January 17, 2020
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hello Wellness Warriors welcome to
Mind Blowing Health and wellness with Violet
Pat chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat so we bring you these videos because
there’s information out there that’s sometimes inaccurate that we try to
correct and sometimes we find good articles that really help us to share
the information um what do we have today Patrick what do you have today we’re not
talking keto we’re not talking low carb here are twelve healthy diet swaps to
make so I was like oh let’s take those twelve swaps and see like if we can make
it for like if it makes sense in a keto lifestyle and if maybe they’re not like
wine and what we should do instead so and it’s a chef actually that I think
it’s a chef that that made this article so we’re not talking registered
dietician we’re not talking like a chef so the first hint that that the chef
gives is to add water to oil for a salad dressing so basically to make it a
little bit less fat let’s put this patty so I’ll put your spices and then you add
a bit of oil to your a little bit of water to your salad dressing yeah okay
well that doesn’t work for us yeah because like obviously what he’s trying
to do is decrease the fat in the in the salad music mmm yeah and okay the
calorie amount whatever but like I mean they I mean yeah and what I would say
also like for example if some new you’re not doing keto and you’re doing low fat
or low carb just be careful like this hint is still better than choosing like
a low-fat dressing because they’re usually the low-fat dressings are super
so so if you’re doing so basically an American diet and you want to try to
make yourself less fat this is a good um trick because it’s true
first of all you’re making that home so great but then second of all that yeah
instead of instead of adding some kind of sugar to it yeah instead of the fat
you just look like you didn’t like for us like we we do ourselves like gigantic
salad we do put like one one tablespoon and a half of Caesar dressing which not
like super super baton eating in the salad for five people so
no it’s not okay another hint like put half the sugar in your coffee so like
lower your sugar content in your coffee I get zero okay yes I agree with that
one put less sugar I can go with that well you can imagine like sometimes I do
have to work like it at the coffee shop like downstairs people put like you know
those little packet of sugars like it’s 5 or 6 per like a big sized coffee but
still it’s maybe a 12 ounce coffee so yeah it’s like so so already by lowering
but but for sure like when I was addicted to sugar before I was putting
like maybe one per coffee and even that was I did yeah what is good I did like
it took me a bit like took me a while to get used to coffee with only Queen but
like right now I’m perfectly fine with it and I couldn’t even imagine like even
people that had stevia to the coffee I’m not sure but think again so far what I
like is that he’s just saying take some district out so that’s ok the one more
talkative toward like lowering your fat intake oh maybe your bad fat intakes
switch to non-stick pans so whenever you frying your stuff use non-stick pans
instead of putting like a ton of oil and fat and especially not the good one
but most people like do add the vegetable oils and I’m trying to think
about all the different things that I fry so for example if I was gonna fry
some ground beef or pork putting in a nonstick pan is usually what I do
because you don’t need to add any oil to that because there’s already oil in it
if I was gonna fry me like an egg or something I probably would still put the
oil well actually probably make bacon with that so then I get oil from the
bacon but I do think that I would add the oil just because it’s easier to cook
but like I don’t think that you need to be dripping in all either remember that
keto is not high fat it’s moderate fat so I do agree with this one that there’s
probably a lot of things that people add fat to that you really don’t need to add
fat to there’s there’s enough in it like an egg there’s nothing bad in an egg
that you don’t need to add fat to it’s like even if you boil it that there’s an
oil in an egg yeah so that paint is good for keto people if you’re in you’re
losing phase the phase like if you don’t have to add any oil like don’t they’re
just usually nonstick it and then like do your your your fat number with the
low carb and whatever those add to that is that if you cook something in a
nonstick and then you feel hungry in between that’s an indication that maybe
it’s too little fat for your day so then you would go back to adding a little bit
of all but you don’t need to add that much weight a small amount of oil goes a
long way in terms of satiation and there’s the other thing that people
don’t realize like you know they’re putting butter on everything in oil and
everything in MCT and you don’t really need to do that like a little bit of oil
a long way so many people trying to lose weight turn to zero fat plain yogurt
that in addition to being low in flavor is usually iron chemicals to get it to
the zero percent % fat status so especially for airplane so we already
talked about that plane you if you like yogurt plain yogurt is the way to go I
think what are you doing this is just my opinion if I need to force myself to
like something it’s not worth eating it like that’s my opinion but for those of
you who do like plain yogurt then that’s a great choice is to make that switch
but like you go with doing doing kiddo go we already taught that go the higher
fat like I’ve had the better and I think yeah no no no no sorry you know a Greek
yogurt usually is lower the highest fat you’re gonna have I think if I I found
one one once that was like 5% Greek yogurt more protein like a little bit
less fat I do prefer the the 10% fat then the the Greek yogurt is they’re
very good they’re about five per serving here’s the other interesting thing to
think about because basically what you’re saying is that the Mediterranean
is 10% the Greek it’s yeah but the Greek and the Mediterranean have this is a
matter of the same the same no the Greek will be a bit higher in protein with the
same carb cap and they have the same carp
Lewis carb cap yeah so because you’re doing you’re saying it’s
five but then again like if you need the protein maybe go with the Greek but like
you don’t want to overdo your protein either so so I don’t know like see I’m
always because I’m always late but it’s also a question of in the moment what
I’m doing and understanding like so in the moment that’s five grams of carbs in
one shot in a small like amount if he’s just like you know yogurt usually so
it’s a large amount of carbs in the one shot that has also a good amount of fat
in it so whether you’re eating a big meal that’s high fat high carb or
whether you’re doing a teeny meal that’s high fat high carb you still have to
understand that you’ve just stepped into standard American diet world there so I
would be careful with those things because the possibility that it pushes
you to store is still there hmm you know but again I’m not you’re not
talking about how much fiber is is there any fiber and you either no family I’m
trying to think like what else could be in there to help you with that situation
if it’s just sugar and fat that would make me nervous but I mean again are you
are you treating this like a treat you’re having it once in a while then
it’s not a big deal right if I I go if I get pushed once in a while it’s not a
big deal if you’re doing this daily hmm I probably do you anybody remember that
episode where Elaine was eating the yogurt that was supposed to be low-fat
and she was gaining weight I remember that episode of Seinfeld but I feel like
that will be one of those situations where you’re gonna start eating this and
all of a sudden realize that your weights going up and you’re not gonna
know why because what this little carb it’s low carb but it’s still high carb
when you consider how big the container is and how much fat is in there that’s
still high but like again like you remember like if it’s not plain yogurt
it’s ultimately high sugar high carb like it’s 17 18 19 like sigh I’ve seen
especially like the fruit the fruits in the bottom and stuff like that
even you you’re I think your vanilla like yogurt is like 17 18 grams of sugar
so being you know the thing that I think I try to help people to understand is
that the type of food you eat matters we can’t compare eating salad where I’m
gonna have yes I’m gonna have a lot of carbs in my salad but I have a lot of
fiber that’s come bad that like natural right it’s not that’s
extraneous carbs that the scientists are putting in there so they can lie to you
and say it’s no this is really the food has his own fiber with it that helps our
body to process it better so you need to be careful that yes if I eat salad
beside my meat so there’s carbs and there’s fat that affects my body
differently than if I eat a yogurt that has sugar beside fat there’s no fiber in
there to help me out as far as asking me there any fiber in it there’s no fiber
in there to help me out right like naturally occurring fiber so that’s
that’s that’s a recipe for gain weight if you do that often so I’m just saying
that out loud because I think sometimes we’re so focused on the number that we
don’t remember that it’s not just the numbers what are you eating right
because if I let myself eat 5 grams of carbs from a cookie every day and I’m
still eating high fat guess what’s gonna happen mmm
right that’s processed sugar you know it’s gonna have an effect okay okay next
healthy hint bone broth instead of boo-yan cube or stock you know anything
anyway instead of processed it’s gonna be better so so if your big big users of
those those talk cubes like and it’s not hard to make our own like no it really
isn’t no it really isn’t hard to make and I think the thing that’s cool there
again I like what he’s telling you she’s telling you to make stuff at home yeah
right he’s kind of encouraging you like give less money to the big companies and
make it yourself you’re gonna have cleaner ingredients you’re gonna have
healthier food and it’s gonna taste amazing
like that’s it and you know what keeps you eating healthy is that the food
tastes amazing it helps you know it’s not it doesn’t have to be the case but
it does help mm-hmm the next one use coconut water instead of sport drinks a
great alternative is pure coconut water which is similar similar in structure to
the liquid used to rehydrate a person when using an IV drip yeah okay it’s a
good good source of potassium which is important for a reiteration it replaces
intracellular water after exercise so like coconut water contain electrolytes
magnesium sodium calcium for sports well what I love about that
is that the potassium which we are always trying to get enough potassium
because the Presidium potassium pump right every cell of our body needs
potassium so it’s it’s important for us to have other sources I don’t know what
the carb content is for coconut water like a cup of corn it but I don’t think
it’s horrible so I’m gonna check it out that’s better but the thing that I would
suggest this well depends if you’re eating a healthy diet and so basically
if you’re eating first of all a good amount of buried meats so nose-to-tail
you don’t need to do that because you’re getting your potassium from the animal
if you’re eating a varied amount of veg you’re probably getting a good amount of
potassium you don’t to do that so I don’t know if I would trade with carbs
in the coconut after maybe like in the case where you need your hydration after
work yeah I would honestly I always encourage people water you know the
thing that you need to think keep in mind and this is where people make a
mistake is that you do not need carbs to rehydrate yourself you need water yeah
you do not need electrolytes to rehydrate yourself you need water so
let’s is where I’m like kind of kind of questioning what he’s saying I think
that if you want to improve those minerals and let’s say you know that
you’re not getting enough of those minerals then I would go for the coconut
water because for sure if I can get my minerals in that and I’m willing to
trade the carbs for the minerals that’s cool you know numbers like type the
numbers 1 cup of water would be 9 total carbs minus 2 point 6 grams of fiber so
like yeah 7 6 6 points ok yeah so the potassium now 600 milligrams okay so
just to keep it in perspective how many grams of potassium do you need yeah it’s
really three thousand so is this a good source not really you get more from
avocado my point being though and you’re trading 9 grams 7 grams of carbs for
like to me again this is where we all have to be conscious of what we’re
trying to accomplish on a ketogenic lifestyle would I’d make that trade no
because that’s that’s less a little bit under that’s like maybe 40%
of my day I wouldn’t make that training however if you’re not doing occasional
I’ve stopped maybe you’re doing low-carb that’s a good trade to make if you’re
doing a standard American diet that’s a good trade to make so it depends on
where you are and what you’re doing right but I would still say that I like
the minerals and all the stuff that’s in there but I think that’s a cool like if
you’re already drinking sports drinks switching to coconut water it’s a great
cherry to make if you’re not drinking sports drinks I wouldn’t start drinking
coconut water to get those things because you can get them from your food
I’m just like like their Gatorade and for a cup it’s more like 14 grams of
sugar and it’s straight 14 and straight 14 seems like yeah it’s 14 grams of
sugar there’s one cup there’s no mention of yes are you have 90 milligrams so
it’s so for sure water is a way better choice in that case because you’re
getting like half the grams of sugar and you’re getting like how many times I
guess maybe it was six hundred so yeah around like six times but the potassium
yeah honestly I think again it’s a good choice if you’re not doing keto yeah if
you’re doing keto like you know drink water yeah and honestly the thing that
gets to keep in mind is your if you do in Quito and you’re eating appropriately
and you’re tracking your potassium with magnesium calcium if you’re tracking
those things anyways you know if you need more yeah right and you’re that
means you should if you know you need more you should be eating the things
that are gonna help you to get more so eating them like and if you can yeah and
if you can’t eat them some for some reason like there’s always those
rehydrate or powder that comes to zero carb that that’s going to give you like
the one that we like to use this on the Vegas sport that ever but the Vegas for
it which I’m not sponsored it’s just that’s the one that we use I find it
taste of tastes pretty good actually takes more than okay it’s a little on
the sweet side for me personally but for those of you like sweet you’re probably
gonna like it for me I find it kind of like whoa sometimes I have to put extra
water and it can get it down but if you’re if you’re feeling like
you’re not getting all your minerals it’s a good choice yeah okay let’s go
with the next swap that’s also interesting lentil or chickpea pasta
instead of white pasta so yes for us no so it’s still very car be happy but you
know what like going for a lentil or chickpea you’re probably gonna get I’m
not sure you’re gonna get I gotta get the fibre gonna get though a cheapy or a
lentil pasta is free of gluten and a great source of fiber yeah there’s a lot
of people that are allergic to gluten and gluten is a protein that we actually
can’t metabolize anyway so you know that okay now I understand why that’s a
better choice because it’s gonna decrease the amount of inflammation that
you’re gonna live because we can’t metabolize something it causes
inflammation so I’m for sure gonna say yes to that one if you do eat pasta and
he’s hiding something interesting like vegetable feeds okay so you if you don’t
like wanna do the the lentil or like if you on a keto like just grab your
zucchinis and ass paralyzer and do your pasta with that like that’s this week
Keeney noodle thing again it’s a good alternative if you’re looking to have
some pasta I really feel like that was something that I did at the very
beginning of my journey now I’m past it I don’t really need to
have pasta I’m cool if there’s anything that I do miss that I would probably
make rather than have spaghetti I probably would have to lasagna if I was
gonna do that so I probably would use my zucchini I wish I would make strips
instead of making spirals and do lasagna okay another one that’s interesting like
swap the regular rice for the vegetable rice so actually that shit is
cauliflower rice talking about like how it’s like yeah it doesn’t have to be
cauliflower either you can choose broccoli beets zucchinis sweet potatoes
but like keep in mind those are ins for a low carb lifestyle not because I’m
carrots broccoli beet zucchini potatoes yeah so what I would also say there I
like that and actually I was definitely that I was doing when I was first
started like I would make I would take my vegetables
and I would pass them through my food processor so that they were really teeny
pieces and then kind of fry them in and make kind of like a stir-fry with them
and it tasted it felt like I was eating rice again not something that I need to
do anymore because I’m kind of passed for you again this thing that you have
to keep in mind is that it’s so hard to think about not like what am I putting
on the side yeah like at the beginning it’s really hard to think about like I
like I like ruop my entire life until 46 and a half eating rice right like rice
was a staple like so you know even though it’s something I did get bored of
it it still was the thing that when I think about making a plate like it’s
either rice or pasta right those are the two side dishes so figuring out a pasta
and figuring out a rice at the beginning was really important for me but not pass
it mmm I couldn’t kill us okay I can’t real awesome I made it he
recommends to ditch completely ditch the dairies about 65% of the human
population is intolerant to lactose Kaz Kaz Ian in varying degrees after infancy
so try unsweetened almond cashew or coconut milk and be sure like be sure to
read the labels if you if you’re buying ready-made sometimes I will say on that
one so yeah so first of all please please please do not give children soy
milk apparently it’s really really dangerous are their kidneys and almond
milk apparently really really dangerous for us dangerous and different like
oxalates for the kidneys in almonds and soy I’m not really sure I remember what
the reason was but those are two types of milk that especially children
shouldn’t have adults shouldn’t have it either but I don’t tend to drink as much
as kids do Yeah right so when we’re trying to be healthier we tend to do
these other alternatives and honestly this is a case where cow’s milk is
better but if you’re gonna ditch milk all together I would agree with that I
think a lot of people have locked those issues however I will say that being a
person who used to have lactose issues my lactose issues kind of went away ish
so ish well before I’d start to do keto somehow I got right my body regulated I
think so here’s what I’m not sure about was it just that
because I had it so infrequently that somehow when I did have it it didn’t hit
me as hard possibility won or did my body get used to it possibility – I’m
not sure which one it was what I do know is that today eating a ketogenic
lifestyle I’m able to do dairy so I can have cheese and I can have cream so
every person has to again we’re all different right everybody has to make
their own decisions about if they’re gonna do that or not do I have I kept
cream regularly actually and I have cheese regularly and at this moment I
don’t see an effect doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t one happening I’m fully
aware of that there could be something happening under there under the radar
that I’m not aware of but the violent reaction I used to have to Dairy I don’t
have anymore okay another swap that we actually bury
knowing about and then like coconut oil instead of vegetable oh my god yes so
everybody yeah everybody well it’s not even a real thing because you don’t get
vegetables or vegetables it’s a chemical concoction and the way that they make it
is toxic to begin with vegetable oil smells disgusting if you
were to have it like straight before they clean it with with all kinds of
bleach and stuff I don’t understand how this is legal to sell to people much
less to animals even like I don’t understand how it’s legal but yet they
sell this for us to eat yeah and when you find out how it’s made
it’s kind of like whoa the same way that when you learn how marshmallows are made
it’s kind of like whoa well vegetable oils which in parentheses
which contain no vegetables originally are le processed they’re
often made from GMOs contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids linked to
cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes asthma arthritis so coconut always a
special kind of saturated fat that contain medium chain triglycerides which
are easily absorbed into the small intestine and less likely to be stored
in fatty tissue so that medium chain triglycerides which you get from coconut
oil which you also get straight from coconut barley you don’t have to buy MCT
oil you get it straight from coconut oil so yeah it’s it’s easily processed and
less slightly to be stored if you don’t eat
excessive carbs mm-hmm okay next one grain flours are not your friend I love
that I love that one like so there’s so many alternatives including almond meal
coconut flour cassava flour our root tapioca starch if experimented with all
like color then make cookies cakes and like there’s no really reason to use
grain flours I do think that the only reason to use grain flours is that
they’re easier to cook with but that’s not a good reason I think you know like
if you’re gonna make something that’s healthy
you’re probably gonna use a green alternative to grain flour but then the
other thing is just like do you really still need to be making pancakes and
cookies and again it depends on what kind of lifestyle you’re living if
you’re living at keto lifestyle probably not if you’re living low-carb you
probably still making those things so these are great alternatives and as a
matter of fact they’re probably alternatives that if you’re doing a
little hard we haven’t actually thought about so saying it again like yeah we
have we have kids like they like they like to have cakes um sometimes pancakes
is it like I don’t know maybe healthier for them too instead maybe next time we
do pancakes to cook them with like the alternative flour then the real like for
sure because it’s gonna be it’s gonna be less carb heavy and they probably won’t
notice the difference yeah but the thing that I’m pointing out is that on some
level it’s kind of like are we gonna not put syrup on it for them because you’re
still turning around on your dumping syrup okay so this is what I’m saying
this is more of a low carb thing but you know what taking out some of the carbons
better than having all of them there so yeah I would I would definitely try that
which brings me to my in my next swap or isn’t he is next well actually natural
sweeteners instead of refined sugars in the end it’s told sugar for sugar but
like using honey or maple syrup instead of table syrup yeah I mean obviously
using an unprocessed and unprocessed yes sugar would our syrup would be better
again should be told if we can get them to eat that pancake well I probably do
it in stages first the pancake with the who deserve being the same and then
change the syrup later because I know that
like for example if you talk about I’m gonna show what kind of stuff we would
use but like when that has less sweetness to it or if you put honey like
I don’t think that they’re gonna see it the same way but you never know it might
it might a might work hmmm so right if you’re up you type so I mean that was a
great article I think it had a lot of things that does work for like low-carb
and keto and a lot of good tips for people who are still doing standard
American diet that they could at least implement a few things that might put
them on a better path you know kind of curious enough they tried some of those
things that are more towards the like keto side would they feel a little
better and maybe want to do more things be interesting right I like this so we
had a good one we had a good one yay I always want to thank my wellness workers
for coming by and watching the videos I really do appreciate that your hair
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you’ve tried any of these tips before so if you’re new here that’s really cool to
let me know have you tried any of these tips are you thinking about becoming
keto if you’re new here share that with us and for all my wellness warriors
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that makes sense to me that everybody on the planet should be doing that even if
you’re not keto I want to hear like which ones you thought were like yeah we
should be doing that it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you’re doing so thanks
for watching guys can we talk to get next week see you next week

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