November 20, 2019
  • 9:36 pm Keto 101 – Effective Supplementation with Exogenous Ketones
  • 3:36 pm Netflix Food Documentaries Are Lying To You | A Doctor Debunks Bad Nutrition Science
  • 1:35 pm Keeping Weight Off After Keto | After The Keto Diet | Food After Keto
  • 10:35 am Why Keto is Good for Leaky Gut & Gut Health

I hate keto but I also love it I’m gonna
show you five things that are cons and
five things that are pros to the keto
diet so if you’re on it if you’re
curious you’re gonna want to stick
around and watch the rest of this video
what’s up everyone Eric Bowling here in
this video where you’re gonna go over my
list of five things I hate in five
things that I love about the keto diet
we know that keto is the biggest thing
right now funny thing is keto has been
around for a very long time so let’s
start off with the negatives of the keto
diet the first problem that I see with
the keto diet people think they have a
Hall Pass to eat really shit in low
quality food they think that they can
just snack on bacon they think that they
can just eat an endless amount of eggs
they think that they can snack on pork
rinds as a snack option why because
they’re focused on just the fats they’re
focused on the macros you fall into the
same category of people who think that
they can just eat pop-tarts all day long
to hit their carbohydrate macros and
then chug a few protein shakes to hit
their protein source
so with keto you can fall into all the
same traps and all the same pitfalls
that run along with every diet the
second problem I see with keto is that
people forget to eat their vegetables
you have to remember that with keto
since you’re not eating carbohydrates
that means that you’re skipping out on
getting your fiber fiber is an essential
macronutrient and a lot of people are
avoiding vegetables simply because they
hate vegetables and I think that keto
like I said in point number one gives
them a Hall Pass to eat endless amounts
of bacon and sausage which is not the
case you need to get your vegetables in
which leads me to point number three you
can run into just as many health
problems following a keto diet as you
can with a vegetarian diet you see with
a vegetarian diet when you’re avoiding
animal meats and protein it’s very
common to see people running into
deficiencies in magnesium vitamin b12
etc because they’re not getting the
complete amino acids that they actually
need same thing is true with keto a lot
of people are avoiding the vegetables
and so they’re not getting all the
minerals and phytonutrients and
antioxidants that they actually need
they’re solely focused on just eating
fat and guess what that’s not going to
work here’s the fourth thing that I hate
about keto and it’s also going to be on
my list of what I love about keto but
the thing that I do hate about keto is
that it doesn’t make you hungry
you see when what i mean by that is that
keto you’re really say ciated throughout
the entire day you can wake up and drink
a bulletproof coffee and not feel hungry
for the rest of the day the problem is
if you look at the calories and the
macronutrients that you’re consuming
your way low on your protein source and
you’re not getting in enough fiber
you’re not even you’re probably not even
hitting your fat source so at the end of
the day your calories are so low of
course you’re going to lose weight while
keto does solve the problem of hunger
when it comes to dieting you need to be
very careful with how little you’re
eating some people believe that they can
implement intermittent fasting with keto
and get away with just having a
bulletproof coffee in the morning and
then maybe having bacon eggs etc for
lunch or sometimes six hours later when
you look at how many calories they
actually consume they’re probably under
a thousand calories and when it comes to
this if you’re an athlete or if you’re
trying to train you’re not gonna be
building muscle on this type of diet
this is the fourth thing that I hate
about keto because when it comes to
intuitive eating if you don’t feel
hungry you’re probably not going to be
eating number five people are consuming
highly inflammatory foods people think
that when you’re on keto once again
we’re gonna go back to this hall-pass
idea they believe that they can just eat
whatever they want and they will consume
things like commercial dairy products
they’ll consume things like non
grass-fed meats or bacon that has
nitrates in it so these are the five
things that I really hate about keto
because I see people making these
mistakes all the time ok and now here
are the five things that I love about
keto number one there’s so much research
on the benefits of what a keto diet can
do for you in terms of things like
preventing cancer in terms of reversing
insulin resistance it has been shown to
be more effective than things like met
in terms of lowering people’s hba1c
reversing insulin resistance in obese
and insulin resistant type people and
completely having a drastic effect on
eliminating type 2 diabetes so the one
thing that I love about keto is the
profound health effects that it can have
on obese individuals the second thing
that I love about keto which is kind of
the opposite of what I hate about keto
is that yes it does solve the hunger
issue for diets so wall that will be on
my con list because I believe people
don’t eat enough it will also be on my
pro list because as you know one of the
biggest difficulties with going on a
diet is constantly feeling hungry and
feeling like you have to do continual
snacks all the time so keto will solve
that problem because fats have a longer
lifespan than things like eating
carbohydrates the third thing I love
about keto is that the energy you get is
phenomenal if you’ve never done keto I
highly suggest you try it but here’s the
problem you have to let enough time take
place to become fat adapted a lot of
people only give keto a try for five
days they develop the keto flu they feel
like shit and then they get off of it
because then they go out on the weekends
and they snack on carbohydrates or
they’ll order a pasta etc so while keto
can be very difficult to do in today’s
once you become keto adapted or fat
adapted as it’s better known the energy
you will have from it is phenomenal
I’m talking brain fog is eliminated your
energy levels will skyrocket and that’s
because ketones are actually the
preferred fuel source for the brain for
the longest time we believed it was
glucose and that ketones were something
that only would be produced when your
fasted but moving on to point number
four on why I love the keto diet the
keto diet mimics the effects of fasting
so once a person is in a fasted state
they will start to release ketone fits
of ketones
on reverse and insulin related issues on
making people with more youthful and
younger making people live longer
reversing disease and the other
thing that it does which is really
phenomenal is it helps to restore the
brain long-term scientists want to
classify a type of Alzheimer’s as type 3
diabetes now it’s not official that they
want to do that yet
but a lot of people have been saying
that you can have insulin resistance in
the brain which can form a type of
Alzheimer’s so a keto diet can reverse
all of these things which is really
lovely about it without having to go
into fasting because a lot of people
don’t want to fast so the cool thing and
point number 4 about the keto diet is
that keto mimics the effects of fasting
so all the health benefits that you see
with fasting you can reap those benefits
from going into ketosis by following a
keto style diet there’s point number 5
on why I love the keto diet you do not
have to eat as many times as you do if
you’re running on glucose so finally
point number 5 on why I love the keto
diet is that you do not have to eat as
many times as you do if you were running
off carbohydrates I know so many people
who say that they can’t get in 6 to 7
meals a day or whatever it may be if you
eat 2 to 3 hours but they say hey if I
could have three meals a day that would
be amazing
so when you’re on a keto diet you can
actually get away with eating 2 to 3
times a day because you’re not going to
be feeling as hungry the problem is you
have to just be making sure that you’re
still eating and you’re still getting in
the right amount of calories you’re
getting in the right amount of protein
and obviously you’re getting in the
right amount of fats and fiber so those
are the 5 things I hate about keto and
those are the 5 things that I love about
keto it’s a great diet but look once
again it’s just a diet it’s been around
for a very very long time it’s there’s
nothing new about it can it work for you
maybe I say give it a try and that’s it
for this video and until then I will see
you guys next time

Randall Smitham



  1. Bill Stenzel Posted on October 28, 2017 at 6:59 am

    Don't ever disrespect bacon

  2. Justin Bowling Posted on May 3, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    Not sure why people worship bacon…. other than all the billboards, Commercials, and social media memes.
    I quit eating pork 20 years ago and now I rarely ever get sick.
    I like steak, venison, deer meat, salmon etc…
    I don't even miss the indigestion. Beef pepperonis are every bit as good