November 17, 2019
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031 – 6 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Water

Hey, it’s Rocky Black from
And today, I’d like to tell you about a great tasting drink for Keto dieters that’s
just one calorie in total. It’s – water with a squirt of lemon juice. It’s a powerful
drink with multiple health benefits. Drinking any water causes weight loss. In fact, your
body cannot lose weight unless it’s properly hydrated. Water with lemon juice just tastes
better so there’s a chance you’re gonna drink more water overall – which is good. A squirt
of lemon juice charges up your immune system, which helps you fight off sickness and disease.
Drinking water gives you energy. It also balances your hormones and makes you feel calmer, happier,
less stressed and more comfortable. Lemon juice detoxifies the blood and the kidneys.
It removes “garbage” from your body that’s slowing you down and making you sluggish.
It helps you with your addiction to sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda and sports drinks. It
helps you to regain that glowing skin. By adding lemon juice to your water, you get
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to help to promote healthier skin. As simple
as it sounds, a glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice is a powerful weight loss,
health-improving tonic. A couple of glasses a day and you’ll be amazed with your results.
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Randall Smitham