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15 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Brainy Dose Presents:
15 Signs You’re Eating TOO MUCH Sugar
Sugar is sweet and delicious; and it triggers
the pleasure sensors in our brains – but eating
too much of it, can result in scary health
And while it may seem easy to rid yourself
of foods with high sugar values – like cake
or candy – there are other places where sugar
can hide in your diet.
It may surprise you to learn that ultra-processed
foods are up to five times higher in sugar
than processed and unprocessed foods – and
they contribute to about ninety percent of
our overall sugar intake.
Clearly, we should all be taking a closer
look at the nutrition labels on the foods
we eat…
You are likely consuming more sugar than you
Thankfully, you’re body has ways of letting
you know that it’s time to limit your sugar
Here are the signs you’re eating too much
Number One – Craving Sugar
Scientists can’t seem to agree whether or
not to call sugar cravings an addiction.
However, we do know that consuming sugar releases
dopamine in the brain – which is the feel-good
chemical that makes us happy.
Research has shown that sugar makes significant
changes to your dopamine receptors – which
eventually leads to higher tolerance, and
results in an increased need of sugar consumption
– in order to get an effect.
Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly normal
to crave some sugar every once in a while,
but if you need to have your sweets every
single day, you’re probably consuming too
much sugar – causing your brain to want even
Number Two – Food Doesn’t Taste As Good
If you start to notice that food doesn’t
taste the same way you remember it tasting,
it could be a sign that you’re eating too
much sugar.
Eating sugar all the time, results in your
taste buds changing – to acquire the sweet
taste you crave.
Excess sugar dulls your palate and dilutes
your sense of taste.
As a result, even foods that should taste
sweet, don’t seem to cut it anymore.
Number Three – Low Energy
Efficient energy production throughout the
body, isn’t attainable without proper glucose
It’s important to keep your blood sugar
levels well balanced – instead of going through
the steep ‘ups and downs’ that occur if
you’re always eating sugary snacks.
When you consume sugar, your pancreas releases
insulin – in order to aid in the transfer
of glucose to the cells – which can release
a burst of energy.
But once you use it up, you may experience
a dip in your energy levels.
Thus, the more sugar you consume, the more
extreme the sugar dip will be that follows.
Number Four – Breaking Out Around The Mouth
And Chin
Some experts believe that severe acne has
absolutely nothing to do with an individual’s
diet – at least for the majority of people.
Other studies however, have been able to link
breakouts with the overconsumption of sugary
They show that sugar can increase the production
of hormones in your body – particularly androgens.
Androgens are linked to inflammatory hormonal
acne, which typically tends to appear in the
area of the jawline and mouth.
If you’re struggling with breakouts in that
area and don’t know why, it may be helpful
to remove added sugars from your diet.
Number Five – Premature Aging
Sugar can actually accelerate the signs of
A diet high in sugar produces compounds in
the body that harm collagen and elastin – the
proteins that are vital to keep the skin’s
youthful appearance.
If you are eating a lot of sugar, wrinkles
will start to form, and your skin may start
sagging – much sooner than it would if you
were on a healthier diet.
Number Six – Joint Pain
Many studies have shown that sugar increases
inflammation in the body.
The effects can linger for a while, after
you’ve actually consumed sugar – so you
likely wouldn’t assume that your diet may
be the cause.
The inflammation can result in joint pain,
swelling, and stiffness.
Thus, if you are experiencing any joint problems,
you should consider lowering your sugar intake
and see if the pain improves.
Number Seven – High Blood Pressure
Too much sugar is not good for your heart.
While normal blood pressure is 120/80 or lower,
a diet high in sugar can push your blood pressure
over this threshold.
When it comes to hypertension, added sugars
in your diet probably matter more than dietary
Fructose in particular, can significantly
increase cardiovascular risks by causing metabolic
It’s no surprise that the American Heart
Association has recommended limiting added
sugars in your diet.
More specifically, for women, they recommend
a maximum of 100 calories a day – or 6 teaspoons
of added sugars.
As for men, they should be consuming no more
than 150 calories – or 9 teaspoons of added
sugars – per day.
So make sure you choose your snacks wisely.
Number Eight – High Cholesterol
There are even more hidden signs of having
too much sugar in your diet – such as increased
levels of various fats that circulate in your
Typically, when people think about foods that
raise cholesterol levels, they tend to think
of foods that have high percentages of saturated
Yes, these foods, along with foods that are
high in trans fats, definitely increase bad
cholesterol levels.
Likewise, a high abundance of sugar can significantly
increase bad cholesterol as well.
If you’re concerned about your cholesterol
levels, in addition to reducing your fat intake,
you should also consider cutting out ‘added’
Number Nine – Gut Trouble
Your diet largely contributes to the balance
of good and bad bacteria in your body – especially
in your digestive tract.
Foods that are high in sugar, feed bad bacteria
– which causes them to overpower the good
An imbalance of these bacteria can affect
the function of your gastrointestinal tract
– which may cause you to feel sick, or have
trouble metabolizing your food efficiently
– along with other issues.
And while foods high in salt have been shown
to cause bloating, foods high in sugar can
also cause your stomach to bulge.
It’s also important to note that if you
have a sensitivity to sugars such as fructose
(the sugar found in fruit) or lactose (the
sugar found in dairy), you may also experience
bloating or other common symptoms of irritable
bowel syndrome.
Frequent stomach trouble should lead you to
taking a closer look at your sugar intake
as being a probable cause.
Number Ten – Mood Swings
Higher amounts of sugar in your body can lead
to changes in how your body handles food.
Consuming too much sugar in a short period
of time leads to a sugar high – and a fast
And when you crash, your body has a hard time
maintaining its high energy level.
If you get frustrated and irritable after
your sugar high fades off, you are likely
consuming too much to begin with.
Excess sugar in your diet can also make anxiety
disorders worse.
Therefore, if you suffer from anxiety or are
easily stressed, you should watch your sugar
Number Eleven – Cavities
When you were a child, your dentist likely
talked to you about cavities.
He or she probably told you to stay away from
sugary drinks and foods to avoid getting them
– something that many adults need to be reminded
of as well.
Sugar that sits on your teeth, feeds plaque
bacteria that already live there and produce
acid – which wears away at your tooth enamel
– leading to cavities.
What’s even worse is consuming combinations
of sugar and acid, which usually come from
sports drinks or sodas.
The longer and more often you snack on high
sugar foods or beverages, the higher your
risk of getting cavities.
It’s best to limit your sugar intake – to
avoid any painful visits to your dentist.
Number Twelve – Weight Gain
A diet that consists of snacks and beverages
that are high in sugar can easily result in
weight gain.
But sugar isn’t always as obvious as you
think it may be…
If you’ve been gaining weight and can’t
figure out why, you may want to pay closer
attention to food labels.
Many foods contain added sugars that you may
never have even suspected were there.
These added sugars cause you to unknowingly
consume a significant number of empty calories.
For example, one serving of canned soup may
be dangerously close to the total recommended
sugar intake for the day.
It’s important to educate yourself about
finding added sugars on food labels; and keeping
track of how much you’re eating.
Number Thirteen – Sleeping Problems
Eating a snack or consuming a beverage with
a high amount of sugar before bedtime, can
make it harder to fall sleep or stay asleep
throughout the night.
Since sugar provides a short burst of energy
for the body, it makes going to bed harder
– when you should really be calming down and
preparing for sleep.
On the other hand, it may have the opposite
effect shortly thereafter.
That’s because sugar triggers the release
of serotonin – a neurotransmitter that makes
you feel relaxed.
But even after nodding off, you still won’t
have the satisfaction of a good night’s
You won’t wake up feeling as good, due to
the dip in your sugar levels during the night.
It’s best to stop eating entirely at least
two hours before going to bed – especially
foods high in sugar.
This way, any sugar you have consumed has
enough time to make its way through your system.
You will then be able to relax – and your
body will have an easier time getting into
“sleep” mode.
Number Fourteen – Workout Crash
Fitness experts will tell you that it’s
critical to properly fuel your body.
And if exercising has become harder for you,
a high-sugar diet could be the culprit.
Eating sugary foods before a workout can result
in feeling fatigued and miserable afterward.
Since too many simple sugars cause a quick
spike in blood sugar, followed by a rapid
drop – it leaves you feeling exhausted halfway
through your workout.
Limiting your consumption of sugar will cause
you to see a major difference in your workouts
and your strength.
Number Fifteen – Weakened Immune System
Approximately seventy percent of your immune
system is located in your gut, and it’s
supported by beneficial gut bacteria.
Therefore, keeping a healthy balance of good
bacteria is super important.
As I mentioned earlier, high sugar diets only
feed the bad bacteria – which consequently
affects how well the immune system is able
to function.
If you tend to get sick often, it may be time
to limit your sugar intake.
Now, sugar isn’t something that should be
avoided at all costs…
However, limiting the consumption of ADDED
SUGARS not only does the body good, it also
helps you save calories for the foods that
actually fill you up and make you feel better.
So learn how to recognize the signs of eating
too much sugar, and then figure out how you
can cut back.
What do you think?
Have you noticed your body giving you any
of these clues?
Are you eating too much sugar?
Share your thoughts and comments below!
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Randall Smitham



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