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3 Keto and Low Carb Dehydrator Recipes

today you’re gonna learn three simple
keto friendly recipes that you can use your dehydrator to make Elisa here head chef at warriormade.com where our mission is to help you live your healthiest life with our
follow along at home workouts cyclical keto style diet and supplement line now
in doing research for this video I realize there isn’t a whole lot of
information on how to dehydrate foods specifically for a low carb or keto diet
which is why I’m excited to show you how the dehydrator can be an incredible tool
for those of you who like to have easy grab and go snacks and meals to take on
the go and if keto lifestyle tips recipes and nutrition info are your
thing I’ll show you how to access even more of this info at the end of this
video so let’s get right to it shall we okay my guess is that since you found
this video you have a food dehydrator or you’re considering buying one the great
thing is that there are many you can grab online that are well under $100 now
simply put a food dehydrator uses low heat and air flow to remove the moisture
content from your food this process preserves your food preventing it from
spoiling so that it lasts longer there are also a few other added perks like
the space you save when you dehydrate certain foods this may come in handy if
you have a fruit tree grow your own produce or even made an impulsive Costco
purchase recently and have 10 pounds of extra blueberries sitting around if you
find yourself with a big bounty you can always dehydrate what you have and
preserve it to last longer extra onions or red peppers for example can be
dehydrated and turned into powders to season your food you can also make
veggie chips and jerky to have on hand as snacks and even though a lot of
fruits aren’t keto friendly fruit leathers and fruit chips are also a
great way to use your dehydrator in fact let’s take a look at three of my
favourite snack options alright as you know keto is a low carb diet which is
why dehydrating any of your favorite low carb veggies is a great way to have easy
snacking options laying around my favorite is zucchini chips here’s how I
do it first I my zucchini into one-eighth inch slices
next I season them with salt and pepper to keep them keto don’t get caught in
the trap of adding seasonings or sauces with sugars but of course experiment
with any low-carb seasonings that you’d like also be careful of adding any oils
or other fats to the seasoning process as fat doesn’t dehydrate well and can
make them rancid after that all I do is line them on the dehydrator trays and
cook on a hundred and twenty degrees for anywhere between 12 and 18 hours you can
rotate them once during the process and your ultimate goal is to have them be as
crispy as potato chips at the end of this video I’ll show you good ways to
store all the food I dehydrate but for now on to recipe number two recipe
number two is beef jerky jerky is great to have on hand as an easy on-the-go
snack the one thing to note is buying lean meat with a low fat content because
even though keto is a high fat diet dehydrating fat isn’t the best idea
and since healthy eating is such a priority to us in the warrior made
kitchen always make sure to buy local grass-fed and organic meat this way will
ensure you aren’t getting any added hormones or pesticides oh and when it
comes to jerky flank steak is a good option to grab because it’s a leaner and
a thin cut of meat now here’s how I make my jerky first I
cut the meat vertically into thin slices going with the grain then in two
horizontal strips going against the grain
next place the slices of meat between two pieces of parchment paper and use a
meat mallet or rolling pin to pound out the meat into slices that are around 1/8
inch thick now you can season the meat any way you’d like keeping those same
keto seasonings do’s and dont’s we mentioned earlier after that place the
jerky on the trays and dehydrate for around 3 to 6 hours at 155 degrees make
sure to check on them in the process to ensure they don’t get too dried out now
the times and temperatures really depend on the dehydrator you have so be sure to
reference your temperature and time recommendations for the one you have
also since meat does have fat in it to eat it within a week of making it if
you are storing it in plastic bags if you seal it in an airtight container
vacuum seal it or freeze it it can keep for anywhere between a month and a year
depending on your storage resource ok on to recipe number three
now since keto is a low carb diet fruits aren’t recommended but while these are
not a keto friendly option I wanted to give you a low carb fruit option but I
like to make as snacks for my kids since their spherical you either have to put a
little slit into each blueberry so the moisture can escape or boil them all for
about 20 seconds which will split the skin a bit now you can either choose to
put the whole blueberries on the trays or pour a blueberry puree onto the sheet
to make a fruit leather dehydrate your blueberries at about 135 degrees because
they have so much moisture they may take anywhere from 16 to 30 hours so
be patient my berry loving friends there you have it 3 simple recipes you can
make in your food dehydrator and as a note I wanted to mention that to
preserve these snacks you can store them using a vacuum sealer then you can
freeze them until you think you’ll be snacking on them you can also use glass
jars with airtight seals if you do this watch out for any moisture that
precipitates into the jar if this happens it means your food needs more
time in the dehydrator just make sure to label and date your food check out our
channel for more keto diet videos and leave a comment with any dehydration
questions that come up for you also if this is the first video you’ve watched
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sure to share this with a friend or family member who is as excited about
food dehydration as you are thanks for watching and see you soon

Randall Smitham



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