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2 Easy Mexican Keto Salsas Add These Salsas In Every Food- KETOBANGBANG

welcome back everyone we’re gonna be
doing this time around some salsas we’re
gonna be doing a green chilli salsa in a
red chilli salsa okay let’s go ahead and
get started for green salsa we’re gonna
need about 14 tomatoes a jalapenos ten
seven Sheila’s two garlic cloves in a
quarter of a small onion for second
sauces we’re gonna need only for Serrano
chilies no jalapenos same amount of
tomatillos two garlic cloves 1/4 a small
onion for medium size tomatoes we’re
gonna head over to my grill and start
cooking these ingredients now if you
don’t have a grill don’t worry about it
you can just put a pan in your kitchen
and put the tomatillos and the chilies
and the tomatoes there and you just cook
them over over the pan until they get a
little charred like I’m going to do here
on the grill I just love to use my grill
because I like to go outside and if you
like him I’m in springtime or summertime
already okay so here we have it we’re
all ready to go ahead and start our
salsa it’s pretty easy to make propely
much we’re just gonna go ahead and blend
it all together we’re gonna need some
cilantro for this and some salt we’re
gonna go ahead and put all our
ingredients in the blender you can go
ahead and do it in parts or you can
produce everything together
the sheila’s should be shot something
off and the tomatillos that it will
blend in well
as you add salt put a little bit by
little and until until administer you’re
now for the next step we’re gonna take a
pan we’re gonna put some olive oil what
we’re gonna do is gonna put our salsa in
there and we’re gonna let some of that
water retain in the chilies and the
tomatillos and the onions to evaporate a
little so we have a merkin consistent
salsa and here we are we are pretty much
done and the sauce is ready to go
this salsa will last you for a good
while for us we put it on everything it
would last us for two weeks so it maybe
if you don’t need that much what you can
do is separate them into little sandwich
bags and put something the freezer and
that way when you’re ready to have some
pull it out of the freezer and you’re
good to go
alright let’s get started on other
sounds pretty much the same as the other
one we’re gonna add tomatoes to this one
and the only difference is it’s gonna be
a little more reddish so we call it
sells out Raqqa which is red sauce of
red salsa now these two salsas are the
basis for a lot of Mexican food we put
it on tacos we put it on our breakfast
we put on tortas burritos anything the
spiciness depends on how much chili you
put in it and you know how much you can
handle but if you look for example you
wanted to make any salad with some beef
and potatoes you can use these salsas
and just not you know don’t put so much
chili and you’ll have it this out in
your hands a kilo friend Nikki Sal
again on this sauce side you’re gonna
put salt according to your taste we have
a lot of salsa here especially with the
tomatoes it’s a lot of volume so we’re
gonna separate it into different to
different parts but it’s all gonna go
together and at the end we like to use
skip a line in salt because it’s a
healthier salt and regular salt and it
also has less sodium in it it is no
difference in taste okay we’re gonna
either we blend everything in together
we’re gonna go ahead and mix it in the
pan and we’re gonna be mixing around a
little bit thicker the color might
change a little a bit darker but it’s
exactly what you’re looking for
now if you don’t have a grill like I do
I love to use my girl for everything you
can just grab a regular pan and put the
tomatillos in the salt and the tomatoes
and the onions in the pan until they get
a little sharp what we’re looking for is
for them to cook from the inside out
it’s basically the same thing I just
like the char from the grill
it gives that better flavor all right
and we are done that looks really really
really good check it out all right we’re
ready to go head and start putting our
sauces in or different plates this one
came out a little greener than I thought
it would be you don’t have more Tomatoes
go ahead you’re not less tomatillos you
can always play around with it
all right guys and that’s it we are done
these are really really quick to make
and there are delicious that will last
you for a good while and you should
really put it in everything I hope you
like this video and your sauces and the
rest of our videos I hope you keto is
doing great and we’ll see you in the
next one thanks for stopping by

Randall Smitham



  1. Werner Warga Posted on March 10, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    I also make the green salsa where you add the chopped onion and cilantro in at the end.

  2. Belita TV Posted on May 6, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    Good job babe

  3. Galaxia X Posted on May 11, 2019 at 1:36 am

    What’s the carb count? Macros etc