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12天减5公斤!3个月减30公斤!我是如何做生酮 Keto 减肥的?《生酮计划EP1》| 肥宅减肥 | 肥宅生酮 | 懒人减肥

Mashed potatoes vlog 002
Great news!
I have lost 5 kg on the 12th day after losing weight!
Hello, everyone, I am mashed potatoes, this is Nana.
This is Jesus! He is on the photographer’s side
Today, the drink I drink is water.
Ok, today I am going to start a series for everyone.
We talk about losing weight
lose weight
Here, I am obese, I will set a flag for myself.
30 kilograms lost in three months
In the next three months
I am trying to report to you every week about my weight loss.
The last video is here.
There have been 16 praises so far.
Yea 16 likes
Thank you for your support and give me the motivation to continue!
0:57 my obesity history
1:31 I want to lose weight.
2:01 I want to lose weight with ketones.
2:33 What is the ketogenic diet?
3:48 I bought 为了 for ketones.
7:48 eggs
Now go back and say that I am losing weight.
Don’t look at my stomach now so much
In fact, I used to be very thin.
If I look at the history, my weight in 2016 is 78 kg.
I don’t even say that there is a lower 75 ah.
But I am a programmer.
Because every day later
Eat, eat, sleep, sleep, three-point life
My weight has risen from 78 kg.
110 kg
The body shape is slowly changing from a normal person’s body shape to a regular triangle shape.
I am going back to China to marry in September this year.
My wife has already lost a lot, I have to (laugh)
Wife: How can I reduce a lot! I have not lost weight!
Wife: I have been eating wildly!
Oh, this has been reduced from 51 kg to 49 kg!
Wife: No!
50 kg reduced to 49 kg
Wife: has been reduced from three digits to two digits..I am going back to China to marry in September this year.
I made up my mind that I must be reduced to a satisfactory size before September.
Target 75 kg!
To be honest, I have actually started to lose weight since March.
Now I will go outside every week.
Take some 360-degree video upload to my other channel
But the effect of my thing is not particularly significant.
In three months, I probably reduced it from 108 kilograms to 105 kilograms.
Since last week, I decided to start taking cockroach ketamine to lose weight KETO.
Decided to reduce yourself to the weight three years ago.
cheer for yourself!
So what is the ketamine KETO diet?
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KETO ketogenic diet is a low-carbon water and high-fat diet
When your body does not have enough carbon water, you spontaneously enter a state of Ketosis.
In this state your body will burn fat as energy for daily activities.
I don’t know if you have done normal weight loss.
In general, weight loss and weight loss are generally the last reduction is the stomach is also the visceral fat.
If you are scientifically using the KETO ketogenic diet
It is possible to achieve a better state of reducing oil and then reducing meat.
#focused oil reduction
Pure KETO diet requires you
5% of calories from carbon water 80% from fat 15% from protein
For me, basically I control the absorbable carbon water no more than 20 grams per day.
This will maintain the state of KETO.
Oh, right!
That one
High-fiber vegetables can be eaten casually
Because the fiber is not counted in the absorbable carbon water.
Like broccoli celery or something
Basically green vegetables can also be eaten.
I have done KETO several times in the past few years.
So I am also a KETO Daren. Any questions can be asked in the comments!
Ok, let me see for now that I have prepared some for this weight loss.
In order to do this KETO, I bought these things now as my food.
Let’s start with the right side.
This is the KETO test strip that I bought on Amazon. I use it often.
The last time I did KETO, I also used this brand.
This is my favorite sauce to eat steak. This is KETO Friendly.
You can watch
Less than 1 gram of carbon water
Every tea spoon should be careful not to put too much when eating.
Then this one is a particularly good thing about my last KETO discovery.
It has a total of 4 grams of carbon water
But there are many, many proteins and fibers
Then this thing is also KETO can eat
OK it didn’t say it was KETO friendly but it was KETO friendly
And then here is the steak I bought.
This is Short Rib of USDA Choice
Short Rib is a piece of meat that is slightly cheaper and has a higher fat.
Then we talk about this, this is expensive
USDA Prime’s eye
It costs too much for 40 yuan for these two pieces of meat. .
Then this is a healthier high-fat thing
This is a salmon. I bought a whole whole piece.
and this
A whole bag of cheese String Cheese
Then you can eat snacks while you are bored
Still very delicious
Then I bought a lot of Salami, bacon, what?
This thing is also a thing with high fat and low carbon water and basically no carbon water.
1 gram less than 1 gram
There is also a bag of different flavors here.
this is
Lamb chops!
This thing is also KETO friendly
Um, I have finished eating this thing.
But it’s a thing I always buy when I do KETO.
Is lily’s dark chocolate
The sweetness inside it is made of bitter inulin.
Bitter inulin is a bitter inulin without carbon water that will not be absorbed.
You can see that the total carbon water on this is 20 grams but the fiber is 11 grams.
So if you lose it, there are only 9 grams of the rest.
Then there is this later
ERY stuff, this is an alcoholic sugar, and alcohol sugar is not absorbed.
Is not part of total carbon water
So say this whole thing
Almost twice
Then every time I eat only 4 grams of carbon water, this is also KETO friendly.
But be careful not to eat too much
Then this is my go to Costco
A new thing my wife helped me find.
One is this Egg Things
You can see Zero Net Carbs KETO Friendly
Yes, every time you go to the supermarket, you have to find this kind of thing.
This kind of thing is KETO friendly, it doesn’t matter how much you eat.
Then I bought this thing here called Egg Bites.
This thing is also KETO Friendly
This is an Egg Muffin
it’s inside
Inside, there are cheese and bacon
Just take a 30-second turn in the microwave to eat it especially delicious.
Here is another package of eggs things
and also
a bag of big cheese
Oh, I bought a few avocados!
All right
This is what I bought for KETO.
I hope I can lose weight successfully! Yeah!
Come here today, bye!
See you next week~
Eggs behind
Thank you for seeing here, remember to like the comment forwarding!
This is the film of an AR monitor I took last year as an egg!

Randall Smitham



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