January 18, 2020
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041 – Why Is Bone Broth Your God-given Gift

Hey, it’s Rocky Black from DailyKetoChef.com.
Bone broth is an amazing addition to a healthy keto diet. But before we get into all the
health benefits of bone broth… let’s clarify how bone broth differentiates from stock,
and bouillon. Bone broth is a result of simmering animal parts (mostly bones), vegetables, and
seasonings in water… for many hours. The main difference is that bone broth has a layer
of jelly when chilled due to its collagen content. Also, many types of animals can be
used for bone broths: Chicken, beef, pork and fish. are the most common broths. Bone
broth usually includes some meat in addition to the bones for flavor. So now, what are
the health benefits of bone broth? FIGHTS ILLNESS – Colds are generally inflammatory
in nature. Bone broth fuels the body with key minerals, enzymes, proteins and fats thus
greatly reducing the symptoms. Many cultures use bone broth to heal their children from
colds pretty fast. PROMOTES GUT HEALTH – Basically your gut is covered by a protective
layer of mucus. A poor diet can break this layer down, creating doors for microbes and
food you eat to permeate the intestines and enter your bloodstream. This creates an inflammatory
condition known as leaky gut. The glycine in bone broth can come to the rescue. SPEEDS
UP HEALING – It’s great for both prevention and recovery after bone-related injuries.
A friend broke 2 ribs while skiing a couple of years ago and he was able to recover more
quickly than the doctors expected for someone his age (he was 50 by that time) So there
you have it. I recommend doing a quality bone broth at home once a week and put multiple
servings in glass jars… and put it all into freezer. Three times a week, I just take one
jar from a freezer in the morning and enjoy a great bone broth soup before lunch. You
can find a lot of bone broth recipes online. Hope this helps! If you want more powerful
tips like this, go to DailyKetoChef.com and sign up. I send out proven keto tips and simple
keto recipes every day 🙂 See you there, Rocky

Randall Smitham