April 5, 2020
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hey it’s Courtney and Steve from SeriousKeto and today we are gonna be reviewing 16 non sugar sweeteners but before we do
that if you enjoy low carb cooking videos product and ingredient reviews as
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click that bell to turn on notifications right on so as we’ve indicated in some
other videos that we’ve had Courtney and Courtney is a sugar fan kind of has been
for you know all 18 years so I felt she would be the perfect person to help out
as we do a comprehensive look at various non sugar sweeteners we’re gonna start
with erythritol this is I think from Anthony’s so we’ll give that a whirl so
this one’s one that has more of that cooling taste to it I think and it also
from my experience of looking at a few keto things it’s kind of one of the
common keto sweeteners that people will use in recipes yeah and I’m not sure why
because while it does have the consistency of sugar I truly don’t pick
up any sweetness at all I just get that sort of cooling like sugar free gum type
of feel so erythritol we’re not gonna call one of our favorites and then we
have Truvia which has erythritol and stevia leaf extract as well as natural
flavors you know like that you don’t like the
taste of stevia I don’t like stevia at all it’s just such a fake sweet this is
definitely more sweet I kind of like this but it’s it totally has that stevia
sort of tail-end taste that I don’t know what’s like like licorice or yeah I I
kind of like I can like this so I’m you don’t I’m gonna call this one I’m gonna
put this if we had two piles this would be the happy pile yeah I would still be
the sad pile for me now then this one kind of surprised me I’d included this
in my candied pecans recipe which I’ll link to up there when I purchase this at
Costco all I saw is monk fruit sweetener and then down here it kind of blends
right in they don’t really make it very pronounced it says with erythritol now
like when you see the credits in a movie and it says like with some actor or
actress usually they have a small part you know that’s why they’re not getting
the big lunk fruit sweetener billing well look at this the number one
ingredient is erythritol and then monk fruit extract ok maybe at the very end
there’s like a little sweet aftertaste but I think on the front end
it’s even got a stronger cooling sensation than that straight-up
erythritol I think it tastes like the erect at all Oh what I’ve heard but a
little bit sweeter yeah now this next blend says monk fruit stevia ELO’s in
terms of the ingredient order it goes erythritol al elos stevia extract monk
fruit extract so it’s bringing quite a combination of things here maybe maybe
before we do this we should actually try straight al yellows and see what we
think of that so here 100% pure a yellow s– how many
complaints yeah but it doesn’t really taste sweet it doesn’t have a bad taste
it doesn’t have the cooling of a wrist at all yeah if there is some sweetness
it’s a very very mild sweetness on this so now back to our blend right when it
touches my tongue it’s just like stevia yeah chemical this mean that’s what it
tastes like it’s so not good yeah this brings a lot of stevia right up front
yeah it’s not like aftertaste stevia this is like very very stevia forward I
first tasted xylitol oh my goodness probably 15-20 years ago and I had
purchased some Baskin Robbins grasshopper ice cream candies that were
sugar-free and it had xylitol and I had about three of these candies in a row
and then had to beat a fast path to the bathroom if you think about that scene
in Iron Giant when Hogarth puts the X lakhs and that
agents ice cream sundae and he’s like over gold or gold or that was me sure is
crunchy yes doesn’t taste like much there’s some
sweetness on the end and I would say if we were talking just purely on flavor I
would take this over the erythritol yeah but you know it does cause a lot of
gastrointestinal distress for people me included so we’ll see for that reason alone I think
it’s uh I don’t buy if it’s gonna make you not feel good all right we’re gonna
get a couple of the stevia’s out of the way I know you’re not happy about this
now one thing to be aware of stevia in the raw does contain multi dextran which
is not exactly keto friendly oh yeah that yeah that’s if sadness had a flavor
that’s so bad that’s what that is this is just gonna go I carbage can oh my god
I need a palate cleanser after that now we have 100% pure organic stevia now
this is not gonna take very much I suspect so bad
Wow I mean I like stevia drops like those liquid stevia drops I touched my
tongue to it and it was just like boys bloated yeah I mean that hits you hard
and not in a good way I mean I I guess some people like that
taste I mean it didn’t there was no even sweet payoff to it it was just like the
aftertaste but at the front and end in the middle and in the end bad we have
another blend these are the whole earth packets
we’ve got erythritol stevia leaf extract natural flavor monk fruit extract really
big crystals on this yeah it’s a crumbled styrofoam this one also crunchy
the flavor reminds me of the way a box of fish sticks smells great tastes like
powdered sugar a little bit I’m gonna have a
little bit more just because I hate my tongue I guess truly there is something
about that taste that reminds me of if you were for whatever reason eating a
cardboard box not a fan get ready for the internet
backlash as we have some Splenda well first off there are a lot of sucralose
haters out there and you know they probably have their reason I try and
really limit my intake of Splenda but just for the sake of being a
completionist we’re gonna have a little bit of this also when you get sucralose
Splenda in a package it does also have Malto dextran to keep the crystals from
kicking together this looks like the last thing it sure is sweet yes this is
like the first thing we’ve tasted it actually tastes sweet and you know it’s
it’s unfortunate that it’s a product that sort of surrounded with controversy
in the diet and health communities because there’s something like this you
know I were making homemade yogurt and put this in as a sweetener either way I
think it would work but in general it’s gonna be something that I use rarely if
at all after getting the LeConte oh and finding
out that that’s predominantly erythritol I ordered some pure monk fruit so the
only ingredients in this are and I hope I get the pronunciation right Lohan Gul
monk fruit extract an unusual smell and the color is sort of a would you call it
not quite amber good smell same color as like Oh darker than maca powder yeah
it’s kind of like like malted milk like no powder oh that is really unusual when
you taste it it tastes warm in it yeah like that aftertaste it’s like just work
like something like glass plasticky yeah or like a rubber gasket or something
it tastes the way rubber smells when it’s on fire like rubber cement kind of
I know you’re just supposed to use a tiny bit of monk fruit and I don’t know
if this were diluted with something if it were better but yeah I feel like I
just ate you know a burning tire yeah yep
so my mouth tastes like and I don’t know that I’m even gonna be able to give the
rest of these a fair shake just because I can’t get this taste is that what
fruit taste out of my mouth let’s go through the swerves with we
have the swirl of confectioner’s now I’m not a huge fan of just confectioner
sugar ever but I think that this this comes very close in terms of texture and
I find that the taste on this is not is displeasing to me as some of the other
erythritol but I think in something like a frosting this might work next we have
the straight-up swerve granular so there must be something in the swerve that
lessens that cooling effect because I don’t get that as much no but it’s so
there but in terms in terms of the erythritol x’ that we’ve had I kind of
think that the swerve is my favorite so this is the swerve brown I love brown
sugar yes brown sugar is better than white
this should be good I don’t know I want to lower your expectations a little texturally it does a pretty good job
flavor it just reminds me of a plain graham cracker it tastes like a graham
cracker doesn’t really taste like brown sugar
that’s excited by something it tastes like a graham cracker but that means I
may be able to create a Kido graham cracker if I’m using something like this
shukran gold this is what I use in my mug cakes well you say first what you
think I mean I think it’s better than the swerve but it still doesn’t have as
much of a brown sugar taste no but what do they get the best I think you get
like right at the very front end you get the brown sugar taste and then after
that it kind of goes away I almost wonder if you know blending those two
together might yield something interesting
and lastly we have focus wheat which is made from kabocha extract and kabocha is
considered a superfood in the Japanese diet no I did not know that I just oh
really I guess if I have my reading glasses on I could have known that – it’s not enormous Lee sweet but it also
there’s nothing I dislike about it there’s no sort of weird mouthfeel
there’s no sort of weird flavor no crazy aftertaste I think one two three
combination swerve brown sugar Sukhram gold focus wheat you don’t do that
that’s the best I’m gonna do that right now
in the name of science all right little baby spoon of each gonna take a
decent-sized bite so I’m sure to get all of them so this is the Sukhram swerve
Brown and bokeh sweet blend I think it’s perfect that is a pretty
good combination right there like I could totally see using that in a baking
risk yeah mmm does you get you get that Sukhram on the front end you know you
get the swerve sort of at the tail end as right as it’s sort of leaving your
mouth you get that you know graham cracker maybe slightly molasses taste
and then and then you get a very pleasant sweetness out of the out of the
boca sweet we may have just invented something so if you have done a blend of
sweeteners that you find is especially good and would like to share it with the
rest of the serious keto community please post it down in the notes below
now I also know that most people just aren’t going to be eating sweetener
straight up probably nobody so this may have not been an entirely fair taste
because I’m sure some of these probably change a little bit when you’re baking
with them or adding them to liquid or some full fat yogurt or something like
that so if you have experiences with that and would like to share them if you
find that somehow some of these get a lot better or worse in baking or
anything like that share it down in the comments but I
think for right now we would probably agree that the top tasting sweeteners in
this word the swerve line especially the the brown sugar and the Sukhram gold and
the Boca sweet yes yes what I think would be interesting tests an
interesting test for all the non sugar sweeteners would be to do a quick mug
cake with all of them Oh taste test see how they all bake instead of making a
whole shabang thing sure what or some sort of a sweet Javal I kinda have a
reputation for Charles these days but so maybe we’ll have a follow-up
video in another week or so where we’ll try out a couple of these see how they
work in terms of a mug cake or H awful or just blending with some full fat
yogurt what do we say at the end see you next time
that is not correct we say thanks for watching

Randall Smitham