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🦃3 After-Thanksgiving LEFTOVER TURKEY RECIPES | Freezer Meals, too!

– Happy after Thanksgiving, friends. It’s the day after Thanksgiving when this video is coming out. Actually, my family got,
I think it was our second Thanksgiving meal if we were counting all the times we were doing
Thanksgiving this year. I think we will end up with like eight Thanksgiving meals by the
time this is said and done. We had our first Thanksgiving
meal a few days early so I could go ahead and get
this video for you guys. It’s been highly requested. Today I am giving you three
after Thanksgiving recipes. All three of these are
also freezer-friendly, so if you get burned out on turkey and if you want to put it in the freezer for a few weeks or a month or whatever, you feel like turkey again,
you can go ahead and do that, or if you’re going to
use up your leftovers right now and you just want
to eat that stinkin’ turkey a different way, these
recipes are for you. So the three after Thanksgiving recipes that we are going to make today, is we’re going to make a stockpot full of leftover turkey noodle soup, we’re going to make a
couple pans of yummy, again leftover, all the leftovers, leftover Thanksgiving casserole, and we’re gonna cook up some
cheesy turkey tetrazzini. So this is the state, of
course I got this new bag of, I almost said turkey, new bag of cheese. I got specifically with doing
some leftover meals in mind, we’ve got an onion, got
some leftover stuffing, mashed potatoes, there’s
some gravy in here but we’re gonna make a little more, and then there’s some corn. But anyway, so here’s the
state of my leftover turkey, and then what you see
around there is extra broth I had poured over the turkey
when I originally served it, so we’ve got some white
meat, we have some dark meat. This is an 18-pound turkey. And then of course with those pounds there’s bones, et cetera. So I’m thinking, eyeballing
this, we probably have, I’ll tell you exactly,
my guess is gonna be we have anywhere between six
to eight cups of turkey left, and I’m going to use this
turkey to make all three of these recipes. So what I’ve been working on here is, I put in, I’ve got two of
these, let me show you, 32-ounce bags of mixed vegetables,
and it’s a whole onion, a whole thing of celery all chopped up, and I’ve put a stick
of butter at the bottom of this Dutch oven, and now I’m
just gonna put the lid on it and let all of this tenderize. And then I will be using this mixture actually in all three
recipes in different ways. And I also put a few cups of
chicken broth at the bottom. So broth wise I did not make turkey broth when I did the turkey
and made everything else. I am just using chicken
broth, chicken stock, the Great Value brand. I do have bone broth in the freezer but I didn’t think enough ahead of time to get it defrosted before
I wanted to make you this leftover Thanksgiving recipe video. So the moral of the story broth wise is, use whatever broth you have accessible. Make yourself some turkey broth, use some chicken broth
out of the container, make some bone broth, any
way you want to do it, but I knew I needed
broth for these recipes and this is my mama hack
for how it’s workin’ for me this go around. So here is the turkey now,
all chopped up and ready to go in these three new recipes. So Travis is taking the kids out the door to go to dance classes this evening. Other things getting
ready to throw together, but before that we’re going
to put together very quickly these after Thanksgiving casseroles. If I would have started with those I coulda had those done
before the kids left for dance and they could have had
some for a quick dinner before they go, but now
you guys will have it when you get back, okay, Gabriel? – [Gabriel] Okay. – Okay, okay, have fun, have fun. Bye kid, bye. So, we’re gonna do those right now though, ’cause there’s no reason why
those can’t be in the oven. And for those of you who
have been following along with my, my dishwasher’s down. Saw that. Obviously Travis got the
dishwasher back up and running. It hasn’t helped me though
in the area of dishes. Well, I guess we have
dishes all day every day, but at least now we can
put ’em in the dishwasher. That’s helpful. So, we are going to get these leftovers into these glass pans
I have in front of me. Hopefully get at least two nine-by-13 pans of the after Thanksgiving
casserole in the oven. Of course several different
ways that you can do it. Now, you can also include
a layer of cranberry cause. I know that’s not for everyone. Some people will like it though, so I’m going to do one of
mine with that extra layer of cranberry sauce, and one without. I bet most of the kiddos in
my house, one or two things. I don’t think they’ve ever
had it with cranberry sauce. They’re either gonna eat it and not know, or they’re gonna see it
or hear me talk about it and say, no no, we don’t want them! But I know I’ll eat it. I know my mom will eat it. I’m trying to think who else will eat it. We might be the only
two who do, but oh well. More for us. First off, get a layer of mashed potatoes. These are the homemade
mashed potatoes that I made. I think I showed these in the last Large Family Week of Meals, or
Meals of the Week that I did. And this is why I think I’ll
only get two pans out of this, because I think that without
making more mashed potatoes today, which I’m just not gonna do, I think these are all the
mashed potatoes I have left. And now something else you
could do during this step is you could add a layer
of shredded cheese. I’m just gonna go for
now and add the turkey. You’ll also see because I
did pour broth on my turkey, I could have taken this
now that has gelled and made homemade turkey broth out of it, but I didn’t want to, so
there’s that. (laughs) But that is something you could do. Okay, and I only had
about a cup of gravy left, so I added about a cup
of heavy cream to it and I’m whisking it up. You just want to stretch
your gravy as far as you can. Again, I don’t want to make
any more gravy right now. I know I have enough to work with, so I’m just going to kind of
drizzle it over both of these. Now this is the homemade cranberry sauce I did in the slow cooker. I was thinking I would
have enough for our actual Thanksgiving day here at my house. I may have to end up making more depending on how far this goes. So on one of them I’m doing
a layer of cranberry sauce. So here they are. Now we’re going to cover
both of them in foil and put them in the oven at
375 for about 45 minutes. Also, if you’re concerned
like with the stuffing drying out, et cetera, you
can also pour some gravy on the top or even a little broth. Either one will help. I had to think for a moment with those after Thanksgiving casseroles if I really wanted to do two of them. However, I’m thinking of
my days and for my family, and I am gonna go ahead
and cook both of them now. If you want to freeze
one of those for later, you just wrap it. I usually do like two layers of foil, two layers of plastic wrap, of course write the name
and the date on there, and then stick it in the freezer
for whenever you need it. Of course if you want the
full freezer meal directions for that, just go over
to largefamilytable.com and I’ll have pictures, et cetera. So now I’m gonna work on the
leftover turkey noodle soup, which, a little bit of that
I’m going to leave out as well, and then I’m going to freeze
a good portion of that also. So I had just put in three
of these 48-ounce containers of broth, and then those
vegetables are nice and tender now. So, how do you like my
washcloth oven mitt? Do as I say, not as I do, right? And we are also going to
use some of these vegetables in the turkey tetrazzini. However, bunch of these are for the soup. I’m also going to take
several scoops of this chicken and put it in here. So based on the spices I have available, I’m going to be adding in some parsley, a little bit of ground sage, and some garlic powder and onion powder. There are many other spices
that you could add to your soup. Oh, I’m going to also add in
of course some salt and pepper. But I’m working with what I have on hand, which is always how we
do things around here. So now while the soup is simmering, we’re gonna dump everything that we need in one of my larger sized mixing bowls to get the turkey tetrazzini in the works. And then here’s what’s left
of those mixed vegetables and the celery and the onion. Here’s two pounds of noodles. Sour cream. And a whole lotta lotta cheese. And then I’m gonna start mixing it up, and in true Jamerrill
fashion I’m gonna mix it up the good old-fashioned way,
with my best tools, my hands. And here is how the soup looks, guys. It is fantastic, and yes, even
though it has noodles in it, I have been eating it. If you would like to make this more of a trim, healthy mama-y meal, which would be a meal
with like moderate carbs instead of using the noodles,
you could use brown rice. So here are the after
Thanksgiving casserole bakes. I’m going to scoop this one out now and feed two of my people. Okay, so kitchen mess is growing behind me but that’s okay, ’cause we’re
getting closer in all of this. So the soup I’m going to
put in soup containers. I also want to show you
this ice cream bucket. Let me see if I can, yeah. You can also just freeze your soup in one of these ice cream buckets. This is a 4.25-liter ice cream bucket. Here are our six containers of
leftover turkey noodle soup. I will put these in the freezer. I’m gonna let ’em cool a little bit before I put the lids on
and freeze them, of course, but we got six containers out of it. Now how we will use these, I’m envisioning that at some point in December or January, I will probably defrost
two of these at a time, and this looks like the
perfect soup to have little cups of it or little bowls of it alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. You can see exactly how I
do these in my new series. I’m calling it Large
Family Meals of the Week, and my Large Family Meal Plan, so you can see all these
freezer meals in action and just how I use them in real life. So here are the two bakes that
are gonna go in the freezer, and then all the soup. Okay mama, so you know the real deal. All those dishes, so
we’re starting at one end of the counter, comin’ all the way down, but something different
is happening tonight in that I have an able-bodied 15-year-old who’s gonna tackle all
these dishes for me, and I’m gonna go get Mr. Benjamin and get him in a bubble bath. I will be paying the 15-year-old
in Cheez-Its and brownies so it’s a fair deal.

Randall Smitham



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