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3 Egg Breakfast Recipes to add to your family menu today | All Nigerian Recipes

Hey guys! How are you all doing?
Welcome back to my channel!
Today I’ll share 3 simple egg breakfast recipes
that you can add to your family menu today.
What’s special about them is that each of
them is quite filling
so you can also serve them as brunch, lunch,
evening meal, dinner.
Let’s go and after watching, please let me
know which one is your favourite, ok?
The first one is baguette boat. O na-apukwa
oku ooo!
These are the ingredients you will need.
Diced sweet pepper, baby spinach, sliced red
onions, salt,
black pepper and 4 eggs.
These ingredients serve two people.
I will put the full list and alternatives
in the description box below the video.
We start by beating the eggs.
A spoon is hands down my preferred tool for
beating eggs
especially when they are just a few eggs.
A spoon does a better job than a fork.
All you fork people, that doesn’t sound right,
why do you use a fork?
It takes a longer time and at the end of the
it doesn’t even give the eggs a good beating
so why do you use it?
Anything more than 4 eggs, I’ll put them in
a bigger bowl
and use a whisk but for a few eggs, give me
a spoon please!
Add the rest of the ingredients.
You can also use ugu instead of spinach.
If using ugu, tear them up into smaller pieces
with the
tips of your fingers because ugu leaves are
broader than baby spinach leaves.
See how colourful it is??? It looks ready
to eat!
These egg yolks are so yellow!
Pour some olive oil into a pan. You can use
any other oil.
When it heats up, pour the egg mix and spread
it out.
After about 20 seconds, I stir gently.
And continue to stir gently from time to time.
Once it cakes all over, take it off the stove.
You see how all the veggies are still alive
but the egg is cooked?
Yes, that’s what you want.
Make a big hole in the baguette like this.
Then scoop the gourmet scrambled eggs into
If you do not have a baguette, use any non-sliced
bread loaf
and create a similar hole. Agege bread will
be perfect for this. Chai o!
The second one is egg moi moi.
If you are on a weightloss journey, you can
eat just Egg Moi Moi
and it can keep you full for hours if not
the whole day.
You only need to be drinking lots of water
just like after eating beans.
I’ll be using 3 eggs, baby spinach, diced
fresh paprika,
sardines, sliced red onions and salt.
Beat the egg, again using my spoon!
Add some salt.
Then fill some glass bowls with the ingredients
like sooo!
Onions …
Eggs …
Spinach …
Diced paprika …
You can use tatashe in place of sweet peppers.
And the sardines. Tinned sardines are already
cooked so
if you are using uncooked fish, boil it first
before adding.
And here’s my rig up for steaming the egg
moi moi.
Just like I rig up for cooking beans moi moi.
Pour some water in a pot and add a base.
Cover and leave it to boil.
When it boils, add the bowls of egg moi moi.
And cover with a sheet of alumimium foil which
you see that
I’ve folded to make a circle that would fit
easily into my pot.
Cook it for 10 minutes maximum and it’s done.
In fact once it cakes, sometimes it will cake
within 7 minutes or so.
Also, when you insert a knife into it, it
comes out clean.
Be careful not to overcook it.
Like this one here that has some uncaked parts,
you may be tempted to continue cooking it
but it is not necessary,
the heat in the bowl is enough to cook it
completely within a short time.
Serve quickly before it deflates too much
and loses its charm.
You don’t want that.
Look at that!
There’s another even more delicious way I
prepare this egg moi moi.
As a bonus, I’ll show that other one as well.
Here we go!
Add black pepper …
Add salt …
And instead of beating the eggs to shegge,
just mix it a little bit to spread out the
egg yolk.
This kind of egg tastes much better than the
one you beat so well.
You can try it and come back and testify.
Add the leaves, tomatoes and onions.
Yes, you can add anything you want to this
egg moi moi.
Steam for at most 10 minutes.
Then gently scoop it out.
Here I served it with the almighty Jollof
With this egg moi moi you do not need meat
at all.
Great for that time when you have some left
over rice
but meat has finished hehehe.
This is what the inside looks like!
Before we see the last one, have you liked
this video yet?
Have you? have you? No? OMG! You want to forget
The last one is this beautiful Potato Omelette.
In fact this one deserves a separate video
of its own.
Anyway, I am putting it here.
This one was inspired by the Spanish Tortilla
de Patatas where
they cut the potatoes into small pieces.
Fry it in oil then mix with the egg before
making the omelette.
Here are the ingredients we will be using.
Peel and slice the potatoes like this …
About 5 mm thickness.
Then add it to boiling water.
To reduce fry-fry, I boil the potatoes instead
of frying them.
Add some salt.
Then cover and cook for 5 minutes on high
Then put it in this grill.
This grilling is just to give them the sexy
dark stripes so
you don’t have to do it.
Is it
just me or whenever a meal has these grill
the food instantly goes from 0 to 100 on the
appetizing scale for me.
Beat the eggs.
Add these ingredients and mix.
Again I’m using olive oil, you can use any
other oil.
Ok, the salt was over here so I forgot to
add it earlier, adding it now.
When the oil is hot, pour in the egg mix.
Lay the spinach and the potatoes flat in the
Cover it and turn down the heat to very low.
For reference, the heat setting on my cooker
is from 1 to 6 and I set it to 2.
It takes 15 to 20 minutes to cake completely.
And when that happens, it’s done!
Serve it on its own with chilled fruit juice.
I have lots of favourite mixed fruit juice
but carrot juice is my no. 1!
You can serve it with a toast, with akamu
or custard,
with oatmeal and many more.
That’s it!
I hope you will try these egg recipes especially
on a day
you have the time to relax and savour them.
Which one is your favourite?
Bah-byeee see you soon!

Randall Smitham



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