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🥑 Here Are My Best Keto Staple Foods

hey what’s up ketonians? Okay so
you’ve decided to start the keto diet the only problem is you have no idea
what to shop for don’t worry because in this video I’m gonna run through my best
keto staples to shop for so stick around welcome back in this video I’m gonna
quickly cover some of the foods that I regularly shot for since I started keto
I’ve been collecting recipes that I regularly make these are some of the
ingredients that I try to have on hand so that they don’t always have to
pre-plan what I’m making for dinner when I’m building a shopping list I try to
incorporate items that are low-carb packed with nutrients and also versatile
to cook with I’m gonna break down my list into proteins healthy fats dairy
produce and then some other stuff for proteins I buy fresh wild salmon salmon
has tons of health benefits and one of the cleanest non fishy tasting fish and
has omega-3 fatty acids that you need I have an awesome salmon recipe that we
probably once a week that I’ll try to get posted soon so stay tuned for that
chicken breast and chicken thighs are super easy to put with almost anything
and the thighs are higher fat content which is good for keto as well believe
it or not bacon is on the menu with keto the high
fat content is super good and let’s be honest who doesn’t love bacon just make
sure it’s no sugar added and nitrate free if possible beef chuck roast is
super easy to throw on my favorite kitchen gadget which is my instant pot
I’ll link the one that I use down below in the description
eggs are pretty much a must with the keto diet they basically have every
essential nutrient the body needs except for vitamin C and the options for
cooking are limitless to be honest though I was never real big fan of eggs
until I started eating keto lastly I try to always have grass-fed ground beef if
you can swing the extra cost always try to buy grass-fed needs breastfed needs
tend to have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids an antioxidant versus
grain-fed means for the healthy fats I’ll try to make sure I always have
olive oil or avocado oil some coconut oil real butter not margarine ghee if
you can find it which is clarified butter in a glass jar and it’s generally
in the Indian food section of your grocery store from the dairy section
I’ll make should’ve grabbed heavy whipping cream
which is great for coffee desserts and a bunch of other things and basically has
no carbs cheese is a super easy snack and great for cooking or throwing on a
salad in general the harder the cheese the lower the carb content so be careful
I typically grab a tub of pre shredded Parmesan a block of Kobe Jack and maybe
a pouch of mozzarella when it comes to produce I try to stay away from most
fruits because of the higher sugar content and the fact that you can easily
get any nutrient and fruit from vegetables without the carbs if I’m
craving fruit I might grab a few raspberries or blackberries since
they’re the lowest carb fruit for vegetables I’ll stick to the ones that
grow above ground since they have fewer carbs I’ll grab a bag of pre chopped
kale spinach salad greens avocados zucchini broccoli and cauliflower when
it comes to vegetables you generally want to eat fresh and cook the least
amount of time since heating them tends to remove most of the nutrients the one
exception here is I almost always buy frozen free rice cauliflower I make keto
fried rice quite often and having a bag of rice cauliflower I can pop in makes
it super simple to make okay that covers most of it but there are a few things
that don’t fit those categories such as raw almonds which are super good for
snacking and almond flour for cooking and baking also coconut flour which is
in tons of keto recipes dark chocolate is another one just make sure it’s at
least 85% and doesn’t have any sugar added I started using Lily’s chocolate
chips they’re a little bit pricey but they’re awesome for baking and desserts
and they only have three net carbs for 60 chips there are tons of items that
can make this list but these are just some of the ones that I buy regularly
let me know what staple foods made your list in the comments and if you found
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Randall Smitham



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