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4 Steps to Fight Fibromyalgia Naturally

Hi, guys. I’m Dr. Josh Axe, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of DrAxe.com. In this
video, I’m going to share with you the four
steps to beat fibromyalgia. I’ll share with
you fibromyalgia diet, the fibromyalgia natural
remedies, as well as the best supplements
to take. And I guarantee you if you follow
these tips, you can see results in as little
as 24 hours in getting relief from the pain
you’re experiencing with fibromyalgia.
Now, let’s talk about the diet first. When
it comes to fibromyalgia, you want to reduce
inflammation. And the causes of fibromyalgia
tend to be inflammation in the body. Sometimes
it can be related to, with some people, autoimmune-like
reactions in the body so we really need to
settle down the immune system. Also, fibromyalgia
can be caused from ligament laxity.
When you have too much ligament laxity, if
you’ve ever been physically abused, or been
in a car accident, that can cause it, and,
of course, emotional things as well can cause
major health issues, and cortisol and hormone
imbalance in the body. So with what I’m going
to share with you in this video, I’m going
to help you get to the root cause of healing
fibromyalgia for good. So let’s jump back
to diet. We’ve got to follow a diet that reduces
inflammation but also helps repair damaged
You know this if you’re experiencing fibromyalgia.
You’re experiencing constant pain and tenderness
throughout the body. Well, we want to reduce
inflammation, but you also want to give your
body the specific nutrients it needs to rebuild
those healthy tissues. So to rebuild the healthy
tissues, you need more collagen in your diet.
We know collagen helps strengthen your cell
structure. And there’s a big thing you’re
missing in your diet today and that’s bone
broth and collagen.
Now bone broth, you can get this in the form
of liquid form or in bone broth protein powder,
but we know bone broth contains the amino
acids proline, glycine, and glutamine, which
are responsible for tissue repair. So if you’re
not getting bone broth in your diet, that’s
the number one superfood you need to start
healing fibromyalgia. And so bone broth is
easy to make. You take some bones from beef,
or cartilage and tendons and bones from chickens,
you put it in a crock pot with water for 24
to 48 hours, or in a pressure cooker, you
let it go with some water, and it basically
pulls out the vitamins and minerals from those
bones. And you’ve then got a liquid that you
can help heal your body. But you don’t have
to make it yourself. You can simply order
it or get it in a powder form, and add about
three tablespoons to a smoothie. But the number
one healing food for fibromyalgia is bone
broth protein powder.
The next food you need are foods rich in Omega-3
fatty acids, such as wild caught salmon, other
forms of fish, such as halibut and mackerel,
also grass-fed beef contains Omega-3 fats,
and then certain nuts and seeds, such as flaxseeds,
chia seeds, and walnuts. Get more Omega-3s
to reduce inflammation; it is key in healing
fibromyalgia. Also, getting more fruits and
vegetables, and specifically I don’t recommend
a lot of raw foods if you have fibromyalgia,
more cooked foods. The ideal food for you
is a warm bone broth soup, with some organic
chicken, lot of veggies that are made in a
crockpot, a warm, nourishing food is ideal
for anyone with fibromyalgia. Also getting
more green, leafy vegetables and berries in
your diet, nutrient-dense foods like that,
are fantastic.
So that’s the type of diet you want to follow
specifically. Now, in terms of supplements,
here are some of the best things for fibromyalgia.
Number one, without a doubt, is magnesium.
Now not just any magnesium, you want to get
a magnesium chelate or a magnesium oil. Now
you can get a magnesium oil, rub it in your
skin, it gets directly into your body. In
fact, for most people, they absorb and do
better with a magnesium oil than they do taking
a magnesium capsule supplement.
But magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral
so it’s one of the best supplements for helping
you heal fibromyalgia. You typically want
to take about 300 to 500 milligrams a day
or you want to rub, do about 30 sprays on
your body of magnesium oil. And another great
thing to do, by the way, a lifestyle tip,
is to get a cup of Epsom salts, 20 drops of
lavender essential oil, soak in a bath three
nights a week, and then you’re getting the
magnesium that way, as well as the lavender
oil, which helps your body and muscles relax
as well. Other supplements that are important,
Vitamin D-3. We know Vitamin D-3 supports
your immune system, it’s important for hormone
balance, it’s the second most important supplement
for healing fibromyalgia. I recommend 5000
IUs daily.
The next group of supplements is Vitamin B
complex. Now, the most important of those
is typically Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin B-12
really helps support neurological functions.
It supports your brain, your spinal cord,
helps in balancing out pain. But I highly
recommend you get a good quality Vitamin B
complex, and ideally, it’s organic. So look
for an organic B complex supplement, another
great supplement for naturally treating fibromyalgia.
And then a few other things.
Again, essential oils are great, chamomile
oil, ylang-ylang oil, lavender essential oil
is good to use. And then one other natural
treatment I want to share with you when it
comes to treating fibromyalgia is doing something
called prolotherapy, or PRP, or stem cell.
Now prolotherapy is for lax ligaments. And
if you’ve ever been in a car accident, or
abused or had any type of injury, that can
cause fibromyalgia, and so what happens is
your ligaments should help be supporting your
spine and your different muscles and ligaments.
Well, if those get loose, then your muscles
have to work even harder, which causes trigger
points and muscle spasms.
So prolotherapy can help in treating that.
So what I would do is look up prolotherapy
in your area. Prolotherapy is where they’re
injecting glucose into you, or taking some
of your own blood, taking just the plasma
out, re-injecting your plasma into you, but
that plasma helps the healing process. It
helps speed healing, it’s great for that reason.
And also, a few other things that can help,
acupuncture is great, as well as certain types
of corrective chiropractic care because it’s
help restoring your spine, the normal posture
and spinal curvatures, which can take pressure
off the muscles, reducing muscle pain.
So remember, if you’re going to beat fibromyalgia,
number one, follow that diet I shared with
you. Also, look for some of these natural
treatments. And if you want to learn more
information, go to my website, DrAxe.com,
it’s DrAxe.com, and just do a search for fibromyalgia.
I have a written plan there. Also, subscribe
to the YouTube channel here. I’ve got a lot
more great videos that are going to teach
you the best natural cures and remedies to
take your health back. Hey, thanks for watching.

Randall Smitham



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    ME love and practising using essential oil COULD BY THE GERMAN CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL (VERY DIFFICULT TO GET IT AS IT VERY VERY EXPENSIVE) nearly pay by dropps. how ever I used it on the most painful area and IT HELPED ME A LOT!
    THIS ESSENTIAL OIL (difficult to access most shop do not keep due to it is EXPENSIVE but I could buy 2.5 ml and with this blue color IS A AMUSING HEALER ON THE INFLAMMATION….. THANK YOU DEAR JOSHUA A.

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    I suffered from it three years ago and was nearly bed ridden , but by God's grace, I'm now up & running. Hallelujah!For me, it was largely due to stress . So be sure NOT to do stressful stuff & get tensed up. I did the following :-

    1) Go to the beach to sit for at least 30 mins & look at the sea . Only by looking at the sea , you body can then relax . Do it as often as possible.
    2) Walk or slow jog under the sun for 30mins at least 2-3 times a week . Your body gets warmed up which will soften & relax the nerves .
    3) Drink hot ginger tea everyday. Sip a bit of it every 2-3 hour . Ginger has anti inflammatory properties which will help to reduce inflammation.
    4) Try massage . Acupressure massage is good .
    5) Avoid cold drinks , oranges , all nuts & beans .

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    This is not going to work for everyone but i researched and found this worked for me.
    Pains reduced by 90%, no more brain fog, no more afternoon sleeps.

    1. First Heal your gut and intestines, look into SIBO, plenty of youtube videos on how to
    2. Do gallstone flush and liver flush
    3. I gave up most vegies, vegies did not agree with me, too many chemicals sprayed on them, which i am super sensitive to
    4. I stick to a Keto diet, i mostly eat meats and eggs, fish , grass fed butter
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    Gut Cleanse – No Carbs No Sugars – Keto Diet – Feeing 90% better plus lost over 20 kg in 3 months

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    I hope so I can hardly walk. I don’t have a bath 🛀😢 the pain is so bad

  94. Nan Dep Posted on June 21, 2019 at 1:49 am

    This video has great tips, although, it's simplified and it's missing quite a few VERY important truths & tips. The suggestions in this video will not "cure" Fibromyalgia; but they'll definitely help. ~Best wishes from a Fibromyalgia Warrior of 20 years. 🙂

  95. Joelene Hammers Posted on July 2, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I have fibromyalgia and idiopathic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy and degenerative discs in upper back and scoliosis in lower back and arthritis in hands, feet,shoulder and neck and back and I have cervical stenosis in my neck plus high blood pressure gerd asthma plus a ton of other things wrong . I have tried the non inflammation diet and it helps a little and supplements but with everything wrong with me what do I do and I am only 51 .

  96. Delores M Posted on July 29, 2019 at 2:08 am

    You can help fibro with these vitamins and minerals, but buddy you cannot cure it. How do I stop my overactive sense of smell and light, and IBS, and migraines and vertigo, and foot nerve pain. So don't bring people up to let them down. The intensity of pain is phenomenal, and only a sufferer knows. I've had it for 30 years and the biggest problem was doctors.

  97. Bobs Key Posted on August 25, 2019 at 1:20 am

    Is beef cartilage high in fat or cholesterol?

  98. Robnation Posted on August 28, 2019 at 6:01 am

    Magnesium L-Threonate is awesome. AKA Magtein. Take b4 bed.