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#1 KETO Mistake People OVER 40 Make (AVOID this)

If you’re over 40
years old and you’re thinking about using the keto
diet to quickly accelerate your results pay close attention
because inside this video I’m going to share the
number 1 mistake that people in their 40s, 50s, and
60s make when using a keto or any low carb diet. And I also want to share a
brand new innovative 1 day diet protocol that you
can learn about by clicking the link around
this video that’s specifically designed to help people
in their 40s, 50s, and 60s reset their bodies weight
management hormones, these same hormones that
are responsible for boosting the metabolism fighting the
aging process in metabolizing fat cells. Now, when you go
over to my website you’re also going to see
a couple dozen published scientific research
studies this way you know that everything
that I’m educating you about inside this
video is backed by real scientific research. My name is Shaun Hadsall. I’m a 47-year-old
stomach and fat expert, proud to be called the
blessed papa because of 6 beautiful grandkids. And I want to teach
you how you can still get all the amazing
therapeutic and weight loss benefits of low
carb ketogenic diets without suffering through
the negative consequences. Now, when you first
start a keto diet you eliminate all carbohydrates. You only eat 5% carbs. 75% of your diet comes
from friendly fats and 20% comes from protein. So when you do this for
a period of 3 to 7 days your body makes a shift,
and it stops burning glucose from carbohydrates
as a fuel source, and it starts burning ketones
from friendly fats as a fuel source. This is called
becoming fat adapted. And it can have some
amazing benefits, but if you’re over
40 years old and it doesn’t cater to your
current hormonal condition it can be very problematic. Now, the solution to this and
the number 1 mistake people make when using a
keto diet is they don’t use strategic
high carb cheat meals at the right time every week. You see, there is a
specific time each week that you should eat a
strategic high carb cheat meal when following the keto
or any low carb diet because it helps your body
reset 2 of your body’s weight management hormones,
your thyroid hormones and your leptin sensitivity. You remember, the thyroid
gland is the master gland of the metabolism and it’s
responsible for regulating body weight in controlling
RMR, resting metabolic rate. So it controls the speed
of your metabolic rate. When you go on the keto
diet and you cut out all this glucose, what ends
up happening is your body has a difficult time
producing thyroid hormones because glucose
from carbohydrates are the primary building
block of the active form of your thyroid hormones, TSH,
thyroid stimulating hormones. So by eating a strategic
high carb cheat meal at the right time
every single week that I teach you about
over at my website, you reset your thyroid hormones. Now, you’ll also reset
your leptin sensitivity. You see, leptin is considered
the body’s number 1 weight management hormone. And research shows
that it only takes about seven days of low
carb or ketogenic dieting before leptin levels
can plummet up to 50%. Well, these strategic
high carb cheat meals eaten at the right time
every single week following my 1 day diet protocol will help
you reset those leptin levels. Now, obviously, this
overcomes another huge problem of the keto diet,
and that’s adherence. I mean you cannot eat
carbs on the keto diet, you can’t drink wine or your
favorite cocktails or beer on a ketogenic diet, you can’t
have your favorite desserts, you can’t even eat your favorite
healthy fruits without going out of ketosis. But when you follow the
1 day diet protocol over at my website and you eat
these strategic high carb cheat meals every week you get
to indulge, and it you can allow you to adhere to
the diet better the other 5 or 6 days of the week. Now, the second
mistake that you must avoid if you’re
over 40 years old and you’re looking
to do the keto diet is the wrong meal timing. And over at my website I
teach you a couple meal timing techniques that are designed
for the hormones of people over 40 years old. And when you follow this
the right way just 3 or 4 days of the
week, you can actually increase your body’s ability
to release growth hormone up to 1200%. You also release adrenaline. Adrenaline converts
into the hormones that are responsible for
helping you manage your weight. So hopefully you got
something out of this video. If you’re interested click
the link around this video. Go over to my website, learn all
about this 1 day diet solution. It’s specifically
designed to help people over 40 years old
reoptimize the hormones that are responsible for
maintaining a healthy weight while overcoming the pitfalls
and the negative side effects of ketogenic
and low carb diets. Thanks for watching,
and God bless.

Randall Smitham



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