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๐Ÿค”GOOD DEAL? 160 POUNDS of ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES for $240 to $308 a Month???

– Okay guys, the Jamerrill film and videos
in this purple shirt continues, but.
I thought you guys
would really like to see
what I got in these boxes.
So a friend of mine, one
of my homeschool mom,
homeschool group of friends,
posted the other day
about her fruit and vegetable
delivery from Misfit Market.
And I thought, Oh I, I want to try this
and tell you all my experience about it.
So of course, this is
not a sponsored video.
I will have a link down
in the description below.
With that link, I think the way it works,
is you get 25% off your first order
and then I maybe I get 25% off
of something at some point.
I’ll tell you my understanding of it okay.
The first thing that she shared
that I thought was really neat
is the styrofoam in these packages,
they have directions.
You can go to
and they tell you how,
I think she had said
they run water on this
styrofoam and it disintegrates.
So her kids love to disintegrate
this styrofoam type stuff.
Makes less waste.
No, I’m sorry it’s
and it shows how to break
down the packaging materials.
The way that this is supposed to work,
is this, me reading the
company info on their site.
Grocery stores have
imperfect organic produce
or maybe produce that
they order too much of
or maybe the pears are too small
maybe the carrots grew
together instead of being
like an average looking carrot.
They have a lot of jokes in
their marketing materials
about “ugly fruit”
but it’s still good fruit and vegetables.
So what they have is, you can
have one medium sized box,
and I think the medium sized
box is, this is my memory,
it was like 10 to 12 pounds.
You set I up in a, like
organized shipment thing, yes.
So you can have a medium
size like 10 to 12 pounds
delivered every week on
whatever day you want.
I think you can also
do it like every other.
I am who I am, and you know who I am.
I ordered the biggest box, two of ’em,
to come once a week.
How do you like that?
And so I did get 25% off my first order,
so I think I got $17
off, so that would have,
let me do my, I think I got $17 off.
So the boxes that I ordered
will be about 15 to 20 pounds each.
So obviously that’s up to 40 pounds
of organic produce a week.
I buy, you watch my grocery hauls,
I but a lot of fruit and vegetables.
I spend hundreds of dollars a month
on fruits and vegetables.
So that’s where I thought
I’d have the leeway
to invest in trying some of these boxes
and I don’t know necessarily
what will be in every box,
but maybe it’ll keep me creative.
Maybe it’ll be a fun challenge.
I didn’t realize this though
but I read on their little flyer,
it says I can find their
weekly produce list,
that’s at misfitsmarket.com/box.
And I’m supposed to get a
new recipe with each box.
That’s probably in here.
So I’m gonna open these boxes
and show you what I got.
And I’ll tell you how much I spent.
Tell you what I think
I’m gonna do with it,
gonna do this sum, I
might share the rest of it
over on Instagram, so if you
don’t follow me on Instagram,
that’s where I will share my
probably more of my weekly
hauls, for the next few weeks.
This could be the best thing ever.
It could be a meh.
It could be something
like maybe I’ll change
to one box every other week.
I don’t know, but let’s look at the box.
So we have our ice packs.
They feel like they have
gel or something in ’em.
And then we have, look at this?
So green and pretty.
So, oh, already these bags feel different.
I bet these are
biodegradable bags.
Well I’m just gonna rip in folks, ok.
Hey Amelia, will you bring mommy a bowl?
A metal bowl.
And again, it doesn’t
mean that there’s anything
wrong with the produce.
I’m guessing these organic peppers,
maybe they were too small, I don’t Know.
Maybe they had too many.
Look like peppers, smell like
peppers, looks like fun to me.
Then in these little boxes,
and these came a few hours ago, folks
so they’ve just been
sitting here, hanging out.
We have some lovely tomatoes.
Look like perfect tomatoes to me.
– [Amelia] And they are perfect tomatoes.
– They are perfect tomatoes, yes Amelia.
Thank you for doing that
honey, thank you so much.
And then these tomatoes are nice and firm.
They’re not, not squishy at all.
Then we have, looks like
it’s butter lettuce.
I could be slightly off on
my green leaf identification,
but that’s okay.
We have some pears.
I’m guessing that these
pears were on the small side
and that maybe is a little apple.
We have some limes
and then some little pears,
We have some–
– [Amelia] Potatoes.
– Potatoes.
Oh look at this.
Amelia, mommy was just eating
this this morning, some plums.
Here’s a Gala apple.
And so then we have some
onions and some more…
– Potatoes.
– Potatoes.
We have two egg plants,
aren’t they funny.
– Whoa those are ginormous.
– Yes and then we have
– [Amelia] Cucumber.
– Cucumbers.
– [Amelia] Two tiny ones.
– Yes could be why, more cucumbers.
– [Amelia] Super tiny!
– These bags are almost
melting in my hands, so.
I see a big salad come
with dinner tonight.
Another apple, green peppers.
We have another plum.
We have some garlic and
so obviously it will be,
since this these are
unplanned fruits and veggies,
can I find a use for them every week?
I’m looking at these and I’m thinking,
thinking these are jalapenos.
I have two of these bags
and that is all that was in,
whoop and I just spilled them.
That was all that was this first box.
– Are those other peppers?
– A little something.
I don’t know off hand.
I’m thinking they are
jalapenos, I could be wrong.
– They look like peppers.
– They might be okra
– Yeah, they look like
– So out of that whole box I got one
that we can feed this to the chickens.
And bending down, that’s
what I thought too.
Anything we got that
might be a little soft
or whatever its still good
healthy food for our chickens,
so, that’s the only one
out of that whole box
I had to pick out.
Everything else is nice
and fresh and firm.
Let’s open up our next box.
While Amelia and I are unloading our
organic fruits and vegetables
we are eating these
dark chocolate minibites
that Ashley from Grace and Grits sent me
in that homeschool mom box swap.
There you go honey, they’re yummy.
Eat chocolate, I love vegetables.
So I’m guessing both will be similar.
These tomatoes are all
again nice and firm.
– And holy
– And holy Amelia said
you eatin your chocolate.
More tomatoes.
Okay so this one tomato’s gotta little bit
of mold there startin to happen.
– That’s okay
– I will
I will wash it and still use it, yes.
But it was firm, you know I go for
is it squishy or not.
Boy Amelia, we’re gonna
have a good tomato time.
More of the little cutie
itty bitty pears.
More limes.
More of, I’m now thinking these are okra.
It’s between jalapenos or okra
but I’m getting an okra feeling.
– Here go.
– Oh another potato, yes.
Two more eggplant.
You got another plum.
I’m gonna do us a big
salad tonight, Amelia.
And it says in here,
“Great as food storage bag
“and for the collection of food scraps
“and for compost programs.
“Made with GMO free crops.
“Certified biodegradable products.”
It’s the chew.
– Here’s one.
– Here’s some pears.
– More garlic.
– More garlic, it’s a big garlic.
Big onion.
So I went to their sight
and I looked these up
and I think they might
actually be collard greens.
Whenever I was looking through
they give a list of many
of the things that got put
in their boxes for this week.
Several of the things on
the list I did not get
but many of the things I was like, okay,
and it gave me the name of this pepper.
These are not jalapenos, they’re not okra,
I can’t say it though, there you go.
The total math break down on this.
This was $77.
It ends up being, it’s about $36 or so,
or $35 and 72 cents, I’m
only off by a few cents here.
It’s that much per box, per week.
And in that box it should
be just about 20 pounds
of fresh, organic, non-gmo, pure and holy
fruit and vegetable mix.
I did two boxes and then it was
a couple bucks for shipping.
That ended up being $77.
So $77 and then if we divide that by
the 40 pounds of fresh
pure and holy produce,
makes everything about a $1.92 per pound
if you also want to factor
in the cost of shipping.
Now for my first order
though, I saved 25%.
The 40 pounds makes everything
about a $1.50 a pound.
So, I like what I see.
We had one little pepper,
where’d you go little pepper
that needs to be fed to the chickens
and we have this one little tomato
that will definitely have
to get in our salad tonight.
But I’m thinking a $1.50
per pound, at the most
$1.92 per pound, ’cause I won’t have
that 25% off with my other orders.
I think I like this.
I like how it looks,
right now, in front of me.
I mean this is, my second largest bowl.
That’s what Amelia, she
brought it to me, she likes,
“Mommy I have our 2nd biggest bowl.”
Then we have our biggest bowl don’t we.
I think this is going to go well.
I know realistically, if
I do a big salad tonight,
we will use a lot of the tomatoes,
a lot of the cucumbers
and peppers, not all
but many, we would probably use those
in two to three days.
The potatoes, I mean,
those are already gone,
what are we talkin about.
The onions stay around a little longer.
Definitely those get used often.
All of this fruit here.
Do you think we’re gonna have
a problem with this fruit?
Amelia’s here already
chowing down an apple.
All the fruits gonna go well.
I’ll have to make sure to use the limes.
I’ve used eggplants
before and they’re some
recipes I can pull out from them.
I don’t know anything about this pepper.
So I will cut it and
taste it and we’ll see.
Gotta bunch of garlic in here.
So I am not offput by this
order, or what was in it.
I definitely think we’re
gonna try to use this up
over the next few days and
right now I have it scheduled
where I’m gonna get two
boxes every Tuesday.
And then I was just gonna try to work
the fruits and vegetables
in with our plan.
That would be, $308 for 160 pounds
of fresh, organic, pure and holy produce
sent, delivered to my house.
And then there’s methods
that they have listed
that we can use to break up
their little pretend styrofoam.
So, I feel like this is a good deal.
Talk to me in the comments below.
Let me know what ya think.
Also, as I mentioned if you use my link
in the description below, you will get
25% off your first order and it doesn’t
have to be two big boxes
it could be the one average person box.
And I think I get 25% off?
I guess the biggest thing is, you know,
some fruits and veggies stretch you.
Like I looked on their list this week
of possible things you’ll get in your box
and they have prickly pear.
I don’t think any of
these are prickly pear.
The prickly pears in the pictures (laugh)
looked particularly prickly.
I wouldn’t know what to
do with prickly pear.
Oh, let me show you this
too while I have ya.
My friend, this was sittin here
I’ve been meaning to show it,
and so mines well show it in this video.
My friend, Jennifer Fudge,
over on the Family Fudge,
sent me this fun box of,
it’s her Bunches and Lunches, lunch kit.
I love her Bunches of Lunches stuff,
we are definitely gonna use this
with some of our lunches.
Look Amelia, there’s like little eyes,
(laughing) little eyes
you can put on the foods.
These are super cute and
there’s the family right there.
I’ve met Mr. And Mrs. Fudge in real life.
Oh yes I did, I met them last year.
Should we go ahead and
open this real quick?
This will be linked.
I believe she’s selling
these through Amazon.
Oh, Amelia.
– It’s a little bag.
– Oh, oh it’s a little bag.
Cute, okay, so this is
the Bunches of Lunches
Bento Box, maybe sayin that wrong,
lunch for kids.
Insulated kids lunchbox with fun
sandwich and veggie cutters.
Oh and on the front, look at that,
it says Bunches of Lunches.
This is exciting to me because when
Jennifer and I got to hang out last year
we were talkin about products.
And I was like Jennifer, girlfriend,
you gotta get yourself some products.
Jennifer has got herself some products.
Oh, look at this, this is precious.
Fun lunches, bunches of lunches,
oh my goodness.
Lots of fun lunch ideas.
– Is this a girl one?
– This is mommy’s friend, Miss Jennifer.
Isn’t this awesome?
I think it’s a pink bag, but oh,
look at this, okay, so, so many,
like this thing is jammed packed.
Is this not jammed packed with fun stuff?
Okay, these are the fun little eyes.
Little cute, oh Amelia, it’s a fork
– Oh it’s a spork!
– Or a knife
or a spoon!
– Wait, I don’t see the knife.
– The knife would be
this little edge here.
– Oh,
– Isn’t that precious?
Oh my goodness, all the stuff
that mom’s who aren’t me do.
Look at these cute little cups.
You can put like little
raspberries and stuff in them.
We got these little cups.
– They’re so cute.
– Amelia approves.
Look at these.
– I might pass out.
– You might pass out.
These are where she cut, I think
are cute little sandwich shapes.
Different little sandwich cutters,
Amelia, heart sandwiches.
– I might pass out.
– Amelia might pass out.
More sandwiches!
Oh my goodness, dinosaur sandwich cutter.
– One here, one hear
– You,
listen to this, you get two dinosaurs
out of every sandwich.
I’m gonna teach the
kiddos how to use this.
Because I was thinking this year
for lunches…
– Oh, there’s boxes.
– There is, I’m gonna show the boxes.
I was thinking this year
for lunches
– Oh mommy, mommy.
– I know, I know, I know look here
at the pictures of the lunches,
you can see all the cute ideas.
Isn’t that precious?
I was thinking this year for lunches,
besides having our freezer meals
ready to go for lunches,
– my legs are shaking
– Your legs are shaking?
And all our fruits and veggies
that I was going to put
the kids in a rotation
where everyone gets a turn
to make lunch one day a week
and then that’s just good
life skills training.
Look at these cute little,
I guess you just stick
them in your little food.
Isn’t that precious?
– Oh I know what those are!
– Huh huh
– There’s those stuff
you stick in your fruit
and make them look cute
– Uh, yeah,
like this.
Okay, and then we have
this cute little box.
– Can I make lunch?
– Can you make lunch?
Amelia’s gonna go make lunch now.
We actually gotta go make dinner.
But this gonna be fun.
– Then can I make
lunch for dinner?
– We will see, we will see, we will see.
But let’s get it all packed up now.
Okay friend, so, there’s a
little added bonus for you,
Miss Jennifer, Miss Amelia
loves your lunchbox kit.
So, moms I guess that’s a
a sign to head on over to Amazon
get yourself a lunch kit.
And this is little cute lunch notes.
Aren’t those precious
– Oh we can draw
a dolphin.
– You could, yes.
So that gives us a lot to chat about
in the comments below.
Okay that’s it, let’s
chat, comments, bye, bye.

Randall Smitham



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    ** You could make baked pears.
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