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5-Day Fall Reset (Easy Meal Prep for the Week!)

Fall is one of my favorite times of the
year, but I know how challenging it can be to keep up your healthy eating habits
when the weather starts to cool down and holiday temptations start to pop up.
That’s why I created this easy Fall Reset. It’s a 5-day meal plan loaded
with plant-based recipes, to help you feel your best during this busy season.
I’ve done my best to make this as easy as possible for you by providing a
step-by-step meal prep guide to go along with each meal plan in this program.
Today, I’m going to show you how quick and easy the meal prep portion can be.
I’ve got my meal prep guide here all ready to go so you can see that the
guesswork and planning has already been done for you. To get started, I’ve
preheated my oven to 400 degrees and now I’m going to peel and cut a butternut
squash into 1-inch chunks I’m saving a pound of this to go into my
savory butternut squash salad and I’m going to roast the rest of it to use on
top of my creamy spiced oatmeal in the morning. The squash needs to roast until
it’s tender which can take about 30 minutes so this is the first step in the
guide to make sure all the rest of my meal prep finishes up at about the same
time while the squash is roasting. I’m going to get started on the pumpkin and
sage soup. This soup is pretty quick to prepare because you only need to saute
an onion before you add in the rest of the ingredients. I’m not using the whole
box of vegetable broth in this recipe, so I’m going to use the cup that’s left
over to cook a small batch of quinoa on the stove, which will cook at the same
time as the soup. The vegetable broth will help add a little more flavor and
then I can serve the quinoa on top of the soup for added texture and a
complete source of plant-based protein. Okay you see how I’m multitasking here?
I’ve got my butternut squash roasting away in the oven, I’ve got my soup and my
quinoa cooking on the stove, and now my hands are free to finish making that
savory butternut squash salad, using the reserved squash that I cut up in the
first step. I’m pulsing the squash in the food
processor to give it a rice-like texture, and then you just have to stir in the
rest of the ingredients and let it marinate in the fridge. It makes such an
easy packed lunch for a busy week. Now the butternut squash is roasted, the soup
has simmered, and the quinoa is tender. I’m going to add a bit of coconut milk
to the soup for creaminess, and then I’m going to use up the rest of the can in
my creamy spiced oatmeal for breakfast. You can assemble that now, into
individual jars, so that it’s easily portioned and heated up in the morning,
and I like to serve that roasted butternut squash over the top to make it
more filling and more nutritious. At this point, I already have my breakfast, lunch,
and dinner prepared for the next few days, but I’m also going to squeeze in a
quick snack by whipping up my curried almond dip. This easy dip is made with
warming curry spice so it’s a nice contrast when you serve it with crunchy
vegetables. I’ve accomplished all of this meal prep in less than 45 minutes and
now I’m all set for the next few days. I like to prep-as-I-go throughout the week,
so I’m not in my kitchen for more than an hour at any given time, but if you
only have a chance to meal prep over the weekend and you want to get a head start
on the rest of your meals for later in the week, you can go ahead and prep your
carrot noodles, make a batch of pumpkin seed pesto, and even make a few smoothie
bags that you can store in the freezer so that they’re ready to dump in your
blender for a fast smoothie in the morning. I hope this full reset will be a helpful resource for you, and for more Fall
inspiration, be sure to check out the recipes on my website Detoxinista.com

Randall Smitham



  1. Lynette Pulgar Posted on October 9, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Hi can you give a link of where to buy all the containers you use in this video? I love them! Your food looks yummy!

  2. Countingbetty_Suzy Posted on October 26, 2019 at 6:49 am

    Hi I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and followed your blog for years. I was excited when you got on YouTube. I’ve noticed that your viewership on YouTube really hasn’t grown much. Have you considered doing more personal videos? Your videos come across really sterile and like produced. They look very professional and nice but obviously it’s not getting you viewers. People love more personal videos where they feel like it’s you and a camera and just seeing your life plus healthy food you eat. Not a highly produced video of just recipes. Just my humble opinion. Would love for people to see what I saw through your blogs which were more you and more real and personal.