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3 Healthy Meal Ideas I’m LOVING | paleo recipes

hey everyone welcome back it’s you my
channel today I’m sharing with you guys three healthy meals that I have been
loving lately they’re actually inspired by when I went to visit my family in LA
in Paris and France and they made these and I fell in love with the recipes so I
want to share them with you guys cuz they were really quick easy and they
were healthy so let’s go ahead and get into the healthy meals so the first meal
we’re making are these turkey zucchini boats I’m starting off by slicing up
some zucchini lengthwise zucchini is great it’s hydrating it’s
anti-inflammatory plus it’s loaded with beta-carotene which really works to
reduce the oxidative stress in your body it’s also a really good lower car
vegetable if that’s something that you watch so I just go ahead and I slice it
lengthwise and then I’m using an ice cream scoop but you can definitely just
use a spoon and spoon out the seeds in the center it’s hard to begin with but
once you get towards the center the seeds will come out easily and this way
we can fill our boats with things so this is really easy but also a very
versatile recipe because you can pretty much stuff it with anything so to reduce
waste I don’t like throwing out the middle of the zucchini I like to mix it
in but you can definitely just fill it with me but I like to do a combo of the
two that way we’re not being wasteful so I added in some ground turkey but you
could definitely do chicken lamb grass-fed great beef whatever kind of
that you want so I just mix that together and you can also mix up the
seasoning so I’m just going to do a very basic seasoning this is my favorite kind
of sea salt it has exalted also some pepper and things like that in it you
could do it taco style so a taco seasoning Italian like I said you can
definitely mix up the seasonings to make it a bit different and then mix up your
protein so the ones that’s mixed together I’m just going ahead and
spooning out in my mixture into all of the boats so generally I like to have
like two boats or one full zucchini per meal and you can have this with a side
salad or some other kind of vegetable but this is
a really good thing to meal prep too because it’s super easy you can make
them ahead of time or even just assemble them ahead of time so once they’re full
you just have to bake them off for about 25 minutes and you have these delicious
zucchini boats so versatile delicious a nice warm meal too plus you get in and
your veggies next up we’re making a Nicoise salad which believe it or not
was the first time I had one was like this summer and it’s actually a French
salad which is hilarious so I’m gonna boil off some red potatoes and some
green beans I put the green beans on top I take them off after seven minutes and
then I continue to cook the potatoes while that’s cooking I’m assembling my
tuna so I’m taking this primal kitchen lemon aioli Mayo
I really like their Mayo it’s better for you than like traditional Mayo some salt
and some pepper tuna is great because it is absolutely
loaded with vitamin b6 and vitamin b6 works really well when you’re stressed
for your adrenals but also for energy levels so it’s gonna be really good and
you want to make sure you get wild tuna as well you don’t want any tuna that
isn’t wild I’m also going to be slicing up a tomato which is also part of this
kind of traditional salad I’m including everything you traditionally would
include in this type of salad and tomatoes are great they’re full of
antioxidants I mean the brighter red tomatoes that you can get the more
vitamins and minerals that are going to be in it also really good for gut health
so I’m just slicing up one of these this one was actually from the farmers market
and I don’t know about you guys but I really find that produce from a farmers
market taste so much better than what you get in the grocery store and I also
kind of like going to the same farmers and getting to know them and everything
like that so then you can build your bowl once everything is done so I’m
loading up the tomatoes and then the potatoes and this is definitely
something that you can prep the ingredients beforehand so like the
potatoes and the green beans and the tomatoes cut that all up on Sunday or
whatever day get that ready to go and then you can assemble this throughout
the week I also like to hard-boil or medium boil some eggs to have on hand
so again all of these things can just be on hand even the 2-night you can make
ahead of time and then just prep your bowl if you want a quick lunch or dinner
or if you need to take it somewhere to school or to work but I love this
salad it’s full of healthy protein and it’s gonna keep you full I’m gonna leave
the dressing recipe down in the description box also but this is a great
filling salad I don’t like boring salads and this definitely is not boring it’s
got lots of healthy protein that’s gonna help fill you up healthy fats and a
great kind of versatile dressing that you can bring on the go as well so this
is definitely a winning salad and one that’s gonna keep eautiful and then we
have this coconut curry chicken guys my sister is obsessed with curry and she
made this like with so many different proteins I’m using chicken today but
she’s also made it with shrimp and it was really good with that as well I like
chicken thighs I just find that they have more flavor than she can breasts so
I’m cooking that and once that’s cooked I’m adding in some full fat coconut milk
so that’s the one you get in the cam this is what’s really gonna be good for
your gut because it’s full fat healthy fats don’t make you fat they’re super
good for you they actually do the opposite of make
you fat and then I’m adding in a heaping tablespoon of curry paste but you can
also do this with the curry spice I just find the paste has a little bit more
flavor and it is loaded with really good herbs that are warming and in the fall
and winter time it’s really good for your digestion to consume things that
are warming as opposed to things that are cold
so all those warming spices are gonna be not only lots of flavor but really good
for you so I kind of just simmer that off until the sauce thickens a little
bit and it kind of reduces and then like I said this is also something that you
can make ahead of time and meal prep I like to serve mine with cauliflower rice
it’s a very warming nourishing meal perfect for like those gloomy or
chillier days in the fall in the winter time but also really good that you can
prep it in advance and kind of just have it whenever you want it definitely a
good staple recipe that you can whip up really quick because there’s only three
ingredient all right guys I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to
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delicious recipes gonna leave my healthy recipes playlist right here so you can
get lots more ideas inspiration and of course recipes and I will see you guys
in my next video bye guys

Randall Smitham



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