January 18, 2020
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– So I have run out to
Walmart to get everything
that I need to do Large Family Freezer
cooking meal pack three.
We are gonna do a bazillion
large family style recipes
for the freezer for all the coming stuff
that’s coming down the road in real life.
So, I am back home now and here is my haul
from getting everything
that is needed to make these
35 plus large family freezer
meals that I’m going to
now get going with here in a few minutes.
So our total came to be $155.39.
If you break it down to
the 35 meals it makes it
just a little over four bucks per meal.
Now, of course for my
family who break that down
by 10 family members that ends up being
about 40 cents or so per person, per meal.
So this is gonna be a
lot of great breakfasts
to have on hand for all
the things that will be
going on in the coming weeks.
I bought pretty much
everything on this list
except for just three things
and that’s where I got the 155 total.
So it should be somewhere
in that ballpark for you.
Checking in, I’ve been
doing some customer service
I had to sit down for a little
bit and answer some emails
in reference to the
Large Family Freezer meal
bundle and packs, but got all that done.
And anyway, Zion fried me up 50 eggs
and that’s gonna be for the
bagel sandwiches I’m gonna
throw together here in a minute.
And Naomi is here, she’s
got her french toast making
station going.
I’m working on laying out
all the bagels for the bagel
sandwiches, but I’m gonna
have Zion start working now
on making the freezer fruit bread recipe.
This time we’re gonna use apple sauce,
but you can use blueberries,
you can use mashed bananas
you can use canned pumpkin, you can use
all kinds of yummy fruits
in this fruit bread.
Here’s how the bagel
wrapping station is going.
Naomi just took out eight
dozen pieces of french toast
to the freezer, Zion has
two big pans of fruit bread
in the oven, now he’s working
on blueberry pancakes.
When I get done with these
I might do the egg bakes next.
Here we go, it’s seven
bags of bagel sandwiches
that are going out into the freezer.
This is 55 bagel sandwiches total.
The directions in the Large
Family Freezer meal pack two
is for 50, but I have a few left over
and so I went ahead and made ’em up.
I am gonna work on these
easy breakfast bakes.
Now I’m gonna do three
of ’em in 9 x 13 pans.
So, I just pulled out two of the big pans
of apple sauce bread and now I’ve got,
this is three and a half dozen eggs.
Here’s the beginning of the protein cups.
This is going to be 48 of ’em.
I’ve got the ham in there
and now I’m gonna put
the egg filling, and then
we’ll get those in the oven
once the other egg bakes are out
which they should be done
here in a few minutes.
Just pulled one of the egg bakes out
here is how the big pan of
sausage gravy has worked out.
Now, of course I have to cool it.
Exact opposite here and I’m
gonna get it in two bags
to freeze for two later breakfasts.
And I just pulled these protein cups
out of the oven.
Okay, different day,
different stuff going on.
Still finishing up those
breakfast freezer meals.
I’ve been going around
cleaning the kitchen
like a mad woman.
I was like, oh wait, I
could show this in my
freezer cooking vlog.
So, giving you a quick rundown
of what happened last evening.
We got the freezer french
toast done, bagel sandwiches,
freezer fruit bread, baked
oatmeal, blueberry pancakes,
sausage gravy, protein cups
and a breakfast egg bake.
So the only thing that is
left for me to do today
is the baked oatmeal
chocolate chip muffins.
I’m gonna do a whole bunch of those
and then I’m gonna do my YouTube live
that I was gonna do last night but we had
a bunch of storms in our area
and the internet was wonky.
Hopefully it’s gonna work today
so I’ll show you real quick the cleaning.
Zion stayed up last night helping his mama
and he got all those dishes done for me.
The kitchen was all picked
up this morning, so yay!
Go team go, help your mama.
This morning what I’m doing
is I’ve just been taking this
Mrs. Meyer’s, it’s like a vinegar gel.
It’s the lemon scent it smells so good.
I have just dribbled this
all over the countertops
and the stove, and then I
was taking my scrub brush
and just giving everything
a good mama scrub.
Alright, so next up we are making these
oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.
And this recipe makes five dozen
and that’s all I’m gonna
do for this morning.
Alright, here we go.
A whole pile of stuff
to make a whole bunch
of baked oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.
I had some muffin wrappers
that I needed to use up
that really I could’ve just thrown away.
They were kinda sprung,
but it’s not gonna matter.
They will take the shape of this muffin.
It was either use my
old ones or send Travis
out to the store for fresh ones.
So I thought, I don’t care,
we’re using the old ones today.
So here are how things worked out.
I actually ended up doing two 9 x 13 pans
of baked chocolate chip oatmeal.
The kids will love it when I
bring that out for breakfast.
And then here are the muffins,
we’ve gotten into some of ’em
but that’s five dozen of those.
So we got all kinds of things made.
Mainly last night and then just recapping
we finished up all of those
baked oatmeal chocolate
chip muffins this morning
and then those two pans I just showed you,
two additional pans, of
baked chocolate chip oatmeal
’cause I had the stuff left
and I was like, the kids
will love it, we’ll eat it,
it’ll be great.
I never regret throwing
something a little extra
in the freezer,
so from this Large Family
Freezer cooking pack
number three where it’s
a ton of breakfasts.
I made over 35 breakfasts
for the freezer for my family.
That is going to be so
helpful for the coming
four to eight weeks.
Will we eat it all in four weeks?
Will we eat it all in eight weeks?
That will totally depend
on how real life rolls
and you real life mamas know what I mean.
Some weeks we’re gonna have
a freezer breakfast every morning.
Other weeks it might only
be two or three mornings.
We shall see.
And so real quick to
recap I’m gonna read off
my list here.
We’ve got, okay eight dozen
freezer french toast packs
ready to go.
50 bagel sandwiches, four
loaves of freezer fruit bread.
We just did applesauce bread this time.
Four pans of an apple
harvest baked oatmeal.
Perfect for fall.
Six dozen blueberry pancakes,
we got two big packs of
sausage gravy ready to go
and I had just played
my total grace mom card
and I have some cans of
biscuits in the refrigerator.
Yes, you can do biscuits and freeze ’em
and have freezer biscuits,
I have done that before.
But it’s also totally okay mama
if you just buy yourself
some cans of biscuits.
So, when we need ’em, we’ll have ’em.
Six dozen protein cups,
three 9 x 13 pans of
a breakfast egg bake and then five dozen
oatmeal chocolate chip muffins
and then those two additional
pans of baked oatmeal.
So that’s a whole lotta,
lotta breakfast wise going on.
And also when this vlog is coming out,
’cause you know I got my
little Jamerrill schedule
in my head.
I know when I film these
vlogs when they are coming out
and this freezer meal breakfast vlog
is coming out when there’s only about
three days left for you
to snag the large family
freezer meals bundles, one, two, and three
and you know the big deal, the best deal
out of all of those bundles of course
they will regularly be $14.99
and they are only $9.99
through this coming Saturday August 25th.
But the best deal is when you buy the
Large Family Freezer Meals bundle
which includes pack one, two and three,
that’s over a $44 value and right now
through August 25th you
can purchase that bundle
for just 20 bucks.
Don’t miss that special launch price.
I’m going to see you real soon
with a whole bunch of new videos, bye bye.

Randall Smitham



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