer cooking.
And we got one the other
week when we went camping.
And I’m also gonna use
it for freezer cooking,
so yay, I also have a workspace.
Because right now, you don’t see them
but you probably hear them.
There’s kids all around
my counter over here.
They’re having dried mango,
they just finished a thing of blueberries,
they’re watching some TV,
they’re talking to me.
I still need room to work,
and you know what’s happening
on my other counter, so, anyway.
I’m gonna do this thing where I’ve got
an empty orange juice container.
I’ve got all this grease,
and I need this bowl.
So we’re gonna pour the grease
in this orange juice container.
(relaxing music)
Okay, so one update that’s happening,
and this is human-user error on my part,
I forgot to order my four
cans of refried beans.
And I was getting everything all geared up
to make the burrito pie.
I mix ground beef with refried beans, so.
It’s okay though, because
we have four pounds
of dry pinto beans, the other four pounds.
The first four pounds,
are for some chili we gotta get going.
But the second four pounds,
I was gonna put in a baggie
and then just put them in the freezer.
However, I’m just gonna
make my own pinto beans.
So, just got the last of the chicken
out of that 14 quart
GoWISE pressure cooker.
Gonna put the whole four
pounds of dried pinto beans
in that bad boy, because
that one is 14 quarts.
And those, the pinto beans here.
So I guess, in planning this out,
the pinto beans I already have done,
that have been here cooling,
and those are for the chili.
I could use those now for the burrito pie,
and then when these are done,
I can use those for the chili.
(upbeat music)
So for our impromptu refried beans,
really all you need is to cook your beans,
put a little garlic powder in ’em,
mash ’em up, you got refried beans.
But, because this is for our burrito pie,
and I need to do some taco
seasoning flavors anyway,
I’m gonna do some cumin, some paprika,
some chili powder, we
got the powdered garlic,
and then some salt and pepper.
(upbeat music)
Okay, so it’s 10:45, kids are still up.
They’ve been eating fruit
and grazing all evening
while I’ve been cooking on this.
But I just got some things together
that kinda looks like a meal.
Here’s the sesame orange chicken.
This is Zion’s plate,
it’s over brown rice.
But a lot of kids have
had tons of blackberries
and blueberries, and fruit as well.
Benjamin’s having some cheese.
Yes, Benjamin’s still up too.
So, things are happening.
You see, these burrito
pies are in process,
but I need to do two more.
We got six done that
need wrapped, two more.
But I’m gonna hand Zion
some dinner right now.
I think we’ve also reached
the point in the evening,
now that we’re just oh,
so close to 11:00 p.m.
Remember, superhero Jamerrill,
and I’ve done this before,
I’ve pushed and I’ve
cooked ’til one or two,
but I’m really trying to
be sensible Jamerrill,
little gift to myself.
Let’s see, we really
got rolling about seven,
so seven, eight, nine, 10, 11.
So I’ve been pushing solid
for a good four hours.
I’ve also, like I said,
haphazardly fed kids in this.
We’ve got just about 10 meals done,
and everything is prepped except
spaghetti noodles still need made,
cream of chicken sauce,
and a cheese sauce,
but all this other stuff is prepped.
We got rice prep, we got macaroni noodles,
we’ve got all the meat cooked.
I’m going to do these pie
things here that I’m doing,
then I’m going to cover things.
I’m going to get them in refrigerators.
I’m going to get them out of the way,
do a quick cleanup, I’m
closing down shop for tonight.
I told the kids, I said
look at this kitchen.
This is what mom–
(children crying)
Wah! (laughs)
So if you stayed around,
you got to hear us cry.
And remember folks, even though
I’m still in the middle
of making all these meals,
I am making them for my large family
freezer meals pack number five,
where you can make these
45 to 50 freezer meals.
You don’t have to have your power go out,
you can start earlier in the day.
You can get it done, I’m gonna say,
in about eight to 10 hours,
all in, including cleanup
if you don’t have as much real-life
comedy going on as I do.
If you have some comedy
going on, all you need to do,
get four hours in one evening,
get the rest of your time in
the following afternoon,
and you’ll be done.
And you’ll have your freezer
jam-packed, full of meals.
The link to get large family
freezer meals pack five
is gonna be the first link
down in the description below.
And remember, you can
enter special promo code,
hello20 at checkout to save 20% off.
Yes and amen, be looking for part two.
Mama’s going to bed, after
I cleanup my tornado.

Randall Smitham



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