January 18, 2020
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$1,200 MASSIVE WALMART ONLINE GROCERY ORDER & PICK UP HAUL | Large Family Grocery Shopping!💃 💃💃

– Hey guys, so I am
back today with another
super, mega, ultimate large
family grocery shopping haul.
There is a lot of stuff here.
Let me give you a quick overview
of all the goodies that we got.
So last month we went to
Sharp Shopper and Costco.
This month, because of
life going on, we put in
a large Walmart grocery order.
This is probably 75 to 80 percent
of what we need for the month
and then in a few weeks,
mister Travis will go
back out with another list
and get more fruits, veggies, milk
and any other odds and ends that we need.
We’re also, Travis is more
like low-carbing and I think
I say this with fear trepidation, okay.
I think I am actually feeling
like I can lean back into
“Trim Healthy Mama” again.
If you don’t know what “Trim
Healthy Mama” is, that’s okay.
You can Google it, it’s a book,
there’s several books now.
I did it so this is not
going to quickly become a
“Trim Healthy Mama” update,
yes, yes. I did it way back
before I was pregnant with
Daniel, and he just turned three
and I lost 30 pounds fairly easily.
And then during my pregnancy
with Daniel, that’s the weight
I gained back and then not
very long after I had him,
I have videos on this, I
lost that 30 pounds again.
And I was continuing on doing
it, like a fairly good girl
most of the time.
However, once we got into that season of
selling our other house,
and moving and all that goes into
moving, and Travis being in school,
and and and I just, I really,
really fell off of it.
I didn’t want to do it, I had no,
just didn’t feel like doing it anymore,
felt like taking a break.
So if you want to know
more about the plan,
I’ll just, I’ll link to that
in the description below.
I won’t go into all of that right now.
I will also say that it’s not
going to change my recipes,
and my meal plans and all
of that, it’s just what I
personally am doing.
Yes, and amen.
So I am going to show you this
large family grocery haul.
Also, another change that
you’ll probably see in or
reflected in what I am
spending and what we’re buying
and such is that we’re
increasing our grocery budget
by about $200 or so dollars a month.
Several years what I’ve
done is we’ve spent
about $800 dollars
for our groceries at
like one big grocery shop
and then Travis has gone
back, or I’ve gone back with
another 200 to 250 to do a fill-in haul.
Now, we’re spending about a
$1000 dollars for one big shop
and then another $200 to
250 for a fill in haul.
So, it’s about a $200
dollar or so increase
and we just, you know,
kids are getting bigger,
we’re eating more again,
Travis is trying to do more
low carb-ish things
and you know, what’s
pitiful about me saying this
and doing this on Youtube,
is that there is video record
of all my attempts.
And that means there is also video record
of all my failures.
Because last January, I did
a big “Trim Healthy Mama”
grocery shopping haul and
then just all the pregnancy
feels kicked in, and I just
stopped caring yet again.
So, let’s see if Jamerrill
can look back a year from now
and continue to care.
Let’s see how that goes.
Anyway, so what this grocery
haul is, is it was actually
$1200. However, 200 of
that is my household items.
So we spend a 1000 on the big shop,
Another 200 to 250 for the
fill-in haul just for food
and then we spend about
another 200 to 250 on
household items.
I don’t count dog food, cat food,
toilet paper, diapers and
those kind of things part
of the groceries because
they’re not food that we eat,
so that’s separate.
Hopefully I haven’t confused you guys.
Again this is a Walmart grocery pick-up.
I included some details about
this in one of my recent
week in the life videos. I
had some trouble getting my
order to go through
because I was over my daily
spending limit on my bank
card for a new bank we just
moved to.
So I had to call my bank,
had to increase the limit
so I could even put the order in.
So that was some fun carrying on.
But anyway, the order did go through.
My order when I placed it
was a little over 1300.
There was about $100
dollars worth of items
they were out of stock in.
So at the end of all of this,
there is gonna actually be
a small list that I have
to send Travis back out for
but that’s okay that’s
because that’s in his helpful
job description.
So anyway, back down here.
So we’ve got several heads of broccoli,
we got a whole bunch of green peppers,
I got, let’s see, two, four, six, eight…
There’s eight zucchinis here.
I had also ordered yellow squash,
and they were out of that.
I got two spaghetti squashes,
two containers of little cherry tomatoes,
we got three packs of green onions,
two big packs of carrots.
These are just really good,
healthy, frugal snacks.
Travis will make carrot
sticks for the kids for them.
We got four heads of broccoli.
I ordered two big bags of corn,
and so they substituted with
four total of the smaller bags,
and then under here, this
is for the kids, okay.
And then there is another bag,
they hadn’t had corn in a
while and I thought well hey,
the kids can have some corn.
One bag of broccoli. That’s
not going to cut it because
we’re big broccoli eaters around here.
Amelia and I really like brussels sprouts,
so I have four bags of
brussels sprouts here.
We have 15 pounds of red apples,
four packs, I had ordered one
freezer pack of blueberries
so they substituted with
the four smaller packs.
It all equals the same amount.
Whenever, let’s see, on the order,
they said that this was
19 pounds of bananas.
So, there you go, 19 pounds of bananas.
So we got six pounds of green apples,
we got some more parmesan cheese,
ketchup for the kids, Kerrygold butter,
I think, yeah, I got eight
packs of Kerrygold butter.
A whole lot of cheese options.
We really like pepper jack cheese.
So I just loaded up, Travis
will do cheese sticks
and other little cheese snacks.
We also have provolone. Two packs of this.
This is for one of the recipes.
Now I’ll say this.
Tomorrow is my freezer cooking day.
I’m just going to do one
dedicated freezer cooking day.
Several of the meals will be
low-carb, “Trim Healthy Mama”,
one thing I am making though,
that’s what I got six things
of old fashioned oatmeal for,
the kids and I are going
to do a whole bunch of
baked oatmeal muffins, and that’s for them
and that’s also freezable,
just something for
you know, quick breakfast fill-ins.
And, I got more garlic
powder, more parsley,
one thing of baking soda.
This is just something
to have in my pantry
because I like to keep
it on hand for baking.
I got four bottles of olive oil.
I got lime juice. I have lemon juice,
but one of the recipes I’m gonna do
is a lime and garlic chicken.
I’ve done the lemon and
garlic before in a video
so I am going to do it
with lime this time.
I got a whole bunch of applesauce.
We’re going to get, I
think I got 24 total.
Because, like if all the kids
want a little cup of applesauce
just as a side item with
dinner, we go through about two
of these now.
So even though 24 containers
of applesauce seems like a lot,
if you have, let’s see
out of our eight children,
we have seven children who all love it.
So we go through it quickly
and again, that’s mainly just
a little side item for dinner
because I like serving lots
of little choices and
add-ons for dinner time.
The kids also got two
packs of animal crackers.
We got five things of apple juice.
Now I do not worry about
keeping juice on hand,
or anything special along those lines.
Because, we have ice and we have water,
and there you go, there’s
your drink, ice water.
You can choose ice cubes or no ice cubes.
Again, this is a treat.
Also, because it is winter,
even though it’s 62 today,
we were out of hot chocolate
so we got two big containers
of hot chocolate. They can
have that with breakfast, too.
We got a whole bunch of milk.
Let’s see, I’ve got 12 milks total.
These are all dated for February eighth.
And I’m not sure how
it’s all gonna line up
on when this video will be published,
but we’ve got a couple weeks now.
So, this milk is going to be gone
in about a week in a half or so.
This is sugar-free unsweetened
almond milk for me,
I love that.
And heavy whipping cream,
lots, I have been using this
just to add in for omelets and things.
And, okay so for the milk,
that will be something Travis
gets in the fill-in haul.
Also, kid-wise, quick breakfast for,
you know, Sunday morning
if we’re scrambling or
whenever it happens.
We’ve got, looks like two,
we’ve got five bags of cereal.
So these are just the emergency fill-ins.
You can tell someone
has some plans for tuna.
So I ordered a whole bunch of tuna
because I am going to do tuna cakes.
I also on “Trim Healthy
Mama” and low carb-ish.
I like to do a can of tuna and
a tablespoon of mayonnaise,
and you can put it on some
lettuce or not, but it’s just
a good protein snack.
Here is the rest of the applesauce.
We’ve got several apple cinnamon as well.
Also adding to the
cheese pile you see today
I had Jaden bring the
card table down because
we just can’t fit it all on the table.
Two bags of shredded cheese.
Now this is that fiesta blend,
and that’s a bag of mozzarella.
And then here, eggs are still
super cheap in our area,
so one of these five dozen boxes is under
$3, $2 and some change.
Got some more stevia,
I got, there’s also one pack
of tea here, but actually,
way down here and this
was one, this is again how
this Walmart substitutions work.
I ordered the great value
brand because I always
go for the store brand when I can.
But they replaced it for the
same price with the Lipton.
And they must have had a run on tea.
A whole ton of bread.
I ordered 24 loaves again.
Guys, if my kids eat sandwiches
for lunch, that is one loaf of bread
and I like to stock up for the month.
Now, they did some replacement on me.
I did not order italian bread
and I did not order french bread.
So that is gonna make us get creative.
But I guess it all works the same.
That’s kind of a fill-in
where I’m like eh I wish
y’all wouldn’t have done
that, but that’s okay.
So, we’ve got a whole
lot of bread going on.
A whole lot of peanut butter
because we’re almost out
and this is a staple in our home.
So we’ve got crunchy peanut butter,
we’ve got four containers of that,
four containers of creamy,
We got four containers of strawberry jelly
and four containers of grape.
And then, I also, again, something else
I like to have sesame seed oil
in my pantry so I saw it and I was like,
okay I need another bottle of that.
And then I got the sugar-free
Smucker’s peach preserves
and sugar-free strawberry.
We’ve got cottage cheese.
I have several kids love
vanilla yogurt and so,
I bought 12 containers of vanilla yogurt.
I know I could make it in my instant pot,
I know I can make it in
my slow cooker and I have,
but I also don’t mind buying it
and having it in the refrigerator.
Okay and back to our cheese pile,
they had these, I know that
this was good for Walmart,
a four pound block of monterey jack.
Now, if you want to know
my exact price breakdown,
go to Largefamilytable.com
and I will have my entire
order there,
that will nickel and dime
every single price for you
and show you the quantities
and exactly what I got.
It’s fairly easy on me
because I can cut and paste it
from my Walmart order which
is helpful, but it’s organized
over there and there’s more pictures.
So with these fun treat yogurts, the kids,
this is a treat that we got for
today while mommy’s filming.
So they’ve already had two boxes of these.
Again, there’s our tea.
And then over here, we have
two, four, five boxes of pudding.
There’s 12 each.
So, these are just the
small little pudding cups.
And again, these will be given
out as treats here and there,
not for the kids to just
totally run through.
But still, they’re not
going to be around too long
and that’s okay.
These chocolate chips are
for our baked oatmeal muffins
and that’s what the
brown sugar is for, too.
Here in the meat, now I said
on my Instagram stories,
I don’t like getting meat at Walmart.
If I could do this
exactly how I wanted to,
You know, I would’ve got meat at Costco
and then put everything
else in for a Walmart order.
Some months, that’s going to happen.
Other times, we just need
the meat, and that’s that.
So, we’ve got three packs here.
These are two and a half pounds each.
So we’ve got about seven
pounds of lean ground beef,
this is 93 seven.
Now steak-wise. See, Costco
has the nice, thick steaks
and Walmart I just don’t,
it seems like all they have
is thin steaks.
So, I got several roast.
Two of these are for
my slow cooker recipes
and the rest are for
Travis to just slice up
and make steaks how he would like them.
He did that last month
with another roast we had,
and they turned out great.
So yeah, I’ve got two
for slow cooker recipe,
two for him to make steaks out of,
and we all love bacon.
These are three pound packs
and so, there are five…
fifteen pounds of bacon.
And then, two little shrimp rings
because several of the
kids, we like shrimp,
and those will just, I’ll pull those out
and that’ll be a treat.
Two things of turkey.
Now, we also have a roll of
turkey burger down there, too.
So I am going to make hamburger patties
and turkey burger patties for the freezer.
And so I ordered these. I also
ordered two packs of chicken
and the chicken they
just said out of stock
and they didn’t substitute
it with anything.
So, that’s another chicken thing is,
all the chicken that I
ordered I ordered like,
let me do my quick math
here, at least 30 pounds
of boneless, skinless chicken breast,
they didn’t substitute it with
anything, I don’t have it,
I need it for my recipes, so
again, on Travis’ short list.
Then we got, there were actually
four packs of the pepperoni,
Travis has one of them now.
And here we are back at the beginning.
And then something I don’t always do,
sometimes I separate my
household items in videos
and today, I am just going
to film it into one video.
And I’m sure you all won’t
mind so here is the overview.
I will have my full large family meal plan
and freezer cooking day
and I have 10 new recipes I am doing,
all of those will be coming
out so, if you don’t already,
go ahead and subscribe to this channel,
and stay caught up with what’s happening.
So over here for the household haul,
I’m just going to give you the overview
of how this is looking as well.
Real quick jumping in,
I had ordered two packs of sippy cups.
These are the sippy cups
that we’ve always used,
even way back when Jaden
and Zion were little,
and Amelia was little and on and on.
So I just, we just buy
extras to add in because
the lids are interchangeable
and the little stoppers
and all of that.
So, over here in the hair section,
we have my hair color,
we have my Olay night cream,
I got two things of deodorant.
One’s for me, one’s for Naomi, of Tom’s.
I was glad could get
that in my order today.
For Amelia, I got her these
cute little hair thing
I got this for myself because I thought
hey, I could figure out how
to do a cute bun like that,
I don’t know, it could happen.
So, I think it was a $5 dollar
thing but I got it for me.
And then, razors for myself and Vaseline.
You’ve seen in some of my
videos, some kids get the little
red ring around their mouth
whenever it’s real cold out
from licking their lips, we
just use a lot of Vaseline
for that and for chapped
hands in the winter.
This is a hair polisher I have
used on my hair for years.
Yeah, hair issues, but it’s
helpful, it smooths it down.
This is hair mousse for some
boys who need some hair mousse.
Up here, we’ve got the regular bags.
I already got into them.
We got parchment paper
because I need that for
some freezer cooking.
And then I got these freezer bags.
We got a thing of Tide
Pods and don’t worry,
our pods are kept way up high on a shelf.
We got some more Irish Spring.
This is still the scent
I like to have plugged into the house.
A big thing of toothpicks
because one of my recipes
we’re going to roll up some chicken
and some provolone and some
turkey slices and I needed that
to help with the freezing.
These are the bags we use for
our trash cans and our bathroom,
this is for household trash.
Got a big thing of
diapers for mister Daniel
and a big thing of diapers
for mister Benjamin.
Here’s for just odds and
ends like for hand washing,
here’s our dishwasher
gel for our dishwasher.
And then, four big things
of strawberry conditioner
and four big things of strawberry shampoo.
Thing of plates back there.
So yeah, this is our
household haul for today
and the household haul again
is everything that’s not
food related.
We actually got cat food and
dog food not too long ago,
so that’s not included
in this haul or anything.
But, there’s a look at that.
Alright friends so, be
looking for the other videos
that are gonna be coming out all about
this food back here, and
remember to go over to
Largefamilytable.com to see
the full price breakdown
and more pictures and all of that.
Remember you can also text the word
ten recipes
to 44222 to get my free
large family table dinner
recipe cookbook.
So, I will see you next
time with another brand
new video and I will chat with
you in those comments below.

Randall Smitham



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