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30 Day Keto Diet Cleanse (Review & Tips) • Maria Emmerich

(bright music)
– Hello everyone, and
welcome to Biohackers Lab.
I’m your host Gary Kirwan,
and on today’s episode
I have Maria Emmerich.
Maria is a nutritionist who specializes
in the ketogenic diet
and exercise physiology.
She is an international
best-selling author
of several keto books.
She has a keen interest
in brain neurotransmitters
and how to help depression and anxiety.
Maria, thank you so much for coming on
for an episode for today.
– (laughs) Thanks, Gary.
I’m very honored to be here.
– So we had a bit of struggle
earlier this week to get it on
because of my internet connection,
and I just wanna show any
YouTube video watchers
what I had to do, which was jazz hands.
(Maria laughs)
So if any of you
run a podcast, you’ll just
learn you have to do jazz hands.
(laughs) Okay, that’s my bad.
– Yeah, that was fun.
– (laughs) But again,
thank you for coming on.
So the reason I wanted you to come on too
is because you’re gonna
be my first guest talking
for the 2019 series of the podcast,
and I thought that’s a fantastic time
when people are starting
maybe a new way of eating
in January, especially a
low-carb or ketogenic way
after having a carb binge
over Christmas. (laughs)
So my first question for you then is,
for someone who’s looking
to adopt a more low-carb
or ketogenic way after the
carb binge of Christmas
and putting on all that weight,
you talk about a keto cleanse.
Is that the way that they should begin?
– I believe so, and it sounds
painful, but it’s really not.
I guess I call it the ketogenic cleanse
because I think there’s a lot
of bad information out there
that you need to eat 70% fat,
you need to do these bulletproof coffees,
you need to do a shot of MCT oil
if you didn’t hit your
percentage of fat for the day,
and if you aim for
percentages, you will fail.
I’m just throwing that out there.
I get so many people saying,
“I tried the keto diet
“and I gained a bunch of weight.
“I don’t like it.”
It’s like, well, I used to be
the only crazy lady out there,
and that was kind of a blessing
and a curse at the same time.
I was seen as very extreme, but yet,
there wasn’t all this bad
keto information out there
like drinking liquid calories
and things like that.
So the cleanse is just,
it’s focused on real food,
you get to chew your calories.
But I do like people to understand
how to basically heal their mitochondria
from the inside out,
and that has more than
just food to deal with.
We’re bombarded with chemicals
that we’re putting on our skin.
It gets into cold therapy.
It touches on all of these other parts
that nobody really thinks about.
We’re so concerned about what
we put inside our mouths,
but I do want people to be
aware of the whole picture,
and it goes deeper than just what we eat
that helps heal the whole
mitochondria picture.
– Yeah, so that’s nice.
So you do get down to
the mitochondrial level,
and I’ve had a couple
guests on before talk about
how to optimize your mitochondria,
and yeah, that’s your
energy cell for life.
– It is, that’s where we oxidize fat,
that’s where our energy comes from,
and people are like, “Oh man, biology.
“I don’t wanna go there.”
But once you really dive into
it, it’s super interesting
and you can kind of be like
this mitochondria hacker,
and that’s what your podcast is all about.
– Yeah.
Someone who’s coming to this,
I’m thinking of two
different types of people.
You’re gonna have potentially
low-carb ketogenic people
who kinda went off the rails
a little bit in Christmas
and need to just jump back on,
and then there’s people who
have never eaten that way
and they’re probably coming
from a standard American diet,
and they’re looking to
adopt this practice.
Is it the same entrance for both of them,
to start over again in January?
– I believe so.
I believe that just rip
the band-aid off and do it.
Some people are more
like tiptoe their way in,
but why not have success right away?
And that’s how I am with everything I do,
like let’s just do it and do it right.
And you get to eat really good food.
So it sounds difficult,
but it’s really not,
you just have to change your mindset.
And for me, I mean, I came
from an overweight childhood
where I ate a lot of junk, and for me,
not having it in the house
is like step number one.
Nobody needs it, not your children.
My kids are eight and
nine, they don’t know,
like we drove by a McDonald’s,
and my son’s like, “M is for Micah.”
And I was like, “You have no idea
“how much I love you right now,”
because they just don’t know what that is.
And that’s my idea, is like,
society, you are killing us,
I don’t care if I’m not
a part of you anymore.
So for me, just getting
rid of all of that junk
is really step number one because
I was that person that was
really good during the week,
but on the weekends I would cheat,
and so there’s no judging
coming from my heart.
I understand.
And for me, getting past
all of those cravings
was just getting rid of it,
because I had it in the house,
and during a time of
weakness I would go there,
and so really getting rid
of it is step number one.
– Mm-hmm, yeah, and I mean,
especially after Christmas
period where there’s gonna be,
there’s been all these different
kinds of foods in the house
and maybe there’s some leftovers
or there’s boxes of something.
The first part of the–
– Just donate it.
– Yeah.
(both laugh)
Okay, good tip there, I like it.
That’s what this podcast is
all about, actionable tips,
so there’s a great one, how to begin.
I wanna get into a
little bit of the actual
what people are gonna eat a little bit.
So keto breakfasts or low-carb breakfasts,
I mean, most people think,
is it just bacon and eggs?
Is that all I’m gonna eat
for 30 days basically for breakfast?
– No, actually.
That cleanse cookbook that
I’m kind of referring to,
there’s over 175 recipes in there.
They’re all delicious.
– So with all those recipes you mentioned
in the cookbook there, what
could be some other examples
just for people listening in now?
What are other versions
of low-carbohydrate
or ketogenic-type breakfasts?
– Yeah, with that, the whole
cleanse, I would say that
one of the most popular
recipes is the breakfast chili.
Everybody really likes that,
and it’s basically a ketogenic chili.
And what like to do with that is I make,
my family loves it so much,
I’ll make a quadruple batch.
And so I have different
containers in the freezer,
and so one of my children
can just warm that up
and have that for breakfast
whenever they want,
and that’s a really big hit.
The ramen is a really big hit,
and if you think about different cultures,
ramen is kind of a
breakfast for some cultures,
so you could do something like that.
It’s all different.
What’s great about the ketogenic diet is
usually people aren’t hungry
until later in the day,
and so breakfast isn’t the
most important meal of the day,
but breaking your fast is.
Fast well, feast well.
And so if you don’t break your
fast until maybe 1:00 p.m.,
your breakfasts may look
more like somebody’s traditional lunch.
I love the smothered
hamburgers on the cleanse.
I could eat a hamburger every day,
and the smothered hamburgers
is a big hit with people.
The interesting thing about
the cleanse is it’s dairy-free,
but I live in Wisconsin,
which is the dairy capital of the world,
and so I understand we want that mouthfeel
of what dairy gives us,
and that flavor profile,
and so I just use different
exotic-type ingredients
to give you that without having the dairy,
and making it easy,
because people are like,
“Oh my gosh, I don’t have
time to do all this.”
I’m a busy working mom.
We homeschool our
children, so I understand
time is important to everybody,
and so I try to make it
as painless as possible.
I have a lot of slow
cooker recipes in there,
and for me, my kids will
help clean up dinner
while I fill the slow
cooker the night before,
and so all I have to do is take
the shell out of the fridge
and turn it on, and then
whenever somebody’s hungry,
they can just open it up and eat.
And I understand most
people, they have kids
that are in school, after-school sports
or activities after school,
but what’s nice about the slow cooker
is that people can just open it up
and eat when they’re hungry,
and just go at their own pace.
And I talked to a psychologist
about the whole idea of
having family meals together,
and they exclaimed, “It’s not the act
“of actually eating
together that’s important,
“but it’s the act of
spending time together.”
And so
even if you don’t have dinners together,
if you find some, like
we go for walks together,
we ride bikes together, we’re
always doing stuff together,
so I don’t feel guilty
if we don’t actually have a meal together.
We just made meatballs together,
so we’re preparing meals together.
As long as you find time to get together
and enjoy each other’s company,
you don’t have to feel guilty
if you don’t actually have dinner.
– And that’s actually a really good point
because you could have a family unit,
and say there’s one person in the family
who’s decided to try
this way, this cleanse,
but the other people haven’t.
And as you said,
maybe when you’re adopting
a ketogenic way of eating,
you’re not hungry for breakfast.
Everyone else is ravenous for
breakfast, but you’re not,
but don’t feel guilty
if you don’t feel hungry
that you have to eat breakfast.
– No, that’s the thing.
It helps to be surrounded by people
that are doing this with
you to help you mentally,
because when you’re in
that environment of,
I mean, I have spoken
on cruise ships before,
which is like food city, right?
And even then, I go from
this intermittent fasting
to food all the time, and
it’s kind of like a mind game.
So it does help to, if
they’re not doing it with you,
express that I’m doing this
and so they encourage you
rather than sabotage you
because I’ll tell you,
if somebody’s trying to cut
alcohol out of their life
or cigarettes, everybody supports them.
But when you say I’m gonna
cut sugar and carbohydrates,
oh my gosh, food pushers
come out of the woodwork.
And so it’s helpful to find
people that support you
rather than become food pushers.
– I like that term, food pushers. (laughs)
– Yeah, I deal with it myself.
– Yeah, and I think a lot of listeners
will be dealing with that
with different family members
who have different beliefs,
because food brings out very
emotional parts of people,
I find when you have that discussion.
– It does, but I’m a
very stubborn German girl
that like nobody can
push me into anything,
and so you just have to
get into that mindset
that you’re really strong,
and I’m not disrespectful,
but don’t be pushing a pie on me
when you know this is my lifestyle, right?
– Uh-huh, and I like you brought
up the the fasting aspect
or the intermittent fasting.
When someone starts this way of eating,
they’re probably doing it
primarily for weight loss.
That’s probably goal number one
that most people have in January.
Do you think they have to do
intermittent fasting on the cleanse?
– No, you don’t have to.
I design meal plans that help with that,
intermittent fasting
and getting into that,
but I also have an option to
not do intermittent fasting
because for me, I mean, I
started the ketogenic lifestyle
about 20 years ago, and
intermittent fasting,
I was such a damaged soul
that I had so many different
hormonal things going on,
fasting was not easy for me.
You have to heal from the inside out,
and sometimes fasting
is very easy for people.
I am a very sensitive person
where I don’t like to look at reviews,
and my husband said, “Oh,
you got the best bad review!”
I was like, “I don’t wanna know,”
and he’s like, “No, it’s good.”
They said, “I hate this
diet, I’m always full.”
And that’s the point,
that you don’t have to
be hungry all the time
and thinking about lunch
when you’re eating breakfast
and thinking about your
next meal all the time.
You can go out and live your life.
We are most human when we’re not eating,
and so that’s why it’s a
very powerful way of eating.
But if you’re not sleeping well,
if you have leptin and ghrelin issues,
fasting might be more difficult
for you like it was for me.
It took maybe 10 years
to even dabble into that.
Now it’s very easy, and
sometimes it’s a mindset.
I grew up on a bed-night snack,
and it wasn’t that I was hungry,
but it was that 18 years
of always having that snack
that my mind was like, oh,
it’s bed-night snack time,
and so getting over that mind idea
that you need to eat every three hours
or you’re gonna fade away
or go into starvation mode,
that doesn’t happen when
you’re in a ketogenic state.
So just slowly getting
into it, I think is,
if you’re ready for it,
go ahead, jump right in,
but some people just aren’t.
– Mm-hmm, and I think that’s great advice,
that people don’t have to do fasting.
It’s maybe if your physiology,
your metabolism, is okay,
but if you are in a poor place of health,
don’t try to stress yourself.
And I had another interview,
Dr. Zsofia Clemens
from the paleo-ketogenic
diet way of eating,
and she’s not a fan of
intermittent fasting
exactly for that reason you mentioned.
– Yeah, so it’s just,
it’s what works for you.
There’s no judging.
– So when it comes to weight loss though,
do you think that people
push themselves too hard
in January to lose as much weight
so they’ll end up starving
themselves on the ketogenic diet?
Or with this cleanse too,
would you expect them
to lose a bit of weight,
even within the first month?
– Oh yeah, usually people lose,
I mean, 20 to 30 pounds that first month.
It’s just most people enter
this ketogenic lifestyle
and they eat a lot of dairy,
they eat a lot of nuts,
they’re living off of cheese
and heavy cream and butter.
None of that is allowed on the cleanse.
And they’re like, “What?
“All of the stuff that
I thought was all keto,”
which, yes, it’s keto, but dairy and nuts,
they’re constipating,
they hold people back
from their weight loss goals.
You wanna get into really
healing that mitochondria and
keeping your muscle mass.
And so what happens is, women
they read about fat fast
or fat bombs, and they live off of them,
and they contact me and say
they’re losing their hair.
All of these things can go wrong
if you do the ketogenic diet wrong.
And so yeah, you’ll be in ketosis,
but you’re gonna have
all of these side effects
that you don’t like.
And so that’s why I
always focus on real food,
chew your calories, all of that.
– Mm-hmm, and that’s exactly
why I want to join again,
because I know there are gonna be people
starting this in January,
and these are actionable tips
to take note of when they’re
starting this process.
– Doing a fat fast might
show a lot of weight loss
on the scale, but muscle weighs a lot,
and you cannot maintain your muscle mass
without amino acids, and
amino acids come from protein.
I’m not saying this is
a high-protein diet,
but you do wanna hit your protein goal.
Everybody’s protein goal is different.
It’s about .8 times your lean mass.
And protein also has something called
the thermic effect of food,
which helps increase your metabolic rate.
This is why sometimes
you get the meat sweats
after you eat like a steak
or something like that.
So I just want people to have
success right off the bat
and not say, I tried
keto and I lost my hair,
I got constipated, or
whatever common complaints
that I see every day.
– Mm-hmm, yeah, and so talking
about some other dishes there too,
what’s an example of a
ketogenic lunch for you?
– I guess like I said, I love a hamburger,
I just adore them, so
the smothered hamburgers
would be, like on a keto bun,
that’s basically like a zero-carb bread,
is really delicious.
That’s what we have a lot.
Right now it’s really cold here,
so there’s soups to be had.
Gosh, there’s so many,
like there’s a French onion meatball soup
that’s really good.
And especially if you’re
intermittent fasting,
it would be more of a dinner.
My kids love chicken wings,
that’s something that we have quite a bit.
Oh my gosh, there are
so many it’s hard to say
because I’m always
writing a different book,
so I’m trying to think
of the cleanse book,
but I just finished an instant pot book
so soups are in my head right now.
– Okay, yeah, and I think
the point I’m trying to get to listeners
is that I think when you
adopt this way of eating,
as I mentioned earlier
with the eggs and bacon,
you just think that, oh, there’s only like
one or two dishes I can
have or one or two dishes,
but there’s a lot of different variety.
– Oh my gosh, I have 12 cookbooks out,
and none of my recipes overlap.
There’s endless possibilities
of what you can have.
I even did a restaurant cookbook of,
I used to work at restaurants
since I was 15 years old,
and so all of my favorite
classic dishes like meatballs
and meatballs with spaghetti,
and you just make them a little
bit different, or lasagna,
like you just make it
a little bit different.
– Mm-hmm, and coming back
to the weight loss question
and not focusing on the macros then,
do you think people should
just eat to satiety,
so their hunger level,
even if they’re looking to lose weight?
– Yeah, I mean, hunger isn’t
necessarily a bad thing,
so you may need to
understand that hunger is,
you’re gonna be okay if
you get a little hungry.
But yeah, eating to satiety,
and I said don’t focus on percentages.
Macros are what you
wanna kind of work for,
because everybody’s
macros would be different,
but if you focus on percentages,
if you focus on 70% fat,
then depending on your caloric level,
you could still have quite
a bit of carbohydrates.
So macros are what you wanna aim for,
and that would be like .8 times
your lean mass in protein,
keeping carbohydrates as
close to zero as possible,
the lowest score wins,
and then eating fat
depending on your goal,
like my kids eat keto, their
fat dial is turned up a bit,
but if you wanna lose weight
and you have a lot of body fat,
then that dial will turn down
so you can actually use body
fat for fuel rather than,
it’s all about oxidative priority.
If you keep eating a lot of fat,
it’s gonna use that
dietary fat for ketosis
rather than your body fat.
I work out in a fasted state,
and so I’m not hung up on it.
Don’t get hung up on how
high your ketones get,
because mine are really low in the morning
because I’m running and lifting
weights in a fasted state.
That means that there’s
less in my bloodstream
because I’m using them for energy.
It’s not a bad thing.
It’s just you have to understand like,
oh man, I’m not reaching .5 or whatever,
and especially if you’re
focused on urine strips.
Those basically just tell
you if you’re hydrated.
They only work in the very beginning,
they don’t test beta-hydroxybutyrate.
So if you do test, you
wanna test the right way.
Get rid of the urine strips,
they just tell you if you’re hydrated,
which, you’re gonna be
dehydrated in the beginning,
so just get rid of those.
– Yeah, again, such great actionable tips
for someone adopting this way,
and primarily for weight loss then.
So the adaptation period,
do you talk about that
in the cleanse when you’re, again,
having to change your fuel sources
and go into this more ketogenic state?
– Yes, it’s not an overnight process.
You will be in ketosis soon,
but to be truly keto-adapted
where you are a fat burning
machine, takes time.
And as the years go on, you
get more efficient at it.
And there’s something
called the whooshing effect
where your body might just not be,
it’s not knowing what’s going
on, and the whooshing effect
is where it kind of
holds on to your weight,
and then all of a sudden it’s
like, it whooshes right off.
It’s like, oh my gosh, I’m healthy now,
kind of like I said, you
heal from the inside out.
And yeah, in the beginning,
there’s something known as the keto flu.
I like to call it the carb withdrawal,
because carbohydrates retain water
and as you eliminate those carbohydrates,
goes a lot of water loss,
and that’s where some people
see five, 10 pounds immediately lost.
I have a client that I work with here,
she’s about 450 pounds,
and when she eats keto,
she loses 20 pounds in a day,
but when she cheats, it’s 20 pounds up.
This is kind of pitting edema,
where that water retention is going on.
So depending on your size,
you can lose immediately five
pounds the next few days,
but it’s water loss.
But that’s good
because all of that
inflammation is going away.
But with water loss goes
your energy usually tanks
because you lost a lot of electrolytes,
and when you get rid of those foods
that are like carbohydrates, so bread,
pastas, rice, even sweets.
There’s more salt in
a McDonald’s milkshake
than there is in their french fries,
but people don’t associate
sweets with salt.
So when you eliminate all those foods,
you’re not keeping that hydration up
because you just got rid of all that,
so you really have to be aware
of putting salt on your eggs
and putting salt on your meats.
And we’re in this area
of we’re afraid of salt,
where it’s a needed nutrient,
and especially on a
ketogenic way of eating
where none of those foods
have really salt in them,
unless you’re drinking
blood like the Maasai tribe,
you’re not getting enough sodium,
and so you have to really be aware
of your sodium and potassium balance.
Otherwise, you’re gonna have
like heavy legs walking up stairs,
sometimes people cry easy or
their moods really go down.
It’s not because you need
carbohydrates to be happy,
it’s because you’re dehydrated,
and that can cause headaches,
low energy, low moods, all of that.
So just understanding
how to basically supplement
properly is important.
– And again, great tips because
people may feel these things
when they are starting it and thinking,
oh, I’m doing something wrong
or something’s going
dramatically bad here.
– Or it’s not right for them,
and it’s really just kind of,
you just need to supplement properly.
– And the basic supplement here
is just good amount of salt on your meals.
– Yes, you wanna be aware of potassium,
but beef has a lot of potassium in it.
You just wanna be aware of
where your nutrients are coming from.
– And do you get people telling
you they’re going through
like a detox effect or
a Herxheimer effect,
they just feel like,
oh, all this bad stuff is
coming out of me when I start?
– Absolutely, especially when
you start to lose weight.
Toxins are stored in your fat cells,
and that’s why when I consult
like a breastfeeding mother,
if she ate bad food while
she was pregnant and stuff,
all of that’s gonna be
released into her milk,
so that’s not really a great
time to start detoxing,
and many people end up with
something like a keto rash,
and that’s because you’re purging
all of these bad estrogens, and even men,
you store these toxic
estrogens in your fat cells.
And that bad estrogen, that
causes prostate cancer in men,
thyroid cancer, uterine
cancer, breast cancer,
so it’s good to get rid of all
of them, but it is a process.
So it’s a good thing,
but uncomfortable, maybe.
– And when do you think people might,
if they did get a keto rash,
is that only early on in the beginning?
– It just depends on how toxic they are
and how much they’re
purging out of their cells.
There are certain supplements
that can help heal that rash go away,
but just knowing that it’s a good thing
that you’re getting rid of it.
– It sounds like it. (laughs)
When you were mentioning
with the kids earlier,
because that would be
another thought of mine.
I mentioned how you could
have one family member
who’s adopting this way of eating,
but then you may also
have families who go,
right, we’re all gonna
do it together here,
and that sounds like the best situation
because then you’ve got
a big support group.
Do you think it’s gonna be very different
for men and women then
when they start this
process, this keto cleanse?
– Not necessarily.
Usually the females are the ones
that consult with me or whatever,
and my biggest tip is don’t say,
this is keto, this is healthy.
I love my mom, but we went
and stayed at their cabin,
which is kind of like a shack
in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,
and I was cooking pancakes
outside on the deck,
and she yelled out, “I don’t know
“if everybody’s gonna like these pancakes
“because they’re Maria’s
recipe and they’re healthy,”
and I was like, “Well,
nobody’s gonna like them now.”
But if you just say, here’s a pancake.
Don’t say anything, just
change it up a little bit.
But usually men really
love it because it’s steak,
it’s meatloaf, it’s
meatballs, it’s pork chops.
I do ribs all the time in my slow cooker,
I smoke ribs all the time.
So they’re usually like,
“Hey, this is awesome.
“What happened to my wife?
“We’re having steak for
dinner, this is great.”
They might say, well,
where’s the side of potatoes,
and you’re like, hey, I forgot them.
Just don’t make a big deal out of it
and before you know it they’re eating keto
and they’re really loving
it, they’re feeling better.
I will say that it took my husband
maybe eight years after me,
but I loved him just the same.
We would go to dinner
and he’d still order whatever he wanted.
I guess my advice is don’t be
judgmental or pushy about it,
just lead by example,
because that’s what happened.
Pretty soon he saw me get
so healthy and energetic,
he’s like, “I want in on that,”
and so he slowly adapted.
He’s like, “You don’t need
to buy that for me anymore,”
and this and that.
And now he’s more strict than
I am, and he’s doing great.
– Fantastic.
And what’s your tip then
if someone gets a bit of carb
craving, like a sugar crave,
and they think, oh, I just,
I need a hit, I’m feeling so low.
You talked about how
people’s moods could change
if they’re dehydrated, but
if someone keeps telling you,
hey, Maria, I’m loving this way but, man,
there’s just times I
just need that sugar fix.
What’s your tip for those people?
– And that’s why some people
judge me for making keto treats
or say like, “Just get rid
of the sweet cravings,”
but for me,
food is love and I love
to entertain with food
so having like a keto piece of cheesecake
or ice cream or something like that,
that has helped me stay
on this diet for 20 years.
Yes, I have a dessert every single day,
and people are like, “You
eat ice cream every day?”
And this way I don’t
feel like it’s a diet.
I mean, I’ve tried tons
of different diets before
where I never let myself have sweets
and I always fell off the wagon,
where you just have to make those treats
a little bit differently.
And so for me, I’ll make
a big batch of ice cream.
I always have it in the freezer,
so in the afternoon or whenever
you have that sweet craving
or whatever it is, you
can have one of those,
or that’s where fat
bombs do come into play.
So don’t live off of fat bombs,
but if you’re really
craving something carby,
that’s where fat bombs will
help you stay satiated,
and you use it as a crutch to
get to be truly keto-adapted.
And that’s where those are allowed,
and that’s why I do
make keto treats,
because then you don’t feel
like it’s a diet, you know?
– Mm-hmm, yeah, and I guess
psychologically, again,
you’re going through a journey,
and if you’re craving dessert
and you’re told you’re
not allowed to touch it,
it amplifies it, but in your case
you’re still giving people
access to that dessert feeling.
– Yeah, and I just had the opportunity
to speak in Russia, and I taught them,
and their ingredients
are different than ours,
so I wanted something like basic
that everybody could make
and it’s not too exotic,
so I made the flourless chocolate torte.
There’s only five ingredients,
it’s a free recipe on my
blog, and it’s a total hit.
I made it for our
Thanksgiving here in the US,
and even the kids loved it.
It’s the flourless chocolate torte,
and I made friends in Russia for life
because of that recipe. (laughs)
– (laughs) Wow.
Yeah, I’m just thinking,
because in Russia,
I mean, they drink a lot of vodka too,
so that would be interesting
trying to adopt–
– I know.
But it’s getting to be quite popular.
I mean, it was basically for a hospital
that specialized in epilepsy,
but the majority of people
in the conference that
I spoke at were there
because they wanted to lose
weight or learn about that.
– Mm-hmm, and that’s actually a good segue
where people may ask, am I
allowed any form of alcohol
on this way of eating?
And what are your thoughts then,
especially in the January
period, for the cleanse period?
Alcohol, yes or no?
– So I’m a bit of an
extremist, and I know that,
but whenever I would have
wine or something like that,
I never slept very good,
I didn’t like how I felt in the morning.
I love to wake up and really hit it hard.
I am a morning person that loves to run
and have all of this energy.
I feel knowledge is power, and so, yes,
you might still read ketones
if you have a little bit of alcohol,
especially a zero-carb like
vodka or something like that,
but alcohol increases estrogen by 300%,
and that’s why men with big beer bellies,
it’s not a beer belly,
it’s an estrogen belly.
And it decreases our
testosterone for up to 24 hours,
and females, we don’t want
that to happen either.
And so what I get like
a little frustrated with
is people will go out to the
gym maybe Saturday morning,
and work really hard on lifting
weights, especially guys,
they’ll lift weights really
hard Saturday morning
so they can drink Saturday night.
But what happens is when
you work out really hard
and lift weights, you’re
breaking down your muscles
and you need testosterone
to repair them as you rest.
But if you go and have a bunch of alcohol,
you just wiped out your testosterone,
you increased estrogen, so
you wake up Sunday morning
with less muscle than you
had on Saturday morning.
So I think that it’s important to know
that it’s not all about the
carbohydrate count and things,
it’s how it impacts your hormones.
And that’s why I don’t agree
with ingredients like alcohol,
flax, chia, all of these estrogenic, soy,
estrogenic-like foods
that change our hormones
and they impact our hormones.
– And do some of the premade keto snacks
on the market out there also
cause these kind of problems?
The way people think,
“Oh, it’s a keto snack,
“it says it, so can I have it?”
– I’d like to tell people
if it ever comes out of
package, think twice.
If you’re really hungry, make some food.
It’s gonna taste better than
any packaged item anyway.
Will I eat a beef stick?
Yeah, on a plane ride,
I bring like Mission
Meats organic beef sticks
or something like that,
but it’s not something
that we have in our house very much,
because I feel that homemade
food is much better anyway.
– And how do people handle
during the cleanse period
going out to restaurants or social events?
– There’s a whole section on what to order
when you’re out to eat.
I just got back from
almost a month in Europe.
I didn’t make a thing.
I was eating out at
restaurants for every meal,
and I did not veer from
my diet whatsoever.
My husband and I did it just fine.
There’s always options.
Sometimes there’ll be
like a sauce that’s all,
you could tell it’s just sugary,
and either take it back
or wipe it off, whatever.
But that only happened
because we didn’t understand the language,
but if you’re at a restaurant
where you know the language,
you just ask for it to be
made just without potatoes,
maybe a side of broccoli
instead with your steak
or something like that.
But for me,
I had to, now I’m fine,
but in my past life
I would have to look
at a menu ahead of time
and kind of be ready to
not order the french fries.
You have to kinda be mentally prepared
to not be influenced by
everybody else at the table
if they’re getting pasta
and rice and desserts.
Like now, I don’t care,
but a long time ago
I would have been kind
of influenced by that,
and so you really have to
mentally be prepared for that.
But it is totally possible.
I’ve never had, except for in Paris.
They were like, “No bread?” (laughs)
But other than that, it
never was a big deal.
– Yeah, do you get keto croissants?
– Oh, have I made them?
– Well, I don’t know.
You just got me thinking with Paris.
Do you even get ketogenic croissants?
– I don’t think so.
That would be quite difficult,
but I’ll work on that one.
– There’s a challenge for you.
– I made like danishes.
Danishes and kringles and all of that,
but I haven’t successfully
made a croissant, no.
– (laughs) I like how you
brought up the psychology again
when you’re going out,
because that’s, I think,
a lot of what people are
gonna be dealing with
in January again, because it’s all new.
And I know I would be in the habit that
when the waiter comes and says,
hey, what kind of fries do you want,
you may just feel obliged to
say, I’ll take these fries,
and then, because they’re in front of you,
you might end up snacking
on them or eating them.
– Right, right.
And we tend to go to the same type of,
the same restaurants where
we live, and they know
what we’re all about and that
we don’t do any carbohydrates,
so instead of bringing a bread basket,
they’ll bring a little dish of like olives
or something like that,
which is really cool.
And so if you get to know,
we even have some ketogenic
restaurants in our town
that are really grabbing at,
they have a whole keto menu,
so that’s pretty cool.
– And how else did you find it
traveling amongst all
these different countries,
because they’ve got
different types of food?
Did you find any difficulties
or did a certain country
really surprise you
how easy it was?
– Paris was unbelievably easy.
Italy was unbelievably easy.
Spain, very, very, easy.
It was an island off of Spain
where it was seafood and fish,
and it was just really
easy, it was delicious.
Russia was a little tricky,
but that was more because I
didn’t know the language at all,
and so looking at a
menu was very difficult.
I was trying to use this app
that would say what everything was.
So that one we came up with some snafus,
and they didn’t understand
why we didn’t want bread,
and I was like, “Oh, it makes me sick,”
and they’re like, “Oh, I’m
so sorry,” like I was a leper
because I couldn’t eat bread or something.
But that was probably the only one,
but that was more of a
language barrier than anything.
I was really actually
surprised about Paris.
We ate like kings and queens,
and it was the most delicious food,
and they’re like, “Oh,
okay, no, whatever.”
They didn’t care, they
didn’t even blink twice
when we asked for things
made a certain way.
– Mm-hmm, so yeah, it is possible
to even have a bit of a holiday,
even during the January period
if you go away and travel somewhere.
– Absolutely, absolutely.
You just have to be
mentally strong enough.
– So I think we’ve covered
a lot with the food
and the adaptation and
some of the psychology,
and I like how in the beginning
you mentioned some of
the other points too.
Do you talk about this
in your cleanse book
or your cleanse series,
about these other mitochondrial hacks
that you should be implementing
in the January period?
– Yeah, I’m really into cold therapy,
which kind of naturally
happens when you live
in Wisconsin in the wintertime.
This is like 20 below zero Fahrenheit,
which, Celsius, it’s really cold.
I go out there and I have like frozen face
and eyelashes and stuff like that.
It just happens naturally.
But even in the summertime
I have a bathtub outside
that I fill with ice water.
I’m really into ice showers.
There’s cryotherapy hospitals out there
that people go to all the
time now to try to get cold,
and what happens is your
mitochondria are about 99% water,
and just to like get
that mitochondria cold,
and it makes them work
so much more efficiently,
and that’s where grounding
comes into play too.
Nobody walks barefoot
on the earth anymore.
And they think I’m talking
about spiritual grounding,
but I’m talking about the whole,
the earth has electrical
pull, we know this.
And your mitochondria being water,
can be negatively charged
or positively charged,
but we’re never touching the earth anymore
with our bare feet.
We always have like
rubber shoes on our soles,
or we’re driving in a car
that doesn’t let us connect to the earth.
Just think about it,
when’s the last time you
touched the earth, right?
You can now buy grounding pads,
I’m looking at one right
now by my computer.
So if you actually take your socks off
and touch the grounding pad,
your house is electrically
grounded to the earth.
It has that connection,
and so you can just touch it that way.
Some people like, there’s a mattress
that you can put on your
bed that you lay on,
and so that’s gonna
negatively charge your cells,
and that’s a really easy way
to help heal your mitochondria.
Another thing is everything
you put on your skin.
We’re bombarded by going to like Target
and all these big-box stores
with all of these chemicals,
whether it’s the toothpaste,
the shampoos, the lotions,
the hair gels, whatever it is.
All of those chemicals,
your skin is your largest absorbing organ.
I don’t wear makeup anymore,
and that’s just because
we know that women,
when they stopped using
their chemical makeup
for three days, their estrogen
levels went down by 200%.
That’s huge.
And we’re living in this
estrogen-dominant world,
and I know I sound a little bit crazy,
but our lifestyle has changed tremendously
in only a short period of time.
We’re drinking bottled water,
and all of this type of stuff
that’s really not our ancestral state
of what we should be doing,
and we’re putting so many
chemicals on our body
that after a while, your
liver just can’t keep up with
detoxing all of that out of it,
and then you come up with
this tired and toxic liver,
fatty liver, whatever it is,
and that’s when thyroid
issues come into play.
When you have someone that has,
your T4 is converted
into the activated T3,
your thyroid hormone.
That happens in the liver,
not actually in the thyroid,
and so a lot of thyroid
issues are happening
because our bodies, our
liver’s just so toxic
it just can’t keep up anymore.
So I know it sounds a little like crazy,
but it’s freeing that I don’t
have to spend all this money
on lotions and all of
these things anymore,
like even dryer sheets.
Now we have dryer balls.
It’s free and I don’t
pollute the earth, and yeah.
It’s just the list goes on on how you can
kind of hack into all of these things
that you think are normal society products
are really harming us.
– I love it, it sounds
like a biohacker’s guide
that you’ve written there.
– (laughs) Well, it’s
just all of these things
I want us to be open-minded to
be like, yeah, you know what?
That deodorant is just a
bunch of aluminum and metals
that are absorbing into my skin.
I don’t know.
– Yeah, well, I think it ties
in with the word cleanse,
and if someone is cleansing
for whatever reason,
you can choose how far along
the spectrum you wanna go,
and it sounds like you’re
giving people that option
where, hey, if you don’t wanna
go down the whole grounding
and changing the chemicals you put
on your body root, don’t worry.
I just wanna let you know,
but if you wanna just more
from a dietary cleanse, this
is probably the best approach.
– I think that knowledge is power,
and I wasn’t ready to hear all of that
even a couple years ago, but it sunk in,
and it really made me
just take a step back
and I think that if you’ve
shut down to knowledge
that’s when you harm yourself.
But just being open to learning is good.
– Yeah, well, I love all
these actionable tips, again,
that you’ve shared, Maria.
This is the point where I’d ask to say
are there any particular
social media profiles
that you’d like people to follow you on,
or any particular links
that they can keep in contact with you?
– Well, thank you.
I do have a blog with
a lot of free, I mean,
over thousands of free recipes
There’s a couple giveaways going on there,
that’s where you’ll find the
flourless chocolate torte
if you want that recipe.
I am on Instagram at mariaemmerich.
And then I have like Facebook groups,
but the main one is Keto
Adapted on Facebook.
– Okay, great.
And that keto cleanse I’ve
been talking about so much,
that’s available on your website?
– It is available on Amazon right now.
It’s called the 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse,
and if 30 days isn’t enough for you,
I also made another 28 days of meal plans
that you can find on that website for free
– Fantastic, and I’m
gonna link to all of that
in the show notes.
– Thank you so much.
– Maria, again, thank
you, also from my side,
thank you so much for
sharing all your knowledge.
I’ve really enjoyed listening
to everything you’ve had to do
and I think it is very logical
and it’s a great way that
someone can start their 2019.
– Thank you, I am very
honored to be here, thanks.
(bright music)

Randall Smitham



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