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3 ingredient bagels!

(exclaims in pain) (orchestral music) – Hello, everybody. You may or may not
remember, fairly recently, I did a two ingredient pizza dough, which actually blew many people’s minds. I get sent pictures all
the time about that, including this right here. Thank you so much to
everyone that tries it out. But did you know you can adapt that dough in so many different ways? But also with a little
additional ingredient, you can make some very easy bagels indeed. That’s right, we discovered
with self-raising flour and some Greek yoghourt,
you can make a decent dough. It’s a little bit wet but
it works an absolute charm. And with the addition of an oof, an egg, it makes bagel dough, nice. But I’ve got a little disclaimer to make. When I went to the
supermarket earlier, I grabbed the Greek yoghourt, and I was
just basically grabbing it. I saw Greek yoghourt on it, I
didn’t see the font underneath that says, honey-flavored. Which, of course, going
back to the 4,3,2,1 playlist is just a good way of hacking
an extra sort of flavour into your ingredient. It just means for me, my
bagels might have a slightly honey vibe. To be honest, I’m quite
excited about that. But hey-ho, normally you would
use standard Greek yoghourt. When I spent some time out in America, I used to get basically
talked to like a puppet. They were like, “Barry, I need
you to say yoghourt right now.” And about, “Yoghourt.” And they
were like, “He’s hilarious.” And then tomato, and you
know, things like that. But hey, yoghourt, yoghurt,
it’s the same thing. All right, the first we’ll do is use that additional ingredient that we
didn’t use in the pizza dough and hopefully not get any
shell in there, brilliant. Yep, that one tried to sneak in. Cha-ching. (upbeat Mexican music) I’m sorry, that was possibly
the most annoying noise in the world. We might have dubbed some other
sound over the top of that. But basically, beat your egg. The egg is what’s gonna help
hold this dough together. If you do the other two ingredients alone, it’ll be a bit damp for your bagel. Okay, beaten egg, we’ll
just put that to one side for the moment, one side for the moment. We might need some more
flour, no pun intended, as we proceed for this
’cause it’s quite sticky. So in goes, this is
self-raising flour, boom. And this is the honeyed Greek yoghourt. Look, it’s got a slight
shade of honeyness to it. So I’m gonna go for about
200 grammes, which is about half of this tub. Is it gonna flick? (sighs in relief) That’s okay. The beaten egg, oh, nice. And now, we just mix it together. These three worlds are gonna
combine and make a universe of dough. (upbeat music) There, it’s still a
little bit wet actually. And you can see, that,
it ain’t gonna really shape very well. I’m gonna add some more flour. Don’t worry, I’ll update the
recipe when I do my write-up. Just if I needed more quantities. All right, and maybe like a little, about a tablespoon or so at a time. I just wanna get that consistency right ’cause we will add some
more flour into it as well on a board as we shape them. But that was way too wet. Maybe I went over the top with the Greek yoghourt calculations. I’m not sure you can see that
but I’ve actually ended up adding another four tablespoons
of self-raising flour. And you see, it’s still a
little bit at the bottom there but I’m gonna need it anyway. So we still might need
a little bit more flour. But the texture, although it’s still wet is a lot more sort of shakeable. All right, so for this
step, I’m not married. There you go, my precious. Flour down some more. Down goes the dough. All right, and yes, still feels quite wet. But I wanna work it and
make it smooth anyway. (upbeat music) Try not to get half of
it on the floor but. (laughs) The dog is gonna be like jumping
and getting some of that. But, we should be all right. Yes, it’s much better in texture now. I just really wanna, just
sort of push it through a little bit, smooth it out,
you know, smooth bagels. There we go. I’m actually really
really happy with that. I’m gonna now cut this
into my bagel shapes. It’s stubborn, it’s gonna
hold its shape, I’m loving it. Just for the moment, I’m
getting a pan of water, and I’m half-filling it. So we’re gonna bring this
up to a steady simmer. And this is some bicarbonate of soda, sometimes called baking soda. We’re just gonna add that
in, let it dissolve in there. And that is what’s gonna
help the bagels puff as they cook in there. We actually boil the
bagels, I never knew that. But we just wanna let
that dissolve in there, and bring this up to a
steady simmer as I say, whilst we head back and
start to shape the bagels. Okay, so we’re gonna cut
the dough into fours. And we’re gonna make a bagel
from each quarter, okay. I guess you could probably
use like a donut shaping thing if you really wanna do that,
if you’ve got a donut mould. But I’m gonna roll it into a ball. Start to push it flat. And then, just put my
finger through it like that. Wow, I really like that. And the cool thing is, you
can make them look as rustic, which is my excuse to making them not look uniformed and perfect, as you like. (upbeat piano music) There’s another way, I’ve
just got an apple corer and I’m pulling it out like that. How cool is that? Amazing. Holy bagels, batman. (upbeat music) Oh yeah, yeah basically,
just do that, that’s amazing. (upbeat music) I mean, to be honest, that
seemed way way way too easy. What I’m gonna do is
cook one in the water, which is just about to
finish bubbling there, and we’ll see what that does. I mean it could seal the
hole up, couldn’t it? So let’s just double check before we get too confident about that. Okay, here we go, I’m
gonna do it one at a time. Like I say, I’ve got a spatula
and that soft just bubbling, you see that’s really nice. We’re gonna just let it sit in there. And let it kind of just
fall off of the spatula. Certainly gonna need
about a minute or two, but this is actually
gonna help with the crust and the chewiness as well, and it should. There you go, look, it
just rose to the top. Yes. We’ve still got a hole in it as well. And it’s steaming the camera up. So I should then adjust. Flip this over. Oh my gosh, have I left
it in there too long? Just gonna flip it over now. One side’s done, do the other side. Obviously, this is much easier for you, you don’t have a camera. Okay, and after a minute that side, I’m just placing it down
on this rack to cool. And we’re gonna bake them
all once I’ve done these. You keeping an eye on it, mate? Looks like it. Look at this guy, he’s chilling out. (laughs) So I’ve put some baking parchment on it. I was a little bit worried
that it might have stuck to the wire rack as it was
cooling down and drying off. But to be honest, they’ve
firmed up quite nice, and I think that would be okay. I’m really happy with it. I mean, that is three-ingredient bagels. We could bake this now,
and it’ll all be good. It’s a slightly bumpy finish on it, yeah. But I think that’s quite
nice, it looks a little bit like dinosaur-resque, a bit rustic. And we’ll cover that anyway. So these are now going here. Oh and I just pre-heated
my oven to 160 fan, 180c, I think that’s 350, yeah, gas mark four. Yes, it is. Oh yeah, look, see, it’s got
like a little wire rack marks on the bottom of it. Maybe don’t put it on a wire rack, just put it on a board with some paper. Okay, all right, that’s
better, that’s better. Whoo! If you want to dip and tuck
your bagels, here’s how. This is three beaten eggs that I’ve got, it’s gonna act as a glue to hold it on. We’ll come back to that in a minute. I’ve got some sesame
seeds, black sesame seeds, and poppy seeds here. So I really like my
seeds, I’m kind of a bird. But you could put other
herbs and spices on it. You can even like put
some flake salt on it. I’m not gonna do that. I really like my seeded bagels. If you want it to be super
crazy, you could actually dunk the whole bagel in the
egg, and completely coat it all the way around. I’ve never, ever done that before. I’m sure bagels like that exist. But there we go, egg on it like that. I’m just washing my hands. And then hopefully, we can
then sprinkle the sesame seeds all on top, so that the
egg will grip it like so. Now I absolutely love that. For me, that, hopefully,
if this all works, it’s gonna be gorgeous. Well, we’ve got some other options. Yes, indeedy, we do. And to be honest, folks, it’s
a lot easier if you do it all egg-washy, then wash your hands. Just washing my hands again. And then sprinkle, oh poppy seeds, yes. Just sprinkle it on top. So this one I might go
a bit of a poppy seed and sesame seed vibe, love that. And it’s sort of masking
those rough bumps on the top, which, of course, are
not ideal, but hey-ho. And with this last one,
we’ll go double sesame seed. Hey, you can even sort of
like split the bagel in half, and completely make it
like a yin-yang sign. And thanks to everyone
that’s sending me that image of the two pugs like a yin-yang sign. I am not doing that to Boston
and Amy, and it’s not them. (laughs) But there we go, nice, seeded
bagels, ready for baking. Okay, here we go, this is bagel-cam. This should take around 20-25 minutes. I’ll let you know. Okay, it’s been 23 minutes, to be precise. Smells really eggy. But they look really
good, come have a look. You see. Oh look, they’ve got that
golden-brown colour on there. Other than this one, the
sesame seed is kind of lightly browned, and it’s
opened up a little bit. But I’m not too disappointed about that This one looks amazing. (exclaims in pain) Hot. Really, really, hot. All right, I’m literally
just waiting for this to finish off cooling down. It’s been 45 minutes in
total from the scratch. That normal bagel recipe
would take around about two and half to three hours
with the whole proving, and baking, and so on. So this is much much quicker. So I might call this
three-ingredient emergency bagels plus your toppings, something like that. But in terms of toppings as
well, you can go to town on it, the filling, we could
use different flours, we could use raisins,
and things like that. And even with the water
that we boiled earlier, you could put sugars and
honeys in there as well to give it a nice sweetened edge. For me, of course, we used
the Greek honey yoghourt, and I’m just glad, well,
so far, that it looks deft on the job. All right. It’s still a teeny bit warm but
I actually really love that. Whoo! Well, it looks cooked to me. I’m gonna toast it anyway,
like you would anyway. I just feel like I need to
say anyway again, anyway. All right, let’s see what this is like. You know, toasters actually
kill more people than sharks. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty
good track record with them. Cancel. Oh, it’s on fire. (exclaims in pain) Yeah. They smell kind of
cakey, just a teeny bit. It’s still a toasted bagel, yeah. And obviously. It’s hot. (upbeat music) Oh, look at that butter,
just melting into it. Oh my gosh. Oh, did you hear that crunch? Oh, they are sensational. The dough is, it’s not
like raw, or undercooked, or anything like that, it’s just that, it’s a little softness
to it and I like that. There’s a delicateness, a
freshness ’cause I made it from scratch. And the poppy seed just works. I just bit the other one, it
looks a little bit like that, a spaceship from Star Wars. I don’t know the name of it but. I think, all in all, we
can call that a massive, massive success. Time-saving, easy, cheap,
fun, all that stuff. Go to town on it, put whatever
ingredients and toppings that you want. And if you like the
two-ingredient pizza dough, you can make three-ingredient bagels, shove pizza topping on
it, and you’ve got a 6, 7, 8, 9 ingredient pizza bagel. Did I leave some bagel on the floor? Sorry. I saw her eating some as well. (laughs) That’s it from me, I really
hope you give this recipe a try. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you have not already. Take a picture if you try
any of the recipes today on the channel. And that’s about it, good luck, enjoy. Check your level, player. No matter what you style,
the kitchen’s for me. So I’ve been (mumbles),
goatee, maybe all three. You’ve heard of princess Leia. Look, I’ve got my own queen Leia now. Look at that. Yay, let’s go chase some
Star Trek, um, stormtroopers.

Randall Smitham



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