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10 Keto Diet Myths – What the Heck Were They Thinking – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat
Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Patrick
these videos are based on some ideas and
articles that Patrick is found online
that we thought would be good for us to
talk about because the education value
that can come out of them we think would
be really high so what are we doing what
are you talking about today this week I
thought it would be a good idea to
discuss ten of the most common key to
myths that at the beginning especially
at the beginning of our journeys like
our questions that we might ask
ourselves and I thought it would be a
good idea to discuss them with you okay
so where we starting okay
the first myth is like auntie – you eat
i fat okay and so what’s interesting
about that as part of it is trip so when
you start a ketogenic lifestyle yes
you start off eating high fat why and I
think so and I think part of it is true
because at the very beginning you’re
going to lower your carb intake which is
your energy source
so obviously you need to raise your fat
intake and that was gonna last for as
long as it takes for you to become keto
adapted so for some people that could be
four days for other people that could be
two weeks it really depends on how
quickly your body adjusts I find most
people are closer to the four day mark
but you know everybody’s right and then
once your fat adapted we each get into
this place with ourselves where we find
that eating that much fat weight like we
don’t need it we just are satiated
faster and the reason that’s happening
is because of course your body starts
taking that from you but actually how
many okay so that’s an interesting
question – because most food calculators
that you told most keto calculators that
you’re gonna do is gonna give you a
number and you know first of all I think
that for most people just knowing that
the upper limit that I can eat is X is
good to know just so I don’t go over it
the funny thing is that not only are you
most likely not going to go over it the
chance that you’re gonna reach it
eventually becomes really difficult so
when you’re saying what number every
person’s calculation is going to be
different I can tell you that my
calculation was about 170 grams of fat
so how often did I actually reach 170
grams of fat like if I go back in my
chronometer like like almost never
because although I did eat the fact that
came along with my meat I didn’t need to
add fat anymore so this is what this is
what I’m saying it depends what’s gonna
happen is that initially you’re gonna
start off almost hitting the number or
even hitting the number or even
sometimes going past a number because
we’re taking that transition between
carbs and fat and your body is looking
for a certain amount of energy that
you’re eating but once your body stops
looking for that because once your body
starts realizing whoa okay there’s
dietary fat and then there’s like what
we carrying around this fat and your
body smart like it’s not gonna push you
to eat something that it can pull from
itself right so this is where our actual
desire to eat the fat kind of goes down
right like my desire to add butter to
stuff went down or my desire to like add
extra olive oil to stuff went down do I
still use olive oil yes I do
do I still use butter for cooking yes I
do but I don’t add extra which you know
like that went away I wasn’t hungry and
I make it hmm and I’m sure you’ll find
the same thing yeah right when what was
the thing that you noticed that went
away first like what was your first nose
um I think like yeah for me it was
probably like hiding less cooking oil to
stuff yeah okay so I mean exactly it
happens right okay what’s the next next
yeah the next next myth um keep you eat
I protein okay so it’s again the same
kind of idea you’re gonna get a
calculator that’s gonna tell you how
much protein that you should eat do you
even remember how much protein you were
eating before you start keto like you do
you know the number of cup browser
protein you’re eating before you start
you know no I never actually measured it
but small it was probably way too much
so that’s the part that you go through a
whole steak like that
that’s the part that I find funny
there’s this idea that on Kido you’re
gonna eat too much protein but yet when
you double-check what most people were
eating before they started actually
monitoring their food chances are
they’re eating much more protein than
when they start any program that lets
them monitor their food doesn’t first
thing I’m gonna say is that you think
you’re eating a lot of protein on keto
chances are you we’re eating more before
you started cubes because you weren’t
checking so when your diet for example I
could say out of a chicken what’s your
the amount of protein you should eat out
of a chicken’s like a leg two legs two
legs and a breast whole chicken okay
actually for myself and this is
something that because I always look at
this diet this way I feel like I kind of
I did a lot of research so let’s be
clear I did a lot of research before I
even began this way of eating because I
was skeptical that it was gonna solve my
hip problem so I needed to be convinced
I’m gonna I’m not gonna lie so i didn’t
just jump in and say i’m gonna be not
what’s important that i learned is that
protein is a pivot it’s not an amount
per se what that means is that however
much protein was healthy for you to eat
before you started keto is the same
amount of protein that’s in healthy for
you to eat after you started keto and
that number is actually based on how
much lean muscle mass you have so again
I had the calculator that told me that I
should theoretically be eating 90 grams
of protein per day to be honest what I
did is I just left my protein serving
sizes to be identical to what they were
before so you’re asking chicken I used
to eat a full chicken leg before I
continue to eat a full chicken leg
throughout this process I don’t eat two
chicken legs
I don’t need half a chicken leg and I
say chicken leg I mean the thigh and the
drumstick that’s what I was eating
before and I kept going for it same
thing with pork a pork chop right of a
certain like a medium size part time but
I honestly can’t even really tell you
like I mean I was I was weighing them
before like and I do sometimes still
just to make sure I’m staying in the
like I weigh everything that’s not sure
I can’t tell you hold on let me think 10
ounces let’s say you know 10 ounces is
actually a good size pork chop by the
way trying to point that out but the
thing I’m going to point out to everyone
is that I eat one meal a day yeah well
let’s say you’re on keto and you’re a
meat lover like me I think I’m in love
and you do like big like the big steak a
big 16 ounces thing I don’t know is
there any what’s your advice like is
there any way to or can we overdo like
proteins on a keto
what’s the effectively so you can
theoretically so this is where it gets
because we still eat carbs theoretically
you can overdo protein because protein
if you eat too much if it needs to be
put away and it’s gonna be put away and
you took like who’s storages so
theoretically if you eat too much
protein you guess turns into sugar okay
so there is a reason to be moderate what
I would suggest and this is just me
having done so much research with so
many things if there’s a day where
you’re looking at that steak and it’s 18
ounce or 40 ounce or whatever if you’re
looking at this Giganta steak and saying
I actually really want to eat the whole
thing just don’t eat any carbs out there
okay right just don’t unique recipe a
little bit of that’s gonna get put away
his card because you didn’t eat any
carbs anyway you’d be fine right so you
that you have basically you have a card
over day okay
right and that’s fine like you know I
think it’s important for us to when
you’re looking at what you’re doing to
look at it globally and also look at it
so looking at it for the day not just
the meal right because that’s where we
can get tripped up too if I have a 20
ounce steak so I sell I’m not gonna have
any carbs with this meal but I need to
look at my whole day that 20 ounce steak
part of that’s getting converted to
carbon very likely so if I still had
carbs earlier in my day okay alright so
I need to plan my day a bit better when
I know I’m gonna have something like
that alright so me and your viewers we
all know that you started your keto
journey to lose weight what’s your first
your main motive that’s just written it
so you do keto to lose weight so okay
that is a myth that
that Kido is a weight loss diet or a fat
loss diet or so the reason that I would
say that that’s a myth is because
although you will likely lose fat on
keto that’s not the only reason that
someone would do keto and it’s not the
reason that I began keto right so for
example lowering your carbohydrates
taquito numbers can solve inflammation
issues which was my reason but it can
also solve diabetes problems it can also
solve insulin resistance problems it can
also help with in Alzheimer’s it can add
cognitive clarity there’s a lot of
research now that’s starting to show
that it can help you be heart healthy so
there’s too many positives to say that
keto is all about weight loss um did you
have any metabolic issues that started
you or did you start for weight loss
like what was your reason like if I
don’t know I think I started like weight
loss for sure was a good bonus but it’s
mostly started because I was getting
into a blood pressure problem so it was
like those kind of issues that I did
know I did start for weight loss by knew
like the weight loss problem was was
causing other problems so like yeah in a
year my blood pressure went back it’s
not still not not to normal so but it’s
close to normal really really close to
normal and I was fearing also like the
diabetes issue I was like I think on the
edge of so I never actually got checked
for that but like yeah I I did like some
proactive steps like before I went to
the doctor and got on medication so yeah
yeah absolutely sorry I think we both
would agree that we were both kind of
worried about diabetes many people in my
family have diabetes so it wasn’t
necessarily that I felt I was in the
to be diabetic but I was looking at my
my parents my grandparents I was worried
okay uh what do you think about my cheat
meals I have at least like two cheat
meals per week one like poutine and the
other one our burgers and fries fourth
myth like cheat meals okay so first of
all I think when the ketogenic diet
first came out because there was this
reference where it was being used for
diabetes it was being used for epilepsy
and those people were having such poor
quality oils in their food so those
children I should say um I feel like
people in the initially doing the
ketogenic diet felt like they needed to
balance things out because of the type
of oils that they were using I think if
you fast-forward to today where almost
everyone doing a kid during lifestyle
knows that we should be using the best
quality oils we possibly can use and the
best quality meats and the best quality
veg that we could possibly use well at
that point then the need for cheat meals
because that would be on one hand it was
reintroducing carbs because they felt
carbs was a healthy healthier energy
source well now that we’ve arranged it
so that we’re using olive oil coconut
oil avocado oil like all these really
well basically all these very healthy
oils then the need to use carbs as a
supplement to a healthier supplement to
is not there that’s part one um the part
two part of it is that people like to
eat certain things cheat meals in my
opinion are not about refeeding I
honestly feel like cheat meals are about
satisfying our sweet tooth and
satisfying our desire to eat junk food
and I feel like doctors so now I’m
bringing doctors into this because I
think that that’s where this came from
this idea that well feed a well-balanced
diet then there’s no reason that once in
a while you shouldn’t be able to have X
food and the problem that I see there
is that’s like saying well if you
haven’t drank alcohol for like a long
time then it’s okay for you to drink
alcohol when you’re addicted to the
alcohol we need to be honest with
ourselves that we are addicted to carbs
so when I allow myself to have some
carbs in there how many days do I
struggle after that to stay on track and
then what’s gonna happen I’m gonna fight
my way back to being on track I’m gonna
feel good again I’m gonna feel balanced
and then a few weeks later I’m gonna do
that again to myself you need to
understand that cheat part of this that
you know cheat meal cheat it’s a cheat
you’re cheating yourself though that’s
the problem I don’t like to cheat myself
I like to do very good things for my
someone like to carry myself really
really well and so you know I feel like
that’s part of being a bonus warrior
that my health comes before everything
else and so you know even when there’s a
celebration I’m always trying to figure
out like where does the celebratory food
that I might decide to eat fit into the
overall day I try to keep myself on on
course because and maybe it’s just me
but when I overeat carbs my body tells
me now you might not be that’s way
that’s okay but you need to understand
something there’s always a repercussion
if you overeat carbs and you don’t have
a physical negative reaction like I do
you’re still going to have the we’re
putting carbs so in two way into fat
reaction that happens in every body
right so you might just see you might
see the scale going up and be like
what’s happening but that cheat meal
matters and it’s gonna go somewhere so
McDonald’s once a week it’s a horrible
idea actually
okay it’s good with the fifth myth the
type of fat you eat doesn’t matter so
any kind of oil any kind of fat will be
good on cue touched on that a few
seconds what do you what do you think
about that one I don’t know like um
probably not like for sure I try like
you to to at least a stick with the best
oil so coconut oil although like there’s
a bunch of research that say coconut oil
like I I’ve seen like an article like
not so long ago about saying that
coconut oil was not good for your health
but coconut oil olive oil for sure I try
to stick with
the good oils and ditch the vegetable
oils and the good ones but do I know the
reasons because you told me what’s
interesting to me there is that that
article that says a coconut oil is not
good for your health but coconuts are
good for your health right coconuts
coconuts are not and there they’re
encouraged by nutritionists to eat but
yet coconut oil is bad for you and the
question that I have there is well if
the oil is not good why is the the
actual nut okay alright and I feel like
sometimes you have to be careful that
people who have ulterior motives put out
articles that kind of pushes and that’s
why we do these videos right they push
us in the wrong direction because try to
scare us and get us to do things that
will cause us then to have to buy their
diet so we stick to coconut oil oils I’m
not gonna say that I know them all
what’s interesting to me is that coconut
oil avocado oil and olive oil tastes
good to me
so I’m happy to use them but there might
be other oils depending what part of the
country you’re in or the part of the
world you’re in there might be other
healthy oils that I’m not listing right
now hmm I think the most important part
of all of this is being able to
recognize that whatever I choose to eat
should taste good to me that’s what’s
gonna help me to eat it repeatedly right
we don’t eat things that taste bad to us
we avoid it yeah this Nick this next one
is gonna be interesting to all the
athletes are out there that they don’t
go keto because they think they need the
carbs so one myth is that you will lose
muscle on keto when you have to say well
yeah you know funny enough what helps us
to build muscle protein yeah and what do
we pivot on in keto protein so actually
as long as you’re eating the right
amount of protein then carbohydrates are
just an energy source is what fuels your
body to be able to use the the protein
you’re eating to build the muscle but
guess what Sora fats an energy source so
your body’s still going to be able to
fuel itself to build
the muscle that you’re trying to build
yeah so I don’t necessarily sorry no no
yeah just like I just wanted to say that
monoi sorry a YouTube video about Arnold
Schwarzenegger ‘he’s past like has a
bodybuilder and in the 70s right but the
guys were eating steak and eggs they
were eating like ridiculous amounts of
protein they didn’t have carbs didn’t
have passed that in had bread like news
like yeah mostly a little bit of
vegetable so maybe because for sure like
they didn’t have as you’re right because
that’s another thing that I want to say
going back to the amount of fat that you
need to eat a lot of people believe that
you need to add extra fat and that’s not
you know it’s like you add extra fat in
one scenario that I can really think
about where you would always add extra
fat and that’s if you’re trying to stay
stable on your weight and you’re trying
to make sure that you don’t keep losing
which is my story right now
so I do add a little bit extra fat but
like it’s not excessive either like I’m
still not anywhere near my once I run
one six seventy seventy I don’t even
reach there mm-hmm right even with the
fact that I add a little extra fat so
it’s not a high really get annoyed when
people say it is it really isn’t yeah so
guys you can’t go to the gym you can
exercise on the keto there’s no problem
and what about like if if you’re more
into exercise than weightlifting like
more like cardio so okay so exercise on
keto that’s another myth that says that
if you if you exercise you’re not gonna
have if you do keto you don’t have the
energy to exercise and actually there’s
nothing first of all of that there’s no
research that shows that because the
ketogenic lifestyle is about switching
energy sources and basically if we take
cars as a good example
Tesla’s Drive pretty damn fast mmm-hmm
and they’re running on electricity right
so you don’t need a gas based car to go
fast and it’s the same thing with us
like if you’re running your body on
carbs sure you’re gonna have a certain
amount of energy if you’re running your
body on fats you’re gonna have a certain
amount of energy and the amount of
energy that you do use is gonna really
depend on you yeah and I’ve seen a bunch
of articles also that like many athletes
that are doing long distance running for
example are they they do better on keto
they’re they’re able to tap in their
energy energy sources like longer than
if they were feeling like fueled by
carbs well the interesting thing there
is that if I’m being fueled by fat and I
go for a long-distance run I have 2,000
calories worth of my body so if I’m
being sued by carbs once I go through
those 200 grams of carbs my body is
gonna start to try to use the the
ketones but it’s not used to it so it’s
gonna be a bit of a struggle right I’m
sure it’s gonna tap into it’s not gonna
let you completely right but that’s what
you see that some athletes hit that wall
because they’re not able to tap their
ketones enough to really push through
but if you’re already being fueled by
ketones when you’re doing your run your
body is actually leaning more on the
ketones and then on the carbs from what
I understood from a few people have seen
talked about this your body’s gonna go
back and forth it’s gonna use some
ketones it’s gonna use some glycogen
this come in and so you actually you can
run farther and be and have an easier
time of it and you know at the end of
the day it’s energy do you have the
energy or not we have weeks worth of fat
on us to use even when we are at our
ideal weight and people ignore that
piece of information because they think
that we need carbs and it has to be fast
energy again you know you need to know
what you’re aiming at and you need to
know where the energy is coming from
ketones are a very good source of energy
for long-distance endurance type of
yeah next one is miss Michaels favorite
ketosis is a state of emergency that’s
not sustainable this is only like yeah
state of emergency it’s not sustainable
you know I feel like the funny thing
here is that she said that state to me
that statement and everybody focused in
on the ketosis part of innocent like she
doesn’t understand what she’s talking
about it’s true I don’t think she she
was using the right word I think she
meant to be talking about ketoacidosis
because that actually is a state of
emergency ketoacidosis is when your body
is producing ketones which your body
does do but you are a type 1 diabetic
and so insulin is not being produced
insulin tells your body to stop
producing ketones because there are
carbs available I don’t have that
ability to moderate when I start
producing ketones I’m sorry when I stop
producing heat ohms so what happens in a
type 1 diabetic because they don’t have
insulin they are not able to use the
glucose that’s floating around in their
body so it’s there but not usable and
but at the same time because there’s no
insulin their body is not being told hey
stop producing ketones so now my body
becomes too acidic we have to be careful
too many carbs in our blood dangerous
poisonous too many ketones in our blood
dangerous poisonous but here’s the thing
can the average everyday person like can
you and I end up with Kiesel kilo
acidosis maybe if we are ingesting
exogenous ketones at a crazy rate we
could do that to ourselves but normally
no because in the course of a day your
body and my body will even if let’s say
be the carnivore for a month we would
still produce glucose for the parts of
our brain and the few blood cells I
believe it is that don’t use ketones so
we would produce it so then what would
happen we would still have insulin
responses happening and so our our
ketone production would stop start stop
start right so a typical person like you
me like we’d have to work hard to have
ketoacidosis so when we hear the term
keto ketosis is a state of emergency I
honestly believe that that’s a Miss
that’s a mistake that the person meant
to say I think miss Michaels meant to
say ketoacidosis is a state of emergency
with that statement I would totally
agree but that’s not what people who do
‘quite are in we’re in a state of
ketosis okay next myth keto flu let’s
talk about keto flu that like supposedly
for like any I didn’t saw that in some
articles that it lasts really long like
for a month for example okay so is this
something that could discourage people
to go keto for example what is actually
keeping food it was it was a pretty
tough or transition for me
should it discourage us from doing keto
though I mean honestly I feel like the
way my hip was feeling mmm
five days no it wasn’t far today –
lasted two days but even if it would
have been if someone who told me well
you have to go through that for a week
to fix your hip I would have done it
would I have done it for months
but there’s a question mark for me of
why it would last months so that’s
another whole new point but let’s start
off with the keto flu it’s basically
when your body is transitioning from car
burning the fat burning letting go up
with the use of cars because at that
point you’re you’ve reduced your
carbohydrate intake significantly in 20
grams or less right you’re Bart you’re
brain is looking for carbs we are
addicted to carbs so let’s be clear
I love the lovely cutesy keto few flu
that they call it but it’s actually
carved withdrawal right you’re going
through an addictive withdrawal symptom
you know when you have the shakes when
you have flu-like symptoms and you’re
nauseous when you are like frantic to
eat carbs you were addicted to carbs and
I feel like it’s cue
to call it the flu but then I guess when
people are detoxing from alcohol we
should call it you know the alcohol fool
but when they’re getting off cocaine we
should say the cocaine you know we say
that they’re going through withdrawal
symptoms from cocaine and alcohol why
are we making it pretty for keto I don’t
it’s withdrawal symptom no does it last
for months well you know here’s the
thing when we call it the keto flu and
make it sound cutesy then the people who
are going through it don’t necessarily
know that the reason they’re going
through it is their body is withdrawing
from carbohydrate so what am I likely to
do in those scenarios because my brain
is saying eat some carbs eat some carbs
eat some carbs and if I don’t make the
link I might eat some carbs and so
what’s gonna happen I’m gonna be in this
loop of keto flu for availa if I persist
in trying to do keto I’m gonna keep
experiencing it over and over I’m gonna
eat some carbs and think alcoholic right
they’d be they get off or they out they
don’t drink for four days and there
start to feel better and then something
goes wrong in their life and they have a
drink and then they have to go through
that again right so I think the thing
that I would want people to do that’s
not pretending it’s a keto flu and call
it what it is when you go through carb
withdrawal laughs while you’re doing
keto yeah it can last a few days and
it’s uncomfortable and it’s painful for
some people I’m talking about myself but
it was worth it right because once I got
through it first of all I was clear to
violet you’re not doing that to yourself
again so I did not go back to eating
carbs go back a few and see cheat meal
never did it because I wasn’t gonna
experience that again and as a matter of
fact like you went like really from uh
from day one you went like with your 20
grams of course so you were really like
straight and fast I can I can say I went
through a keto flu because my
progression to keto was very progressive
actually if remember like I cut out
every dessert every added sugar first
then I went to pasta and rice so like
that’s another like another way to maybe
mitigate that that keto food thing is to
go like to get rid of your comes a
little bit more progressively over me
a few weeks I think you know like that’s
like the person who slowly slowly uses
nicker Nicorette to get off of smoking
right they have fewer symptoms because
slowly slowly slowly they cut it down
and you’re sure you’re sure there’s and
that’s another way to do it um you know
and they can go either way I feel like
you I don’t know if I had done it that
way so myself I don’t know if I would
have tried to do it your way if I would
have been successful only because you
had me backing you up versus I wouldn’t
have had you back to me because I did at
first and so every time you kind of let
something in like I don’t know if I
would have been able to stay with it and
say oh I can do this versus like just
knowing like this is the end
I’m not eating those things anymore for
me how because I didn’t have anybody
backing me up
as a matter of fact you thought I was
kind of nuts when I started so like I
didn’t have your support at the very
beginning right so I feel like that
makes a big difference to like by the
time you started doing it I was just
happy you were doing something and I was
pushing you yes you can yes you can yes
you can right so I think your situation
is gonna matter and I think you need to
know your personality because it’s also
about personality I didn’t think they’re
getting like for me to slowly slowly
tape or something I would have on board
yeah that’s the other part I think I
would have gotten bored but rumors are
true the matter is like if you get rid
of the just the added sugar first I
think that’s what’s really like holding
you onto that lifestyle there is like
kind of follow up easily like getting
rid of the rice wasn’t an issue getting
rid of the pasta was an issue at the the
last thing yeah for me the last thing
that I was kind of old holding on to is
bread because I I did like bread and not
like the the white bread like with like
flour and it was more my answer I was
holding on to because I do like there
I’m just saying like you’re saying I did
like bread cuz I know yeah that’s just
that’s just the talk of an addict right
like you we give a reason why we’re
still doing something but the truth is
is because I can’t let it go
sososo bread as it was the last thing
that I that I did let go because I was
too like buying I was trying though to
fine and and I did find some some bread
that had for example one slice had
around ten grams of carbs so is it like
a really fluffy light bread but at some
point I was buying it like leave it in
fridge and it was getting bad like after
a few days because I was having one
slice once in a while and then what like
really like got me to jump into the kilo
laughs I was letting go of the bread but
it’s like maybe a month like getting rid
of all of everything like progressively
so so if you really don’t want to go
through just like doesn’t necessarily
mean you still have the symptoms but
it’s definitely more chance you have
you’ll have less symptoms for sure okay
and I think the other thing to keep in
mind is that for every person like you
you’re just now you’re talking about the
idea that I I tried to find replacements
or lower versions of whatever and I feel
like the thing that I try to help people
to think about is that when I’m trying
to change my life but I’m still trying
to hold on to things from my history am
I really changing my life right so and
it’s this is for everything if I don’t
like the the the job that I do then I
have to look at changing careers not
just finding a different place to do the
same job if I don’t like the job I’m
just gonna be in a new environment but
I’m still gonna hate the job right so I
think on some level we need to allow
ourselves to recognize that it’s also
about being honest with myself is this
healthy for me yes or no you know I go
from a 15 gram slice of bread to a 10
gram slice of bread but that’s still 10
I still half of the amount of carbs I’m
supposed to eat in my entire day is this
really what I want to put my food my 10
grams on right and that’s the bigger
question I replaced it but I replaced it
with a glass of wine once in a while
like you can find like less less kharbut
drinks it’s still alcohol that’s for
sure but like any other issue certainly
the issue because you would have to
glass of beer on a date you did
carnivores know right you’d only have to
deal with the carbs in the in the
alcohol and the bear but the thing is is
that the alcohol delays your your
cleanup of the carbs that you’ve
ingested that’s what’s more dangerous if
I drink a glass of beer or even a glass
of wine which is very low low carb on a
day that I’ve had 15 grams 20 grams even
let’s go over and say 50 grams of carbs
those 15 grams of carbs are circulating
in my blood the entire time that my body
is dealing with the alcohol it does the
most toxic thing first alcohol is more
toxic than carbs so that’s where people
should be careful it’s not about the
alcohol per se if I’m although from
fasting why would I do that
but if I was fasting for example having
that little glass of wine you know like
but I’m just saying like you need to be
more conscious of why this goes back to
what I said a while back know what food
affects me how it the alcohol is
delaying the processing of the sugar
that’s why it’s a problem okay and it
actually bear ISM it’s Carvey’s but it
like I mean a glass of wine
or even a harder one like vodka or like
you have much less you don’t have any
carbs to deal with you’re just dealing
with yeah that’s an interesting one to
you on keto you’re tired all the time
like lacking energy lacking energy
having to nap like I was having to nap
when I was understanding does that
answer the question I think so honestly
like if I can affect if I might say yeah
before before I started keto for sure
mine like nice or short maybe I have
between 6 & 7 8 hours of sleep per night
and having like after after lunch that
was crazy like at work I was like
nodding off like in meetings after
supper I had to nap for an hour
you don’t like it I have way way more
energy like I don’t like my days if it
like even more if I don’t have lunch at
work I’m way more energetic for my
afternoons than than before so actually
what you just touched on is more about
intermittent fasting like when you skip
a meal your body does give you energy to
go get some food because it thinks you
need to go hunt so that’s that’s part of
more to do with intermittent fasting but
I think that what you’re talking about
is very valid though I feel like most
people who do keto have more energy
because we need to think about the
energy source so if you think about the
idea of a gigantic log versus a twig
carbs are like a twig
when you set that on fire and it’s gone
right so you get this great big burst of
energy and you but then it doesn’t last
very long versus when you set that log
on fire it’s harder to get it burning
but once you have that thing burning
hours there and if you like Quito is
like that because you have so much
onboard energy you don’t have it that
happens because when you eat carbs you
have a spike of energy and you have like
you know the dopamine hit and everything
that makes you feel like happy and other
than that and then as it comes down you
lose energy and your brain is like
getting more carbs get more carbs so you
feel like a little bit like not great
versus when you have any Aikido meal
that’s involving a little bit of good Oh
some kind of good oil or just even a
good amount of protein and whatever like
when you need a normal keto meal like
your energy doesn’t change it’s just
sustained because there isn’t a hit that
happens right you have fat to burn and
you just keep burning fat and it’s kind
of like you’re just adding you’re kind
of just putting a new log on top but
it’s not up it’s just okay just in the
log and just keeps burning through
slowly so I feel like that’s why I feel
there’s a belief that you’re gonna have
less energy because you don’t have the
Carbet versus I think if you talk to
people who are ki know what you find out
is that their energy is just even its
steady and that’s what you’re talking
about you get up in the morning and you
do your day and you don’t have to take a
nap and I mean I was never a Napper when
I was on carbs but I can definitely say
but I can definitely say that I I still
energy like it didn’t I didn’t lose
energy but I made that transition right
I took one out put the other one in and
I just I kept going forward hmm
so that was number ten yeah I think we
ran out of if you guys have like more
myths that you’ve heard of and you want
us to discuss like even in comments but
absolutely I’d be a great idea if
there’s more myths that you guys know
about will definitely tackle them so
this was fun
oh yeah I want to thank you for watching
Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
Pat Chat edition if you guys are not
subscribed if you’re not already a
wellness warrior please click the
subscribe button become on this warrior
we love talking to you guys we’re gonna
try to do more of these and of course
I’m gonna be back on Monday with another
video thank you for watching Mind
Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet in
back I’ll talk to you my next video well
we will talk to him and I do

Randall Smitham



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