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– So this is like-
– Hey! – Big wild hair don’t care,
– Mama! – Toddler hollerin’, commitment to vlog this morning.
– Mama! Sippy cup, that’s what is needed. Anyway, if I waited to start filming until my hair was done and I was ready for the day, then we just may not film. – [Child] Nana, nana! – And nana, and the other nana. So Travis and the older
kiddos have flown the coop, they are gone for about three days, and I am home with five kids ages 10 and under, Gabriel just turned 10. So would I have filmed this a week ago, it would’ve been five
kids ages nine and under, but five kids ages 10 and under. The kids are 10, eight and a half, six and a half, four and
a half and almost two. Three day weekend, lots of fun. – Mama! (child yelling)
– Good job, Amelia. Nana, nana’s coming. Trying to make french toast this morning. We don’t have any in the freezer, but I thought that would
be a fun thing to do. And kids are dispersed doing some jobs while I get the french, my job is to…
– nana! – Oh, nana! To get french toast goin’. I’m gonna take the peel,
though, you don’t need this. Amelia is wiping the walls and Gabriel is upstairs cleaning
the upstairs bathroom, Liam is cleaning the downstairs bathroom, Benjamin’s eating a banana. Actually Daniel is still asleep. So my plan is right now,
we’re gonna make french toast, have breakfast, get ready. It looks a little overcast,
we’re still gonna get outside and we have a very good
friend coming over to play, one of my good friends
and one of her kiddos. Lots coming up, though, over the 72 hours alone with five kids. What will happen? We shall see. Amelia’s wiping walls so good, and you get to stand
on the ladder. (laughs) (child chatters) How do you
want your hair done today? – All down with a head band. – All down with a head band, okay. (upbeat music) – It’s a big pizza dough. – I know! So Daniel and I just
got both bread machines going with pizza dough, now we’re gonna get our french toast going. I’m doing TH, oh we got baby Marshall! I’m making THM french
toast, but we are doing lotsa pizza dough, and we’re
gonna do sheet pan pancakes this weekend, we’re gonna
do a bunch of big batch freezer biscuits, all
kinds of baking goin’ on. Okay so now Liam is working
on, woo woo woo, french toast. And I’ve got some THM Ezekiel
bread french toast over there. Bread machines are whirlin’, it’s gonna be a good Saturday, right Liam? – And we’re gonna have pizza. – We will have pizza tonight. We’re gonna play during the day, and Gabriel’s hauling
watermelons. (laughs) (upbeat music) Got my hair brushed finally, yay. So the first two things of pizza dough are done, those were in the bowl. Got some more pizza dough going, then I got a chicken
cooking in the Instant Pot because I was trying to do some meal prep also for myself for the coming days. Before the chicken in the Instant Pot, I made a, this just
sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s like, food food
food, but we have to eat. I did four cans of tuna,
prepping some tuna salad, and the kids and I will have that. I’ll have it on lettuce
wraps and they’ll probably have toasted tuna for lunch. Then let me show you
what I’m doing over here. So the idea of the chicken
in the Instant Pot is, I need to make some more bone broth. I’m gonna do a big pot of the, it’s a Trim Healthy Mama recipe, it’s called Better Than
Campbell’s Tomato Soup. It’s fantastic, and
it’s just tomato sauce, heavy cream and chicken broth. So I thought I might
as well cook a chicken, and that way I’ll have some chicken meat, I will probably do some
bulk chicken salad as well. I just can’t cook one
thing, this is how it works. Yes and amen. Okay, back in, and been outside for hours, been chattin’ with my
friend, having a good time. Gonna do tuna sandwiches for the kids, and I was gonna do wraps for myself, but I’m gonna put mine on
a piece of lavash bread. Okay so here is my
bustin’ forth lavash bread tuna, tomato, cheese,
lettuce, onions mom wrap, yay. There ya go, you have another popsicle? Uh huh. We’re having a popsicle break and mama is gonna get some more pizza dough going. Okay that was a very
Jamerrill thing for me to do. I put this bread dough
in, I thought I hit start. I didn’t. I just went to pull it
out and nothin’ happened. I was listening to the whirling sound of the other bread machine
because they were going, and then I went outside
when my friend got here. I don’t know, I don’t know why I did that. So silly. Okay now I’m in even more
complete shock of myself. I didn’t turn either of
the bread machines on. I don’t even know what happened, I guess I got the next
batch of dough in there, and that was right around
the time my friend got here and I went outside and we were
outside. (child chattering) So now I’m here, I thought this had been done and sitting and waiting. Oops, okay so I also realized the kids are getting hungry
because Liam is now eating some french toast
leftovers from breakfast. So we have the equivalent
to make two large pizzas, so we’re gonna go ahead and roll those out and get those in the oven. (upbeat music) – [Child] Yeah! – [Jamerrill] Yeah, Benjamin! – [Daniel] I can help you do that. – [Jamerrill] You wanna pat it down some? – [Daniel And Amelia] Yep. – [Daniel] I know how to draw one. I can draw a pizza. – [Jamerrill] You can
draw a pizza, good job! Okay Daniel, you have another turn. You go back at it, oh wow. (upbeat music) Pizza sauce going. While this is in the oven,
we’re gonna take Benny out. We’re gonna go for some runnin, aren’t we? – [Child] Hey mommy.
– Can I go up the road? Dad went up the road? – [Jamerrill] Maybe. – [Child] Daniel, you did some on the, that’s gonna be crust. – [Jamerrill] It’s okay
if it gets around there. Keep puttin’ it down, you’re doing well, and then we’re gonna put our cheese on. Okay so it is 6:30 and I certainly thought by this time of the night I
would have run my machines all day and I would of
had, oh, I don’t know, eight to 10 balls of pizza
to make large pizzas. And I’ve only really ended up with two, which is perfect, ’cause
these kids need dinner. But I’m disappointed, I’m
disappointed ’cause I thought the pizza in the bread machines was done and now it’s all weird because it sat, and I’m just gonna dump
that out and try again. But I’m gonna keep on making pizza dough, doing some big batch freezer cooking. (mellow music) So this is the pizza that
Gabriel and Liam put together, and this is the pizza that
Amelia and Daniel put together. So here we go, now they’re
gonna go in the oven. (children chattering and babbling) Benjamin, what did we
just see in the oven? Say pizza. Benjamin, what’s for dinner? Say pizza. – No!
– No1 No’s for dinner, are we
gonna have no for dinner? – No.
– No. What about pizza? (child babbles) Baby. You seen Benjamin? – Mommy.
– And mommy! And pizza? Say pizza. You ready to go play? We should put a hair cut
on our list this weekend. Woo. Good job. We’re picking up toys and such, okay. There you go, clean up time before pizza. Nice, hammocks are the best. Have you ever seen Toy Story? – No. – [Jamerrill] I don’t think you have. There is this movie called Toy
Story one and two and three, – [Child] Ouch. – [Jamerrill] And we need to watch them. I think we’re going to have a Toy Story party.
– Ouch. – [Jamerrill] Ouch? Did you fall, I heard you flop. You gettin’ some good dirt? Okay so we have one delicious
pizza out of the oven, the other one will be
out in about two minutes. You got everything you need? That’s a good shopping
trip, you got the stuff… – Hi Daniel. – [Jamerrill] Hi Daniel. (children chattering) You got yourself a Nerf gun, oh you givin’ Daniel a dinosaur? That’s nice. Okay let’s push this up
and put it with the toys. Take it up to Liam, he’s cleaning up. Or play with Daniel in
the dirt, there you go. That’s fun. There’s the second pizza. So kids’ pizza has been served out, they all have one piece so far. I’m sure most of ’em will have two pieces. This is my first try doing a
lavash bread pizza for myself. Yes, it’s going in the oven now. There you go, it got a little
well done along the sides, ’cause I was back trying to change, but I’m excited to try this. Okay guys, so five kids, two pizzas, I think I’m gonna, you wanna
put two pieces up for later. But that’s it, they cleared me out. And I ate about half to two
thirds of that lavash bread pizza, I just put the last
two pieces back in the fridge. So happy Sunday morning. Last night, let’s see, we ate our pizza. We had a big sleepover party in my room. We watched Toy Story one out here, and then we watched Toy
Story two back in my room, where we all camped out, except
when Toy Story two was done I watched my one, little,
small episode of House Hunters. Then we went to bed. So we’re up doin’ some things
today, like I mentioned, I decided to not take all the kids to church myself this morning. We’ve got an hour drive each way and it’s just like a moon launch, and we were up ’til 11:30 last night. So I just knew I could not
do that moon launch by myself today, but we are going to
do some sheet pan pancakes. And we’re going to play outside a bunch. Rain is coming, but I’m
hoping that we can get outside in between the pockets
of time with the rain. I’m also hoping to get in a little work time later this afternoon. Today sheet pan pancakes,
and actually tomorrow morning we’re doing big batch biscuits, and it’s not that we
always eat all those types of floury things three
days in a row regularly, it’s just since I am home for
72 hours with five young kids, little kids love to like bake and moosh and mix and roll out, and I’ve also been wanting to
get some videos done for here on YouTube of like big batch
biscuits, sheet pan pancakes. So I thought this would be a
good opportunity this weekend during our mealtimes to get some of those separate videos done
I’ve been wanting to do. Now I’m gonna go get Benjamin. Benjamin is the only one who slept up in his bed last night,
because he’s a toddler and you know, mama doesn’t
always get all her sleep if I’ve gotta co-sleep with a toddler. You ready eat? You ready make the sheet pan pancakes? We did my large family recipe
for big batch pancakes, and it made two full sheet pans and one half sheet pan
of sheet pan pancakes. Now with the five kids that
are here and eating today, they ate about two thirds of one pan. I mean, they had two each. But now as far as energy
wise, they are all outside, we’re having a warm rain and it’s light, so they’re having, they’re already outside burnin’ off all those sheet pan pancakes. So what I’m doing now is
the full pan that’s left, the half pan that’s left, and a third of that other pan that’s
left, I’m just packing it up, and these will be several
breakfasts throughout the week. The teens and the dad that
are gone are gonna love coming home to find chocolate
chip sheet pan pancakes. And then because I like
my life to just roll from one eating style to another, I’ve been making myself a big
batch of Trim Healthy Mama’s Better Than Campbell’s Tomato Soup. If you read the Trim
Healthy Mama cookbooks, this is the tomato soup from
their very first cookbook from like five, six, seven years ago. I love tomato soup and
yesterday I did a chicken in the Instant Pot, I
pulled the meat last night before we got our movie started and I made some chicken salad for lunch today that I’ll have on a lettuce wrap. Then I’ve got this whole big
thing of bone broth going, so I’m gonna make a big batch, but I will eat this over many, many days. It’s like my favorite thing to pair with a salad or such
for lunch. (child yells) Towards the end of this
week, I’ll freeze any bunches I have left and pull it out
in a few weeks or months when I feel like having a
lot of tomato soup again. But we all know that I don’t
have too many leftovers unless I purposely cook for them. I have had the tomato
sauce and some spices and the cream in here
just on very, very low. Now I need to get my
chicken bone broth strained, get the bone broth in here,
then I’m gonna get Benjamin all together and we’re gonna
go out and play in the rain. You wanna go play in the
rain? (child babbles) Yes, okay I think he said “I wanna stay”. We’re gonna play in
the rain though, buddy. And then I turned around and realized, oh wait Jamerrill, you still have batches of sheet pan pancakes on the counter. I tell ya. Okay, so we’re gonna get the
sheet pan pancakes bundled up, then I’m going to get that bone broth, I’ll get all the bones and
all the extra little pieces picked out, strain that, get that on low with the tomato soup and then hopefully, yeah kids are out there
having a glorious time. Then Benjamin and I will hopefully get out in that little warm
rain, but then I tell ya, you’ll probably see me in
a hat the rest of the day because my hair will be all super frizzed. So we shall see. My other plans for the rest of the day, because we all know
I’m a workin’ mama too, and you know, Travis hasn’t
been home for a couple days to help me and such, was
hoping to get the kids played out enough so that this afternoon they could watch a movie
or two and I could sit on my computer and do my
behind-the-scenes computer work. Okay, something else I can tell y’all while I’m packing up my sheet
pan pancakes this morning It’s been like two years or so since I bought my podcasting equipment, and last fall I did record three episodes, got ’em edited, got the transcripts done. I just decided, just do
things a little different than how I was doing it
in that first podcast I tried and I never released. So I filmed the first three episodes. I didn’t film, I recorded. See, filmin’ on the brain. Recorded my first three
podcasts last week. If it’s not out now, it’s
coming out in a few days, (child babbling in background) because once I get all three
done, I’m launching it. I’m gonna launch three to start, so that you have the intro
and then you have two more. So check in the description,
by the time this video comes out it could already be out. (mellow music) Okay with the rain, they are making one of those indoor forts. So lemme give you a
peek at what’s going on, I’ve been called to see. Aww, look at that. (child babbles) What? Are you having a campout? How fun is that? Aren’t these fun for rainy days? (mellow music) Okay so here is how it is looking, and I tell ya, I mean
the kids might have some, but I’m gonna have this for
lunches for several days, and yeah, that’s the
destiny, this is how this THM Better Than Campbell’s
Tomato Soup is goin’ down. (mellow music) Okay, so, it’s been a
full rainy day inside. Dogs are welcoming me to
sit on the front porch. Kids have played with all
the forts for a while, and I have done batch
cooking and videoing. And the kids got outside for
well over an hour this morning before all this silly rain
started raining on our parade. So what my plan is now, I’m gonna try to work for about three hours. I do have something cooking
I’ll have to check on for another video that
I’m working on, of course. And then we’re gonna
watch Toy Story three, that’s our plans for this evening. Might get to watch like
two or three episodes of House Hunters and not fall
asleep while watching it. Sounds like a pretty
awesome evening to me. (mellow music) Several days later, towel
in my head in full force. You see what happened is, that evening after I worked a little bit, then Travis and the teens ended up coming
home a whole day early. And that was pretty much that. Then I’m filming this clip for you. It’s Tuesday, getting
ready to actually film a deep cleaning video
this evening on the house. Thank you so much for
watching me home alone with five kids ages 10 and under for, I guess, about 48 hours. Better than nothing. Had a lot of fun, and yes we
did watch Toy Story three. If you’d like to continue to watch my large family vlogs, just
click here on this playlist and you can keep on watching. I will chat with you in
those comments below. Bye bye.

Randall Smitham



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