April 5, 2020
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– Hey guys welcome to iFOODreal. If you’re new here my name is Olena and this is my healthy Instant Pot recipes tips and tricks YouTube channel. Every Wednesday we post
Instant Pot tips and tricks and every Friday we come
back with a new healthy Instant Pot recipe for you. Both show up at 9 a.m. PST. So make sure to subscribe
below and hit the bell icon. Then you will be notified and not miss, because you don’t want to miss anything. Anyways today we’re making one, two, three healthy breakfast in Instant
Pot that you can grab and go, your kids will love, it goes in lunch box, lunch boxes, it goes in lunch boxes, perfect for meal prep, you
can freeze, it’s amazing. (upbeat music) Hi guys. Hey guys. Hey guys. So we are making egg bites, pancake bites, and oatmeal
bites and they’re all healthy. So I just want to talk about
these silicon bite molds, because you will need them. They are made completely
of silicone, even the lid. you can buy them on Amazon and many do come in a pack of two. When you are buying just make sure they do have a silicone lid. Some sets come with a plastic, but you don’t want to cook
plastic in your Instant Pot. So these two, I bought these two. I don’t remember how much,
$15 or something like that. They’re both with silicone lids and we’re gonna link to them below. And also you will need
a trivet with handles to put them inside the
pot, so you don’t burn. So there are two options. This one. It usually comes with an
eight quart Instant Pot Duo. That’s mine it came with or you can buy it separately on Amazon. We’re gonna link below as well and another option is this kind of trivet. See? It came with these stainless steel pans. We’re gonna do it next time. That’s where you cook two
different things at the same time. So either of those trivets work. This one is not going to work because you have to be able
to, actually for egg bites, that’s the only recipe
it’s not going to work because you have to be able to
somehow put the silicone mold with the liquidy egg mixture inside. But it will work for pancake
and for the oatmeal bites. And you want to have
a small little spatula for kind of like separating
the bites from the mold. This is silicone and last
tip is I do not put my egg bite molds into the dishwasher. It’s just easier to wash them by hand, but just like with anything silicone, so you know, silicone really absorbs the dishwasher detergent
perfumes and smell, so I don’t recommend you
put it in your dishwasher unless you use some natural and scent free dishwasher
powder like I do. This is my favorite Seventh Generation. I really like it and food
doesn’t taste like perfume. So those are the tips,
so now let’s make recipe. Recipe number one, which one should we do? Instant Pot egg bites. So in a large measuring
cup crack nine eggs and I like to use the
glass one with the handle and a spout so it’s easy to
pour the mixture into the mold. So then add 1/4 cup milk or water. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder. 1/2 teaspoon salt. And black pepper to taste. Then you whisk everything. So whisk well and make sure you don’t see the small
lumps of baking powder. Oh I see one, so just
whisk a little bit more. Muscle work baby. (upbeat music) So now it’s time to fill the molds. Spray the sides and the bottom of the mold with cooking spray really well. Fill up each opening about
halfway with egg mixture. So now top with your favorite veggies. Veggies that go well are firm vegetables like bell pepper, zucchini,
mushrooms, chopped spinach. I’m using about half large bell pepper and you just kind of drop them in there. And actually as I was adding vegetables I decided that I’m gonna leave these plain and if you like egg bites plain you can add a little bit of more milk and water to add more volume and I’m gonna do just that
so you can see how it works. And then you sprinkle with cheese. Here I have freshly
grated Parmesan cheese. You can use any cheese
like mozzarella, cheddar, smoked gouda, anything you like and who doesn’t love cheese? And I feel like I need more
cheese to entice my children, because last time they were
complaining not enough cheese. So on the plain egg bites, I’m going to add a little bit of cheddar cheese, white cheddar. So now you put the lids on and they just snap here, they’re awesome. Stack on top of each other. Actually I want the veggie one here and you put them on a trivet. So now you wanna take one cup water and add to your Instant Pot and make sure to check out our video 10 things not to do in your Instant Pot and one of them is to cook without water. And then you carefully lift the egg bite molds by the handles. See, that’s why you need
a trivet with handles and you put it inside the Instant Pot. Put the lid on top make sure the valve is to sealing and press pressure cook or manual on high pressure
for eight minutes. So the display will stay
on and pressure cooker will take about five minutes
to build up the pressure. You might see a little
bit of steam coming out from the steam release
valve and that’s normal. And then eventually once
Instant Pot is to pressure this pin will pop up and
yours might be different color and cooking time will begin. So after eight minutes are up
Instant Pot is done cooking and you can release pressure
using quick release method, turning valve from sealing to venting and then it’s safe to
open the Instant Pot. Note the pot will not open
until it’s safe to do so, so don’t worry about it. It’s so smart, it’s the best. Instant Pot is the best honestly, I’m obsessed as you can tell. So after Instant Pot has finished cooking, just remove the egg bites
holding on the trivet handle and I like to drain water a little bit. Put them on a plate to
cool off for five minutes. Taste test number one. Mm. These are good. Oh my goodness because we added cheese, it literally fell in the middle and they’re like cheese stuffed egg bites. These are so good. I mean look at this, they’re so spongy. This is cheese, oh, kids will love these. Eggs and cheese, what not to like? Mm, outstanding. All right, recipe number two. Instant Pot pancake bites and if you have picky
eaters this will be perfect because think of basically
pancakes in a mini muffin form and kids love anything in a muffin form. My kids are begging me for
pancake bites every day. Let’s do it. So in a large glass measuring
cup add one large egg, one cup milk and it can be any milk. I’m using almond milk. Two tablespoon maple syrup
or honey works as well. Then one tablespoon oil. I’m using avocado oil,
but you can use olive oil. Any mild tasting oil. Like thing of pancakes recipe. And I like to add a splash of vanilla. Then we add one teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. And whisk everything. Now you want to add one
and 1/4 cups of whole wheat or a whole grain flour like spelt flour. And as I always say baking and stuff like that is a science. I have not tested this
recipe with other flour. So I recommend you do
whole wheat or whole grain. All flours differ and then you whisk. And then last you add your
kids favorite fruit or berries. I’m adding fresh blueberries today, because that’s what my kids like and that’s what will make
them to eat pancakes. Last time I tried frozen mango. I thawed it a little bit and diced, so any frozen fruit works and if you’re feeling extra generous you can add chocolate chips
maybe when I’m nice mom. Just like with egg whites
the process is the same. You spray the molds with cooking spray and then give batters stir and just divide batter
evenly among all openings. All right, put the lids on. And I want to show you
how another trivet works. Stack them on top of each other. You want to open the
lid, add one cup water, and I’m using hot water to
speed up the heating process. Then you put pancake bites in. Close the lid. Set valve to sealing
and press pressure cook or manual on high pressure for 12 minutes. Taste test. – That’s good. – Yeah? – Mm-hmm. – [Man] How good? – See? – Has a lot of blueberry flavor. – Perfect. So which one do you like
better, mango or blueberry? – Hmm, mango. – Mango?
– I like the mango. – Okay, next time. You can eat, I want one too. Should we maple syrup on
top to make it sweeter? Mm. So good, mm. I know why I like mango
more ’cause it’s more sweet. – Mm-hm. – Mango is more sweet. There you go, chocolate chips will work. – Mm-hmm. – Recipe number three. You’re amazing, you’re still here. Instant Pot oatmeal bites. Basically think of your favorite
oatmeal in a muffin form. You can use any kind of oats. This is why this recipe is amazing. I am using quick cooking steel-cut oats, because that’s what my
Costco sells organic. And steel-cut oats contain more nutrition than quick-cooking oats
so that’s what we like. The only difference is rolled
oats or quick cooking oats will come out more softer
because they have been flattened and kind of like hardboiled
and steel cuts, not that much. So it’s all about the texture. Let’s do it. So add two and 1/4 cups of milk into a large measuring cup. You can use any milk. I’m using almond milk,
you can use regular milk. Then add one large egg. Splash of vanilla. And 1/4 cup of maple syrup. One teaspoon baking powder. 1/4 teaspoon of salt. And whisk. If you like chia seeds you can add one tablespoon of chia
seeds, add some nutrition. And now two cups of oats. And stir well. Now you can add your favorite fruit, dried fruit, chocolate chips. We are adding raisins because
our blueberries are gone. Mysteriously. I think videographer eat
them on a break so raisins. Just spray the mold with cooking spray. So when pouring, make sure to stir before and kind of like the trick is
to get enough oatmeal and milk in each opening so keep
stirring and adding and use the spatula and then
you kind of go like this. Fix it, no big deal. Stir again. See how we’re left with some oats? Just distribute them. Add one cup water and put the
oatmeal carefully in here. Close the lid. Sealing and press pressure cook on high or on manual for 15 minutes. Look how cute are these. This is basically like
amazing for oatmeal on the go. They’re so cute, let’s try. Mm, so soft. This is perfect food on the go. So good. You can freeze them. And steel cut oats add a nice chewy bite. And I also wanted to really stress guys that with all of this mold recipes you want to let they bite
to cool off a little bit before you try to go around the mold and take it out in one piece. It’s okay if you have a few broken, but for majority, yeah, let them cool. So that’s it and I hope
you enjoyed this video and if you did thumbs up below, like this. And make sure to subscribe
and come back next week. Subscribe is there. See you next Wednesday
for Instant Pot tips and on Friday or the recipe. Bye.

Randall Smitham