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2 Months of Keto Made Me Brave

I’m starting keto today.
I’m starting keto after this cup of coffee.
Keto day 8.
One week in. I have been…
My official one-week weigh in this morning…
Results? Down…8.4 pounds. Eight point four!
I lost .8.
I lost 4.4.
Which makes 18 in four weeks.
So last week I gained. My first gain. It
was only .6.
I dropped 3.6 this week, so what’s it been? Six weeks? And I’m down 21 pounds
I am down just shy of 30 pounds in nine
weeks basically.
When have I ever done that?
I will tell you when. Pretty much never.
I might have been some…no never.
So…here’s what I’ve decided.
I am actually going to do something with all of these little video clips.
It’s kind of cold in
here! I’m losing all of my built-in fat
stores to keep me toasty. Um. So I’m not
the only person that has struggled with
this their whole life and never found
what worked for them.
I’ve had a lot of people…friends…asking me what I’m doing…
[points back at dog] That guy!
…asking me what I’m doing,
how I’m doing it, what they should do, what all my resources are, what I’m eating
And I love nothing more than
telling them.
Anyone that I have told about these…
these secret files kept in
the vault…
want me to do this.
They want me to suck it up and have a YouTube
and I think I might be ready now?
gonna do it. YouTube.
Clearly you know that because you’re watching this,
but I needed to rec…I needed to just…I needed to work it out.
Because this is a
level of vulnerability I don’t quite
think I’ve experienced yet. And I’ve
experienced a lot of it.
But…my two-month weigh-in…
I wanted desperately to have it
be 25 pounds down and this is just keto
pounds. This isn’t anything I’ve lost
previously that I managed to keep off.
This is just eight weeks of keto. I
wanted so badly to have lost 25 pounds.
I lost 26
Sunday’s weigh in, the nine-week weigh in, I wanted so badly to be in the teens.
I think I was, the week before, 320-something. 321. Whatever.
I wanted so badly to be in the teens because I don’t think I have weighed anything under
320-something…fifteen years?
so, I wanted so desperately to be in the teens.
I was 318-something. This morning 317
something, but we don’t count it ’til Sunday.
I feel so hopeful with this process.
More hopeful than I ever have been and I want to be able to give that hope to other
people so aside from saving myself a
little time and energy explaining this
to everyone that asks we’re gonna put it
out here for everyone to watch.
But especially the people I don’t even
know. Like if you’ve also spent forty
some years battling your weight and
never getting anywhere and just unsure
of what the hell you’re supposed to do
if something I say helps you get on the
path…whatever your path is…I’m down.
If it makes me look like a complete raging idiot, but it helps you…I’m down.
Like, I’ve made an idiot out of myself
repeatedly, so I might as well help
somebody in the process, right? By the way, this shirt fits. I mean I could wear it
before but it was kind of like shoving
300 and some pounds of chub in a 200
pound sack, but now…like…there’s a room here. I have a photo of me in it in
September and I look at that photo and
I’m like, “Girl, you ain’t ready. That…that
ain’t cute.” I can wear it now. [clicks teeth] My arms are big, but they’re less big. Seriously…these are arms. I mean I’m not
gonna raise my arm and wave at ya, but
like what’s happening? This? Seriously.
I’m a little intimidated by you
YouTube. Not gonna lie. I might have to
start wearing actual makeup. A lot of my
videos are gonna be from here cuz
here’s the thing I thought would be
awesome. If I tallied all these little
videos before I even started like I had
been doing…not a lot, but a little…you’ll be
able to see the difference. Like, can you
see a difference? It’s easier for y’all
to see it than for me to see it, but like…
does my face look different? If I’m in the
same space a lot of the videos hopefully
you’ll see me shrinking before your very
eyes and now I feel like I’ve got this! There’s no stopping me!
And if the day ever comes that I’m like, “I can’t! I can’t eat another gram of
butter, people.” you can remind me to watch
this video and keep going. Especially if
it’s motivating you
cuz there’s gonna be days. We all know
there’s gonna be days where I want to
lose my whole mind in some ice cream.
I’m pretty sure the Captain America logo was never meant to stretch like this. Just sayin’.
OK. I have things to do. I am a busy woman. I really hope that you enjoy whatever
the heck it is I’m about to do. You’ll
see me cook some things perhaps.
There will be vloggy type things. Day
in the life. There will be possible tears
no there won’t be tears.
There will be shenanigans periodically. I
hope I travel. I hope I travel and you
all get to go with me. And then it
motivates you to travel and then you can
come visit me and will be amazing. Good God.
OK. I gotta go.
What is that? Like…clean up your mess before you shoot videos.

Randall Smitham



  1. Stephan Blake Posted on May 20, 2018 at 2:34 am

    There you go girl! Awesome! 🙂 someone give her a medal

  2. Brad Miller Posted on May 21, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Great job. keep it up.

  3. Victor C Posted on May 21, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    I am so fkn proud of you!!!!!!!! Loved this video!!!