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3 Summer Smoothies | Gluten Free, Paleo & Keto

– Hey guys, welcome back to the FFF HQ. It’s the summer, which
means it’s smoothie time. So, today I have three different
smoothie recipes for you. So, let’s dive right on in. So, first up, we have a strawberry
turmeric watermelon smoothie. It’s perfect for the summer,
’cause of that watermelon. It’s fruity, it’s fresh,
and it’s got a little bit of spicy anti-inflammatory
kick from the turmeric. If you want more info on the turmeric, you can watch the video
that’s linked above. So, let’s get right on
into this summer smoothie. So, step number one is
we have to slice two cups of fresh strawberries. So, you just want to of course
cut off that green leafy stem and just slice ’em up. And cut them in half, just so they fit in that measuring cup better, so you get a true amount of strawberries. And we want two cups. These are gonna get frozen, so I like to put them
in their own little bag. And now, we have to slice our watermelon. So again, we want two cups,
which is probably only gonna be about a half of a
quarter, if not even less. And you get to save some
watermelon to eat later on, because watermelon is an
essential summer fruit. Cut off that rind, and then
two cups of cubed watermelon. This makes the smoothie super fresh and really helps balance
out that spicy turmeric that we’re gonna add later on. So again, two cups, and
then we’re gonna stick it in its own separate bag, as well. We’ve got our bags of
summer fruity goodness. Now, we’re gonna just go
pop ’em in the freezer. So, our fruit is all nice and frozen, and you just wanna put it
into a high-powered blender. I love my Blendtec. I kinda like to break it up a little bit, or else it makes it really hard to blend if it’s just one big chunk. Strawberries. So, once you’ve saved your strawberries from flying around your kitchen, you’re gonna add some honey
for a little bit of sweet. So then, we have one cup of
unsweetened vanilla almond milk. A little bit of water, and like we talked about,
we have that turmeric for a little bit of spice, color, and it’s nice and antiinflammatory. To make it extra super smooth and creamy, a secret ingredient is half of an avocado. I promise you can’t taste it. It doesn’t make it taste strange. But, it makes it so thick,
and it’s my favorite thing to add to smoothies. So, half an avocado. Luckily, we got a perfect green one, which means it’s going to be a good day. And finally, a pinch of pepper, because like we talked about
in that turmeric video, it helps activate the turmeric, so you get all those
good benefits from it. And you guessed it, alls you gotta do, cover it up and blend it until it’s nice and smooth and creamy. Now, all that’s left to do is drink up. This is a very thick smoothie, so I highly recommend using a spoon to sort of scoop it into your cup or else it will go everywhere. Also, the perfect texture
for a smoothie bowl, if that is more your thing. Fruity, fresh, cayenne-y spicy sweet. The perfect summer sip. Next up, number two is a
watermelon mango smoothie. Again, perfect for a nice
summer fruity fresh smoothie ’cause of the mango. This one is again nice
and thick with avocado. It’s minimal ingredients. It’s super easy and perfect
for a quick breakfast or even a healthy snack. I said it’s a mango avocado smoothie. So, we have to cut a mango. Now, this is something that a lot of people don’t know how to do, and I actually didn’t
know how to do it either until my husband, who grew
up in Nepal, showed me. He ate a lot growing up. So, what you wanna do is
locate the eye of the mango. So, it’s like this little, I don’t know if you can fully see it, but it’s like a little
indent on the mango. Place it on its back with the eye up and slice about an inch
to one side of the eye. Then, you get that perfect slice and flip it over and do
the same on the other side. Then, these are called the mango cheeks, and you can see. You can’t tell, but
this is the seed inside. So, you can try to cut a
little bit off if you want, but there’s not much left. And you have the perfectly sliced mango. And then to slice it into cubes, which is what we’re gonna
do, hold it in your hand and make sure you don’t
cut through the bottom or else of course you’ll cut your hand. Give it some lines. Back the other way. And then, you just want to
take a sharp, large spoon. Go into the side and
scrap around the outside. You can see all of the
squares are coming out of the shell. So, I’m gonna put those into the bag. Then repeat with the other mango cheek. Our mango chopped, and now we just want to slice a banana into coins. That just makes it a little
bit easier on your blender, as opposed to just putting a big old chunk of banana in there. So, we have one large banana. Make sure it’s nice and ripe and then slice it into coins. Then, you guessed it,
just put it in your bags, so that we can go and freeze it. You guessed it, they’re
going back on in the freezer. So, you guessed it, that fruit is going right in the blender. Breaking it up a little bit, so the blender has an easier time. But now, we are gonna use
the rest of that watermelon. So, if you make your other smoothie, and then you can make this smoothie after, because you have some leftover watermelon. We need 1 3/4 of a cup
of cubed watermelon. So again, we’re just gonna
remove that yucky rind and keep it. So, we want 1 3/4 of a cup of
our nice, fresh watermelon. This one is not frozen,
because this is the liquid that we need to make it nice and creamy. We’re just gonna keep on
reusing from the last smoothie, and we have that other
half of our avocado, which again is gonna make it super creamy and give us some good heart healthy fats. So, you just wanna scoop it right on in. Because there is no almond milk in here, We have all that watermelon, which is gonna give us
a nice amount of liquid to get this smoothie action going. And now, we just get to enjoy
our mango, banana madness. It’s creamy, it’s thick,
it’s fruity fresh, and it’s only four ingredients. The perfect summer win. And number three, our final
smoothie of the day is one that doesn’t really have any fruit, so it’s not like totally summer perfect but good for any time, because it’s chocolate and peanut butter, and it’s great for your
low-carb and keto friends. So, last up, like I
said, we have a low-carb peanut butter cup smoothie. It doesn’t have any fruit,
except for the avocado. So, it’s good for those
keto, low-carb friends, and it just tastes like a yummy dessert any time of the year
or even for breakfast. So, again, we are starting
with half an avocado. If you haven’t figured this out, it is my favorite way to
make smoothies creamy. Scoop it right on into your blender. Then, we’re going to add two tablespoons of creamy and natural peanut butter. You could probably use crunchy, if you want a little
bit of texture, as well. Our sweetener here is
my favorite, monk fruit. And I have some cocoa powder
for that chocolatey goodness, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and one cup of some crushed ice. And just like that, in a minute or less, we are ready to blend. And just like that, we are ready to drink our peanut butter cup. Even if you’re not low-carb and
you love peanut butter cups, you’re gonna love this little smoothie. And just like that, three summer smoothies or anytime smoothies. Which one would you try first? Please leave a comment below and let me know which one you’d try, or if you have any other
smoothie combinations that you love that I should try, I’d also love to hear that. You can grab some links
to the video recipes in the video description below. I’d also really appreciate a like of the video and a thumbs up and make sure you hit
that subscribe button, ’cause I’m delivering
healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes, product reviews, health tips, you name it, I got it every single week. So, go enjoy your summer smoothies in that summer sunshine,
and we’ll see you next week. Bye for now.

Randall Smitham



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